Wilson Staff Model Wedge review [June 2023]

Wilson Staff Model Wedge

  • 8627 Carbon Steel
  • Soft touch and incredible feel
  • Precision milled face
  • Tour inspired and proven design
  • Higher density pattern
  • Maximum spin and control on every shot

Everyone knows that golf is not only an expensive game but enjoyable too. This game needs varieties of golf assistants to end the game with a good score. A driver is not the only single gear that you need in your club set. A good quality wedge is also the most vital equipment of golf clubs. Wilson golf clubs from the launch time and now created a very reputated name in the market. 

Wilson is a reputated company when it comes to producing shaped irons. However, its wedges are also coming with excellent quality that gives a solid performance. That’s why we decided to analysis the latest Wilson Staff Model Wedges. This Staff model has a stunning and clean design that makes it a great option to replace other models. It comes with the appealing addition of an all-new tour grind sole. However, you will get two models high toe and standard that allow players to customize their setup. 

Let’s get into its in-depth explanation to know more about this Wilson’s Club.

Wilson Staff Model Wedge Review: First Impressions

Wilson Staff Model Wedge Review

Wilson Staff Wedge Specifications
Swing WeightD5
Shaft MaterialSteel
Hand OrientationRight Hand

Reasons To Buy

  • Tour Proven design. 
  • Incredible sound and feel.
  • Soft-forged carbon steel head.
  • Sleek and stunning look. 
  • Versatile and lightweight.
  • Available in three style. 
  • Affordable wedge. 
  • High-density pattern.
  • Compatible with True Temper Dynamic Gold 120 shaft.
  • Deliver maximum spin and ball control.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Not recommended for women. 

Wilson Staff Model: Detailed Specifications

Wilson is considered as the top brand in the golf industry for producing game-changing equipment. This Staff Model is completely a game-changer. It has been designed on the feedback of world-class tour players, so that’s why it gives confidence at every level in a short game. 


The standard staff model comes constructed with 8627 Carbon Steel that gives a soft touch and unbelievable feel. Also, it comes with a machine-carved scoreline in the precision milled face. This milled-face further features a high-density design, so you get consistent contact with every shot. The result you will get is improved spin & control on each shot. 

Wilson Staff Model

However, this new wedge by Wilson replaces the three-year-old PMP line with its three special offers – a standard style, High-Toe style, and Tour grind type. So now you can choose any grind and bounce you want with its three given options.

Plus, the standard staff model wedge features as thin, and the new HT wedge features a broader sole. This is amazing that a brand gives you such great options to adjust loft, bounce, and sole as per your game need. 

If you want a high toe staff model, you should know that it comes crafted with 431 stainless steel. And the tour grind is perfect for players who wish to a simple attack angle so you can play at many degrees configuration. 


When it comes to choosing the right wedge, it isn’t always easy. But with this new and improved Wilson Wedge, you will get all the benefits to improve your game. The versatile design of the staff model wedge by Wilson has got all the bases covered. You can use it for a broader range of shots as compare to regular pitching wedges. 

The club itself is made with high-quality material and an impactful design on the head. It is specially designed on the feedback of PGA Tour players. They believe that the wedges might look different, but it provides the same control and excellent consistency. 


This design of the head and shape of the club’s blade offers a better wedge bounce. It gives you a 10-degree bounce, so you can easily use it anywhere, no matter where you are stuck. Moreover, playing on the right fairway or trying to get out of any sand trap with this wedge is easy. 


With this model, you will get a variety of loft degrees as per the style you choose. You will get 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, and 60 degrees loft in the standard model. And in High Toe style, you will get 56, 60, and 64 degrees loft angle. 

Overall this wedge is perfect for a nice shot on the course if you want to land your golf balls straight from bunker to near the flag. If a company provides a variety of loft angles, it makes a choice easy. And so the Wilson done with its three options. It lets you have the comfort of choosing the wedge as per your need. It looks nice to have similar-looking clubs in the bag. 

Precision Milled Face 

These two new Wilson Staff and HiToe wedges not only come in a clean and sleek design, but their precision-milled clubface gives great confidence. However, many players like Jon Pergande also felt this same. He added that this design and innovation provides excellent control and stable performance, with different shot-making skills. 

Wilson Staff Model

The addition of ultimate precision milled face in both standard and Hi-Toe models delivers a significant amount of creativity nearby the green. This face configuration allows the wedge to be played at different loft degrees of open and close. It lets you have complete control over the face and makes excellent contact with the ball. 

Meanwhile, machine-engraved grooves reach the whole waffle face with a higher frequency pattern. It lets you have constant contact at impact and results in enhanced spin and control over each shot. 

So in case, you are looking for a classic wedge that offers a soft feel with solid impact and lots of control, then this Staff Model by Wilson is one for you. 

Final Verdict​

Not every wedge from Wilson has earned that reputation like this Staff has. Despite its design, the company makes it delivers impressive performance that every golfer needs to enhance their skills and game. 

With this wedge, you feel confident on the course, as it allows the players to create unique shots while controlling the swing and ball impact. This model affects the number of your shots you take per round. 

Meanwhile, the Wilson provide two more option to select as per your need, the Tour Grind and Hi-Toe Model. Each model is designed with different material. The staff model is constructed with 8620 carbon steel. And the trendy Hi-Toe model is built with 431 stainless steel featuring full-face grooves. Although with this wedge, you will enjoy the benefit of an accuracy waffle face, a spin score line that delivers higher density line designs and makes control over each spin easy. 

Overall, Wilson’s staff model is simply fantastic, appealing, stunning, and clean. With a great look, great performance, and great feeling, these wedges are the ones that you should try. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Is Wilson Wedges Worth The Money? 

Yes, you can consider it as a great deal of money. There are many wedges available on the market by Wilson taking place in many golfers’ hearts. Its wide range of quality, classic look, and powerful performance, makes it worth buying. For example, Wilson Harmonized and Staff Model have great features that make them great value for money. Even if you never played golf in your whole life, you can try playing with these two wedges to have a versatile result in the end. 

2. What is Hi-Toe Wedge? 

The term Hi-Toe refers to the enhanced heel and toe relief in wedges. It allows golfers to achieve a wide range of shots without elevating the club into the turf. 

3. How Long Do Golf Wedges Last? 

According to the survey, a standard wedge will last at least 65-75 rounds. And if an average hobby player who plays regularly comes out to have wedges for 18 to 24 months. 

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