Titleist Vokey SM7 Wedge Review [March 2023]

Titleist Vokey Wedge

  • Better spin control
  • Progressive center of gravity 
  • Amazing bounce rate
  • Durable and strong finishing
  • Firmer playing condition
  • Sweeper swing style
  • Good for greens too
  • Available in different sole grinds

It is too easy to pick the driver as it is the most complex piece of equipment in the game. A driver might start the game, but it’s somewhere the wedge that takes you to the closing point.

In today’s time, wedges come with many lofts, sole grinds, and bounce options. Also, the interior of a wedge heightens the edges of grooves or shifts the center of gravity to provide uniform spin and distance from fairways. 

Wedges are specially designed to tolerate once held for accuracy military-grade parts. And yet, to look at this, if you are serious about your game, here is the Titleist Vokey SM7 Wedge that gives a very accurate shot and incredible forgiveness. 

The SM7 lineups in different lofts range from 46°-62° and feature various grinds like F, K, L, M, D, and S. The most common style of SM7 is 54 to 62 degree M Grind with .08 to .10 bounce. This gives golfers enough loft to open the face lightly with maintained power over the shot. 

These versatile options let you use the Vokey SM7 wedges not only in the sand but also around the greens. 

So let’s begin the in-depth review of the SM7 wedge and get to know more about its manufacturing. 

Titleist Vokey SM7 Wedge Review: First Impressions

Titleist Vokey SM7

Titleist SM7 Wedge Specifications
Loft / Lie58° / 64°
Length35 inches
Hand OrientationRight
Shaft MaterialSteel
Swing WeightD5
Sole GrindL
FinishTour Chrome

Reasons To Buy

  • Maximum consistency.
  • High bounce rate. 
  • Better spin management.
  • Precise distance gapping.
  • More playable on full shots and better in sand.
  • Offer a wide array of grinds to fit almost any swing.
  • Supports True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 shaft.

Reasons To Avoid

  • The Feeling is not quite good.

Titleist Vokey SM7 Wedge: Detailed Specifications

If you have ever heard about the Vokey SM6 wedges, then you must know it was a smash hit due to the advanced progressive CG, incredible bounce rate, and many more features.

Well, this new SM7 has increased the level of wedges by its performance in providing raised shot versatility, improved distance, and trajectory control. Also, it gives more spin by 100% Spin Milled Grooves optimization on all shots. 

Let’s discuss more about Vokey SM7 wedges.  


If you are looking for a wedge to improve your performance or want to add loft, then this SM7 is the best option among any other in the market. 

This stunning-looking wedge comes in three different finishes Jet Black, Brushed Steel, and Tour Chrome. The manufacturers believe that different wedges suit various golfers’ needs. One thing that makes it different from SM6 is, the Titleist has taken down the shine on the Tour Chrome finish not as sharp as SM6. 

Other than this, the Titleist SM7 comes with enhanced CG, optimized more friction scores, and the benchmark for Tour validated grinds. This golf gear is designed to offer the best spin and control, so you feel more sure on every shot. 

However, you will find this wedge with different lofts from 46° – 62°, but here we’ve picked the 58° loft wedge with 04º bounce and D5 swing weight. Plus, you will get various grind options, as we’ve mentioned above, from F, S, M, D, K, and L.

Here we’ve picked the L-Grind wedge for shallow/sweeper stroke type golfers who want to use the wedge in a hardpan bunker. The L-Grind features a thin moon shape allowing supreme green side versatility. However, it is the mean forgiving wedge in the lineup.

Grind and Loft 

This is a lob wedge with a versatile shot option at any level. It is designed with close attention to make it better than sand wedges.

This wedge falls between 58°-62° loft, giving golfers benefits as per their need. The 62° is the highest loft in the wedge category now. It helps you to gain a higher ball flight and land your ball near the greens. It also allows players to hit more precise shots after shots no matter where they are in the bunker or woods.

SM7 L-Grinds

Other than this, having a multiple grind option also enhances the performance on the course. This SM7 comes with six tour-proven sole grinds from F, S, M, D, K, and L. However, here we’ve picked the L-grind, Voke’s popular.

