Nikon Coolshot 20 GII Laser Rangefinder Review [March 2023]

Nikon Coolshot 20 GII Rangefinder​

  • Rainproof profile. 
  • Longest eye solace design.
  • High-quality magnification.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Outstanding measurement range.
  • Upto 8 seconds continuous measurement.

Imagine taking the golf bag with all the accessories, but you didn’t get the rangefinder. This thing will lead you to a problem on the course. It makes you and your carrier tired of asking and telling the distance of your target. 

Technology is getting advanced day by day, so why are you stopping yourself from reaching it? Having an advanced technology-based rangefinder helps you in figuring the distance to your targeted pin. If you’ve set your mind to buy the latest technology-based rangefinder, then you have landed on the right page. 

Here your wait is over. We’ve come up with the new portable Nikon CoolShot 20 GII Laser Rangefinder that has been re-born with increased ranging skill. It comes with 8 seconds of continuous analyses and the first target priority. This Coolshot 20 GII lets you cover the easy distance estimate to bunkers, fairway, and ultimately the flagstick.

Before taking much time, let’s dive into its in-depth write-up to know what amazing features it carries with itself.

Nikon CoolShot 20 GII Golf Laser Rangefinder Review: First Impressions

Nikon Coolshot 20 GII Laser Rangefinder

Nikon CoolShot 20 GII Specifications
Yard Range6 – 800 yd
Exit pupil3.3mm
Eye relief16.7mm
Objective diameter20mm
Distance displayEvery 1m/yd.
Power sourceCR2 lithium battery x 1 
Dimensions (LxHxW)3.6 x 2.9 x 1.5 inches
Accuracy±1m/yd. (shorter than 100m/yd.), ±2m/yd. (100m/yd. and over)
IncludeMicrofiber towel, CR2 Batteries x 2, Carrying Case

Reasons To Buy

  • Affordable.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Incredible accuracy.
  • Amazing measuring quality.
  • Unique design. 
  • Good grip control. 
  • Crystal clear lens.
  • 16.7mm long eye relaxation. 
  • Comes with extra useful accessories.

Reasons To Avoid

  • A little bit small for some players. 
  • Doesn’t provide slope measurements.

Detailed Specifications

Nikon is a company that is well known for making optical equipment quite well. If you want something that serves you well with high-grade, try Nikon gadgets. That’s why we decided to review this best golf laser rangefinder for you. 


The Nikon Coolshot 20 GII is a sleek and low-profile rangefinder. It is designed for delivering a good performance on the course. The ergonomic design and lightweight body make it perfect for holding. It comes with an amazing range of 6-800yd with 6X magnification. This 6 power lens provides you a crystal clear view with long eye relaxation. Plus, you can adjust it by its adjustable diopter for tack-sharp focusing.  

Nikon Coolshot 2 GII Golf Laser Rangefinder

Also, it displays information in 1yd+ that gives you a complete look at the hole you have ahead. Plus, it also furnishes an impressive image priority. 

However, with this rangefinder, you also get accurate dimensions. This is a helpful rangefinder if you are looking down the green. With all these features, this lightweight and close-packed rangefinder is worth the money. 

In addition, this rangefinder is capable of handling a wide temperature tolerance that is 10°C to +50°C/14°F to 122°F. 

Safety Tip: Due to its compact size, it is fairly weak, so handle it with care. 

Key Features 

This laser golf rangefinder comes with improved aspects in a compact and lightweight size. With advanced features, it delivers the amplified ranging ability. To know what features it includes, let’s see further. 

  • Incredible Optics 

Featuring the Nikon’s 6x optical monocular with multilayer coating. It delivers bright, clear viewing and an Eyepiece Focus Diopter for fast focus. With its quality optics, this rangefinder stands apart from other options available in the market. It comes with a 6x magnificent lens that delivers an accurate image upto 1,650 feet. 

