Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Wood Review [March 2023]

Epic Flash Fairway Wood

  • Flash Face Design.
  • Get More Distance.
  • Jailbreak Method.
  • OptiFit Hosel.
  • ideal For Beginners and Senior.

Woods are usually used with longer shafts and larger round heads than other clubs. For long distances, golfers prefer woods to hit the ball.

Callaway Golf Fairway Wood is a perfect match for those who want to boost their speed and distance. Its speed maximization is suitable for both newcomers and expert players. It features the same technology in sub-zero drivers.

Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Wood incorporates ball speed-enhancing technologies. This ultra-lightweight package also includes Jailbreak and renowned face cup technology. Callaway’s used the reticulated ultra-thin Forged 455 carpenter steel face technology to make it fly.

The result is a uniquely designed clubface that promotes fast speed of the golf ball on off-centre and centre shots. It is engineered for high scores over a large area. This Callaway golf wood also features a new and lightly optimized hosel for players to dial in for a smooth launch.

You will find a more detailed explanation below.

Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Wood Review: First Impressions

Callaway Fairway Wood

Callaway Fairway Wood Specifications
Hand OrientationRight
Shaft MaterialGraphite
CC Range169
Swing WeightD2

Reasons To Buy

  • Hosel design for perfect shots.
  • Get more distance and speed.
  • Premium stock Shaft options.
  • Flexible to switch loft and draw.
  • Provide a greater distance than a tee.
  • Suitable for beginners and senior players.
  • Blend with a lot of cutting-edge technologies.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Only selective grip can be used.
  • Accessories are not much available.
  • Occasionally produced effects on side-spin.

Callaway Golf Fairway Woods: Detailed Specifications


This golf club is an incredible lightweight star package for maximum ball and swing speed. The lighter head, ultra-premium 40-gram shaft, and ultra-lightweight 30 grams grip together create an ultralight package that delivers fast swing pace. You can use this Epic Flash wood with a different stock of shafts.

This club is a great-looking golf fairway woods this year. The head has an excellently balanced roundness that squares itself on the turf.

Green and yellow pinstripes add visual interest to the trailing edge, while a subtle chevron reflects the ideal strike axis. It is very visible on the golf field. All the epic series have almost the same looks in terms of design.

The Callaway Epic Flash golf club incorporates some unusual indentations, including a single weight port and the exposed ends of the jailbreak columns. The face of it comes with a full height that looks like a diagram for the space station docking port.

The Golf Pride MCC’s grip with the green aligning match meets the stellar look of the Epic Flash fairway woods. You also get a headcover with it, which has a great custom look and a good feel.


  • FLASH FACE TECHNOLOGY: The Callaway’s engineers, learning from Artificial Intelligence or machine learning concept, create a latest fairway wood face design that promotes elevated ball speed for long distances.
  • JAILBREAK TECHNOLOGY: For Fast ball speed, it features Jailbreak system with two internal bars that provide more stiffness to the body. You can place more impact load on the face for ultra-fast speed.
  • CARPENTER STEEL FACE CUP: Steel Cup system combines with forged steel construction. It delivers fast ball rate over the face for distance on center and off-center hits.
  • OPTIFIT HOSEL: The Hosel System is a shorter and lighter design that saves weight and is used to position the center of gravity for easy launch with high and long carrying flight.

Sound & Feel

Callaway Golf wood comes with an improved sound and feels, with a forged face producing a medium and crisp metallic “covering.” Apart from it, you will get a solid impact and large distance coverage. You love the sound and feel of the wood.

The quintessential massive heel-strike, the effect is solid with minimal response. You can choose from a shaft material, flex type, and configuration according to your comfort. Callaway uses various shaft materials such as Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue, Project X HZRDUS Smoke, Project X Even Flow Green, etc.


A 455 strong steel build material combines with advanced technology to deliver fast ball speed across the face side of the club for distance on and off-center hits.

The Epic Flash fairway woods are very forgiving and almost identical with swing speeds, whereas the flash sub zero fairway is an advanced model. It is made by Jailbreak and Flash Face Technologies in line with Callaway’s claims. It uses two internal bars to stabilize the crown for greater speed.

The Epic Flash Golf Club is allowed to change its center of gravity for a smooth launch, allowing you to exit the ball into thick grass. It gives you fantastic performance and a long-carrying flight.

Premium Shaft Offering

  • Project X Even Flow Green: Even Flow with bend profile transfers shaft load more efficiently throughout the swing. It helps to create maximum energy release at impact. Get a powerful flow of energy that feels smooth while delivering challenging distance. This profile has mid-spin and mid-launch.
  • Mitsubishi Tensei AV: This shaft integrates new material aluminium vapor coated fibre in its butt section that adds stability factor. The lighter series has low torque, and for mid spin and launch, this mid-stiff tip bend profile offers improved control and stability.
  • Project X HZRDUS Smoke: It is designed for aggressive swingers and provides optimized material to release an improved feel. It is a low spin and low launch profile that increases playability.

Final Verdict​

This Epic Flash Golf Club is available in different impressive lofts from 15° to 25°. With three premium shaft stock choices, get an outstanding performance at your convenience.

Within the clubhead, Callaway’s new jailbreak technique is the engine that produces increased ball velocity. It has two internal straps that stabilize and harden the two parts by attaching the crown to the sole. It allows the face to move at a higher impact load to produce faster ball speed. Its adjustable sole weighting allows you to control spin, launch, and trajectory.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. What Is The Difference Between A Wood And A Hybrid?

Due to differences in construction design, they have a lot of variations in features. The main difference in their lengths, the Hybrids are shorter than Woods. The Woods have almost equal lengths of irons. Further Hybrid is the combination of woods and irons and it is one of the most versatile clubs in any situation.

2. What is the meaning of Jailbreak technology?

The jailbreak system consists of two metallic rods connecting the crown and club face’s sole. When a golf ball is struck with Jailbreak, the face compresses like a normal, but the crown and sole are a solid design that releases energy directly back to the clubface.

3. What Is The Difference-Between A Five Wood And Three Hybrids?

The 5 Wood utilizes to hit the ball from the tee, whereas the 3 Hybrid has the versatility to hit on the fairway and rough.

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