The L-grind is the one with lowest bounce for skilled players. This grind option is ideal for players who frequently open or close the clubface to create shots around the green. However, a perfect grind style for simpler and more comprehensive swing-type players.

SM7 Lob Wedge Bounce

A wedge should be versatile as every player is different. That’s why with different grind and loft options, you will get extra bounce too. From 46º loft to 62º loft, the Vokey wedges also differ in bounce. 

This 58º wedge comes with an 04º bounce in L-grind options. This low-bounce option (L-Grind) is meant for hardpan bunker. It is created with narrower, deeper grooves for shallow/sweeper stroke type golfers. 

High bounce options like F, D & K are best for the soft dugout, dense rough, or mild fairway areas. And last, the mid bounce M Grind is ideal for low-cut fairway. There are a lot of variations when it comes to wedge bounces. 

A low lob wedge with a smaller sole allows you to get the best edge under the ball. However, a high lob wedge bounce gives you perks on softer turf or players with sheerer attack angles.

Each grind and bounce option offers a wide variation in the play and provides the players the best for their stroke type. 


The SM7 lineup with improved technologies lets you score lower with confidence. This SW7 comes packed with tolerant CG and optimized rough notches edges that give maximized spin, control, and flexibility for more faith on every shot.

  • The Progressive CG 

The CG means the centre of gravity that varies lightly between the bounce and grind of the wedge. However, a lower loft gear (just like irons) would have higher CG on the clubface. With this, the lofts improve, and the CG would fall.

In wedges, the CG is placed well under the impact area in higher lofted wedges. It lets the player restrain distance and trajectory. 

This SM7 features a different tolerant CG for each loft, bounce, and grind style. With different CG, you have vast choices to select the wedge as per your need. It lets you improve your distance power, tighter shot diffusion and give an excellent feel during the wedge set.

  • Spin Milled Groove Technology
Spin Milled Wedge

This technology is used uniquely to finish (Tour Chrome / Brushed Steel / Jet Black) and loft.

You will get first-class and most faithful groove edges with this unique process no matter what SM7 model you choose. 

However, the low loft SM7 is designed with more minor and deeper creases. Whereas the higher loft (56°-62°) comes with wider tracks. In the end, you will get an excellent spin and control result on each wedge. 

Final Verdict​

The Vokey SM7 comes paired with optimized spin milled groove, a tolerant CG and different grind type that gives you the option to choose your wedge. The SM7 is designed for all golfers to provide opportunities for better shots. The unmatched craftsmanship, technology, and performance make this series better than its previous one. 

However, the SM7 comes in three finishes and a ‘raw’ finish that is only available on custom orders. Also, you will get SM7 in the different lofts (46º to 62º), low to high bounce, and different sole grind styles. Each of them described the SM7 according to the specification. 

A low bounce wedge with L grind and 46° – 54° loft suits the hardpan bunker. The low bounce wedges are designed with more minor and deeper creases for neutral to steep stroke-type golfers. Wedges with high bounce are for soft bunkers and fairways or heavy rough. At last mid-bounce, wedges are meant for low-cut fairway states.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. What grind and bounce should I keep in mind to choose the SM7 wedge? 

If you are looking for a high bounce wedge, it comes with F, D & K Grinds and 56° – 62° lofts. The mid bounce wedge comes with F, M & S Grinds and 46º to 62º lofts. A low wedge covers the L Grind with a 46° – 54° loft. So keep this specification in your mind while picking up the SM7 wedge. 

2. Is SM7 better than SM6 wedge?

From the perspective of grinding and finishing, SM7 seems more satisfied than SM6. The most significant difference between these two is the progressive center of gravity and new grind addition to the SM7, the D grind. This grind option is meant for players who want more extra bounce to go along with a similar shot. If you have ever used SM6, you will get a slight change in grind and bounce. The K grind in SM7 has 14° bounce with 58º and 60º loft, and the 46° and 48° loft F grind now have 10° of bounce.

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