Nikon CoolShot 20

In addition to that, it comes with 0.8 inches of eye relaxation that lets you use this gear while wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses.

Also, it comes with an eyepiece focus. Enjoy the clear, high contrast vision with famous Nikon glass and multi-coating technology.

Optics gives you certain advantages to look at what is up on the green above with this much clarity. Also, you will get to see a secret bunker that isn’t visible from the fairway. Better optics means better viewing. 

  • Range 

This unit offers an exciting range between 550 yards to 650 yards. However, it depends on the quality of environmental factors that can shape your viewing activity. With the benefit of a 6x magnification lens, you can take full use of the vast range. 

No matter if you need this much range or not. It is always nice to have more content than you need. You don’t know when it comes into use. 

  • Laser Technology 

With the use of laser technique, this laser rangefinder covers its area perfectly. This method is much more accurate in measuring the short distance. 

For example, if you are closer to the pin, even at a 6-yard space, it gives you the perfect space where GPS ignores. In the course, a few yards cost you an additional stroke. So it is vital to choose an outstanding unit before it gets too late. 

  • First Target Priority & Pin Measurement

This feature displays the range to the most next target among the multiple results obtained. With this, you will get assured that the measurements shown are the pin, not anything in the background. It automatically displays the range to the first and nearest target. 

  • 8-second Continuous Measurement

This is another fantastic feature that you will get in this rangefinder. As the name implies, for continuous 8 seconds, you can press and hold down the power button to begin this function. The unit continuously covers the range for approx eight seconds. 

coolshot 2 GII

This is a valuable function when trying to find the yards. It lets you get the estimation of various or very small or thin articles, allowing you to know the range to hazards, pins, hills, and trees in one push-and-hold of the button. 

Also, you can scan the across green fast and pick out a flagstick from the environment.

  • Rain Protection 

Are you afraid of taking your device out in the rain? If yes, then do not worry anymore now! This CoolShot 20 comes with a protective rain cover that is 100% rainproof. The case is JIS/IEC protection class 4 (IPX4) equivalent. Also this rangefinder can tolerate the wide temperature range from 10°C to +50°C/14°F to 122°F. 

  • Extra Features 

As we’ve mentioned above, this unit not only gives you protection from the rain. It also comes with PlayBetter Microfiber Towel and an extra CR2 battery. The brand makes sure that you never go out without power and safety. 

Final Verdict​

Whether there is rain on the course or not, the Coolshot 2 GII rangefinder is well constructed to face any weather condition. It comes with a cover and PlayBetter Microfiber Towel. Also, the rangefinder is capable of tolerating the wide temperature range upto 10°C to +50°C/14°F to 122°F. 

This laser rangefinder comes engineered with laser technology. It gives you the most accurate measurements even of the short distance. This rangefinder provides you the perfect estimate where GPS ignores. 

Nikon Coolshot 20 GII is the top-selling rangefinder to date. Its compact and lightweight body makes it capable while playing. It is fully packed with powerful functions like monocular, 8 continuous measurements, first target priority mode, and more. However, the bright and clear 6x monocular is built with multicoating method that delivers a clear and high contrast view. 

In a compact body, it performs huge. With this, you can easily estimate the easy length evaluation to bunkers, fairway ends, dogleg holes, and finally, the flagstick.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Is the Nikon CoolShot 2 GII easy to use?

Yes, it feels just like a smartphone in your hands. Its size and grip feel very comfortable in handling, which makes it very handy. Also, it is too easy to use. All you have to do is point the rangefinder at your aim point, push the rear button, and you will get the crosshairs. After this, you will have your range on the screen in about 8 seconds with its 8-second continuous measurement function. And last, the device will shut off itself to save the battery. 

2. How bright is the Coolshot 2 GII display?

The display is medium bright that is suitable for the eyes. It is not so bright but easy to use. Also, it has 0.8 inches of eye relief that lets you use this gear while wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses. 

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