Cobra King Snakebite Wedges Review [March 2023]

Cobra King Snakebite Wedge

  • Versatile performance.
  • Progressive face grooves.
  • Progressive spin technology.
  • Featuring a throwback logo.
  • Designed with Snake bite Groove Technology. 
  • Available in both Traditional and full-face grooves. 

Most golfers are probably more interested in their drivers. But few understand the equal value of a wedge in the game. About 40% of shots are acted on the green, and your skill and shots impact your favor. 

If it has been a few decades since you have purchased a wedge or you want to change your game, you may find puzzled if you step out in the market for the hunt for the best golf wedge. Nowadays, the market is full of new and updated golf gear, and picking the right one eventually becomes difficult. But worry not; you’ve hit the right page by going through hundreds of pages. 

Here is the review of the latest and the innovative snakebite groove technique-based Cobra King Snakebite Wedges. This King Cobra Golf Wedge is designed for all golfers. The manufacturers understand that nobody has the same swings, and everyone has to play in different grass conditions. They created King Cobra Wedge with three distinct grinds to give you a better spin and improved feel. 

So let’s begin explore and know more about this wedge. 

Let’s Start

Cobra King Snakebite Wedges Review: First Impressions

Cobra King Snakebite Wedges

Cobra King Snakebite Wedge Specifications
Loft 48°, 50°
Swing WeightD1 – D3
Groove LengthTraditional
Hand OrientationRight Hand

Reasons To Buy

  • Comes with three grind options. 
  • Features Cobra Connect system.
  • CNC milling construction.
  • Re-engineered cutting method that replaces the tools. 
  • Tighten groove tolerances. 
  • Deliver maximum speed to the golf balls. 
  • Great and consistent trajectories. 
  • Comes with a black Lamkin Crossline smart grip and a KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 shaft.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Available only in one finish. 
  • Need deep cleaning for lasting life.

Cobra King Snakebite Wedges: Detailed Specifications

This next-generation golf club lets you improve your performance. This wedge comes equipped with snake-bite groove and progressive spin technologies. Also, the manufacturer designed these Cobra wedges with three different sole designs – classic, versatile, and widelow, for different swing style players. 


The SB here stands for the Snakebite, and this quality leads to the design of grooves with sharp edges and curves. The edges are created in a way so that they can easily ‘bite’ into the golf balls. This is an updated King Cobra wedge with a new name and throwback logo that speaks about the company’s culture of innovation. 

However, this wedge’s sleek and stunning look makes it look ultra-traditional on the course and a little fairer than that. The manufacturers created it to look with a traditional touch so you will feel more sure while playing. The three sole addition lets you use any technique on any course. 

Cobra King Wedge

The engineered new snakebite groove design in standard and groove size enhances the spin, and the fitting provides more ‘BITE’ around the fields. This wedge gives you an excellent touch with the construction of chrome-plated carbon steel for a smooth feel. On the other side, the muscle back design gives more mass directing behind the hitting zone. Its vibration flow also gives a super-soft yet firm feel at impact.

Furthermore, the unique re-engineered design of the groove stretches the wedge’s groove tolerance and increases its volume. It helps to create the finest and most accurate groove. This technology is also included with progressive groove length and shapes.  


The King Cobra wedges are also available in One Length wedge design with the same technologies. It comes with 56º and 60º lofts in a Versatile Grind and features the full-face grooves. However, both the design perform very well and comes equipped with Cobra Connect system powered by Arccos Golf. It features the electronic licensed Lamkin Crossline smart grips that work in connection with the Arccos Caddie app. It gives you the ability to track the wedge stats and improve the tendencies as per your need.  


In this wedge, you will get two amazing technologies – SnakeBite Groove and Progressive groove. 

  • SnakeBite Groove Technology 

The snakebite groove technology comes re-engineered with a cutting system that stretches the tolerance and maximizes the groove volume. This technology is meant to file the edges so you will get improved ball speed. 

