XE1 Golf Wedge Review [March 2023]

XE1 Golf Wedge

  • Back-weighted performance mass.
  • Auto-Glide sole.
  • Ultimate loft angle.
  • Reasonable Price.
  • Impressive design.
  • Legal for Tournament Play.

Every player, a beginner or a pro, always looks for something unique that will make their playability better. It is time to improve your game with the latest and modern Golf equipment found in the market. Besides updating your drivers, focus on having a great wedge too. 

Today we will discuss the XE1 wedge that glides easily through the turf and sand. Moreover, this wedge helps to eliminate fat shots from the fairway, rough, or sand. The xe1 wedge consists of a higher loft angle that makes it different from the others. Most of the wedges have their loft angle maximum up to 64 degrees. But the xe1 wedge has a loft angle of 65 degrees for the lob wedge. 

The XE1 Golf wedge helps to cut down on thin shots, minimizing the risk of shanks. Furthermore, this golf wedge allows you to hit excellent shots. The Auto-Glide Sole and RPM togetherly made it possible to execute impressive shots. 

XE1 Wedge Review: First Impressions

XE1 Wedge

XE1 Wedge Specifications
Loft59° (sand wedge) and 65° (lob wedge)
GripXE1 Stock
Hand OrientationLeft
Shaft MaterialAlloy Steel
Bounce Angle

Reasons To Buy

  • Bigger sweet spot.
  • Higher forgiveness.
  • Easy to hit.
  • Well-spread center of gravity.
  • Great Overall performance.
  • Tremendous for bunkers and flops.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Not very durable and feels flimsy at times.
  • It mostly helps a high-handicap player.

XE1 Wedge: Detailed Specifications


To escape the bunkers in one shot is nowhere as effortless as you think. But with the advanced unique design of the XE1 wedge, you are not required to open your stance or the clubface. It will help if you set up a square and swing straight at your target area. You can save up from five to ten strokes the first time you use it. To achieve that, you do not even require to practice heavily. With a bit of practice, you can accomplish that.

  • Back-weighted performance mass – Did you ever notice the structure of the performance mass? If you look carefully, you could see that the mass has been moved back to the reverse part of the sole. It is situated nearly two inches behind where the weight is in the typical wedge. This demanding change grasps the leading edge down as it passes through the point of impact. Overall, it eliminates the thin shots. 
  • Auto-Glide sole – The following design for the xe1 is the great Auto-Glide sole. The broader but shallow curve of the sole helps to keep the club from digging in the course. As a result, it moves smoothly across the surface of the ground. So, in general, a player will conveniently hit beautiful lob shots into the air. 
  •  Extreme loft angle – The XE1 is produced with 65 degrees of loft angle, usually 5 degrees extra than a regular lob wedge. Besides, it is 9 degrees higher than a typical sand wedge at a loft. Moreover, the great advantage of this wedge is that a player does not need to open up the clubface whenever he hits it because the wedge is combined with the sole. Just set up and swing. Additionally, the ultimate loft provides a perfect flop shot even if you are an amateur. 


The XE1 wedge comes in a single variant shaft that is constructed with alloy steel. 


Now you will be able to eradicate the distressing chunked pitch and chip shots. Use the sand wedge with a loft angle of 59 degrees consisting of an Auto-Glide Sole and a rounded leading edge. It will restrain the wedge from digging and provides preferable forgiveness even on the mishits. And the lob wedge has a loft angle of 65 degrees. 


Having a higher loft angle along with a particular sole makes the wedge uncomplicated and automatic to escape the bunkers in a single shot. Furthermore, the sole of the sand wedge is broader, and its mass has been shifted in the same place. It results in the sliding of the wedge through the sand without skipping or digging. All credits go to the ultimate loft of this wedge. Due to this, the Golf ball is popped higher, over any lip, and straight to the pin. Your fear will vanish while playing with this sand wedge in the sand. 

Do you always think about how you will hit remarkable and exorbitantly high flop shots like a skilled Golfer? Well, if you feel so, then let the worry be stopped for a while. Because that is what you will be able to do with the XE1 wedge. It offers a lob wedge that does not need you to open the blade or your stance to hit it higher in the sky. In addition to that, even high handicappers can hit soaring flop shots.

Final Verdict​

The fabulous design and structure of the XE1 make it accessible to swing through everything from the long grass to the sand and very easily lob the shot onto the green. 

The XE1 always claims that their wedges will help the ball get out of the sand within a single shot. But in order to achieve this feat, you have to practice a little bit. It is not that you can get your ball out of the sand within just using this wedge. 

Distance is not the biggest priority while playing with wedges. The essential focus is accuracy. Because of the phenomenal high lofts on the wedge, a player can expect the ball to fly much higher than the standard sand wedge. 

The bigger face, larger sweet spot, and greater lofts help get out of tight lies in and out of the bunkers more easily than the standard wedge. The XE1 sand wedge, as well as the lob wedge, conforms to the rules and regulations of the USGA. Both the sand wedge and lob wedge are manufactured for men and women. Further, the wedge gives you an edge without breaking any rules of the USGA. Additionally, the brand is providing you with a one-year manufacturer warranty against defects. All in all, the it is the cost-effective wedge with great forgiveness. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Does this club eliminate backspin? Or, can I still get backspin? 

The credits go to the progressive loft angle of the XE1 wedge. Moreover, you can put a lot of spin on the Golf ball. As the wedge has an exclusive or unique design, you do not need to open your stance or the clubface. All you have to do is just set up square to the target and take your regular swing. It will result in popping the ball higher and stop it on the green. All of the things become easier with the XE1 wedge. 

2. For Whom is this wedge suitable while playing?

The XE1 wedge is best suited for the mid to high handicap Golfer for most of the time. If you are a player facing troubles with your short game and getting the ball airborne, then this wedge is a magnificent choice. In addition to that, you can give it a try if a bunker scares you. 

3. What is the shaft material for the XE1?

The XE1 wedge comes in a single variant shaft that is constructed with alloy steel.

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