Moreover, this technology on the King Cobra wedge increases the pit of the groove by 11% and sharpens the edges by 40%, so you get a great spin around the green. Along with this, the Progressive Face of this channel technology changes the length and shape. The company gives you both regular loft grooves, and complete-face loft grooves feature in this wedge.  

Cobra king technology
  • Progressive Groove System 

With this system, you will get an optimized path and spin at each loft. The king Cobra wedge offers two groove systems – Traditional grooves and Full-face groove. 

The traditional grooves come with narrow and deep shape with 48°, 50°, 52°, 54° lofts. These are the strongest loft that delivers an enhanced spin on lower lofted wedges. The purpose behind it to create the consistent spin and suit well delofted or squared face turns. 

On the other hand, 56°, 58°, 60° lofts feature whole-face groove with wide and shallow shapes. It helps in expanding the spin on the shots with an open face. However, when the ball is more in contact with the high appendage area, it expands the spin rate. Plus, these lofts are weaker, giving you a great path throughout the loft. 

In addition, each wedge with face and grooves is well made with CNC milled to gives you the most accurate face and shapes for amazing spin and path control. 

Grind Options 

As we’ve mentioned above, this wedge comes with three different grind options that let you choose the wedge based on your game. It includes – 

1. Versatile Grind: It is a fantastic all-around grind option for medium to firm courses. It features the toe heel, and trailing edge relief. You will get this option in 48º, 50º, 52º, 54º, 56º, 58º, and 60º loft. And for left-handed golfers, it comes in 52º, 56º, and 60º. 

  • Swing Type – Shallow/ Neutral/ Digger
  • Turf Conditions – Medium / Firm 

2. Classic Grind: This progressive sole width from heel to toe is better option for players with a sheerer attack swing and different course conditions. It offers a medium-width foot with high bounce and trailing edge relief. Also, with the least base and toe relief, this grind is best for full motion and longer delivery shots. It comes available in 52º, 56º, and 60º lofts. 

  • Swing Type – Neutral / Digger
  • Turf Conditions – Soft / Medium / Firm 

3. Widelow Grind: This option offers a low-bounce with a wide bottom. It works magically out of the soft bunkers and medium rough states. You will get this wedge available in 56º, 58º, and 60º. However, it stops the front edge from digging. 

  • Swing Type – Neutral / Digger 
  • Turf Conditions – Soft / Medium

Final Verdict​

The Cobra Wedges are a stunning addition by the company with a throwback logo that keeps the look traditional but improves the performance. This wedge comes equipped with two new and improved technologies, the Snakebite groove and the Progressive groove. The new snakebite groove design in both traditional and face groove lengths fulfils maximum spin and patience. 

You will find 3 grind options with this Cobra wedge – Versatile, Classic, and Widelow. All these grind options combined with different lofts. The brand understands that every golfer has their own swing style that why they create wedges with three different grinds. This is one of the benefits you will enjoy with Cobra King Wedge. 

Also, a progressive spin system features the stronger lofts (50-54) with narrower and tighter channels and the weaker lofts (56-60) with wide, shallower channels. Amazingly, you can even see your performance through its Cobra connect system. This app system lets you track your accuracy and distance on your smart devices. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. What is the difference between standard and one length king cobra wedge?

The standard king cobra wedge comes with 48° to 60° lofts with three grinds (Versatile, Classic, and Widelow) and two (traditional and full-face) groove lengths. The main difference in both is the option in length. One length wedge comes in 37.5″ length, but the other gives you two length options, 35.5″-36″. You will get two (56°, 60°) lofts, a Versatile grind, and length of groove in one length wedge. These features deliver the enhanced accuracy and consistency in One Length wedge. On the other side, you will get enhanced spin and full control on the swing, longer pitches, and touch shots around the greens.  

2. What is Snakebite Technology?

The Snakebite groove technology you will only see in King Cobra club. Its design extends the groove depth by 11%, and the edge sharpens by 40%. However, both the configuration delivers best ball spin. 

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