Cleveland CG16 Wedge Review [June 2023]

Cleveland Golf CG16 Wedge

  • Tour Zip Groove.
  • Laser milled technology.
  • More stable shots.
  • Enough heel and toe relief.
  • Amazing playability on firm conditions.
  • Fantastic look.

If you have landed on this page, that means that you are searching for a Golf wedge to help your game. Today we will talk about Cleveland CG16 Wedge. Let’s see what this wedge has to offer us. 

Cleveland is a brand owned by SRI Sports Limited that is specialized in Golf equipment. It not only produces the drivers but the wedges, putters, irons too.  

The CG16 wedge is exceptionally built with tour zip grooves and laser milling technology. Further, if you are the one who is relatively looking for a decent budget wedge to help you out with your handicap, then check the CG16 wedge. 

Cleveland CG16 Wedge Review: First Impressions

Cleveland CG16 Wedge Review

CG16 Satin Chrome Wedge Specifications
ColorSatin Chrome
Hand OrientationRight
Shaft MaterialAlloy Steel
Bounce Angle12°

Reasons To Buy

  • Good forgiveness.
  • The mid handicapper will get benefits from the wedge.
  • Affordable price.
  • Improved spin.
  • Bigger sweet spot.
  • Great bunker performance.
  • Bounce selection is better as compared to the older model.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Not so much effective on softer lies.
  • Some players may struggle to keep the ball flight lower.

Detailed Specifications


If you look at Cleveland’s previously launched CG14 wedge, you could notice the shape of this wedge that has a hint of offset and is slightly more oversized for added forgiveness compared to the shape of the CG14. Moreover, if you compare the CG16 wedge with the CG15 wedge, the leading edge is less rounded, and the sole is broader.

  • Tour Zip Groove: You could be surprised by knowing the fact that lasers can produce more accurate and steady clubface surfaces than the earlier technology. The Laser Milling face is manufactured specially by utilizing a laser to create four calibrated texture lines between each groove for a persistent surface texture to the conforming limit. This is done to increase the friction between the ball and the clubface. Additionally, the spin of the ball is also improved, specifically from the rough. 
  • Wedge Cavity Back: Now, the tour zip groove and the surface roughness are not alone that are constructed in this wedge. It consists of a cavity back in the head of the wedge. The cavity back of the CG16, along with its perimeter weighting, assists in reducing the Center of Gravity (CG). Besides, it helps increase its Moment of Inertia (MOI) for more incredible shots with extra stability and forgiveness. Furthermore, it also maintains the signature feel of Cleveland Golf. 
  • C Sole: The combination of the expanded constant C sole from the heel to toe and a mild heel with toe grind increases the bunker performance. In addition to that, it also preserves shot-making adaptability. 


The CG16 comes fitted with the stock 125 grams steel “TRACTION” shaft that can perform appropriately to any type of wedge shot. Plus, Cleveland Golf says that it would also upgrade the feel of the wedge. The material that is used while making the shaft is alloy steel. The tip of the steel shaft is moderately softer than the usual ones to advance the feel and responsiveness. But on the other hand, the rest of the shaft is stiffer(solid) to give uniformity. Also, the shaft offers optimal launch conditions on full shots. 


It comes in plenty of lofts and bounces combo that makes it effortless while finding the right setup for every player’s needs. Moreover, there is an easy system of understanding the lower and higher bounce by looking at the “dot system.” The two dots indicate the higher bounce angle of the wedge. And on the other hand, the one dot indicates the lower bounce angle of the wedge. 

Suppose the Golf course you are playing has substantial and tighter conditions, then you will require a lower bounce. Further, the lower bounce helps amazingly at achieving the flop shot around the green. It results in making the leading edge tighter to the ground so that the players could count as sweepers or sliders concerning their swinging style.

But if you are thinking of developing bunker play or just getting some support out of the bunker or even some of the long grass rough conditions, you should play with the higher bounce head wedges. In preference with the Golf course, if it is a little bit softer or wetter or even both and you are habitual of taking big divots, you are required to choose the higher bounce wedge.

Look / Feel 

The face of the CG16 has milled grooves that provide a fantastic look to the wedge. This wedge comes in two finishes. Those are Black Pearl and Satin Chrome. Well, we are reviewing the Satin Chrome wedge. The wedge grip is not that bad.  You can change it if you want. But there is no need because you will not lose hold of the shaft while playing with the wedge. 


A Golfer will be able to use the CG16 for high and low pitch shots, including spinning chip shots, bunker shots, and even a couple of high flying, soft-landing flop shots. Moreover, there is a possibility that you could play well with the straighter leading edge and get decent turf interaction. The CG16 gives an easy divot whenever it is required. Some Golfers may appreciate the CG16 wedge because of its shaft that helps to lower the ball flight. But this thing depends on every Golfer’s personal preference. 

You will achieve outstanding efficiency and persistent distance while hitting a ball with the wedge. Besides, the ball flight is fabulously high on full shots. You will be able to adjust the ball position almost by changing the flight as well as the distance of the ball with long and short chips along with partial or partly swing pitch shots.

Final Verdict​

According to the tournament rules and regulations, the CG16 wedge is good for the optimistic mid handicap player. In addition to that, it provides you extra forgiveness that could also be used extensively in the fairway. 

It will help if you always prefer the higher bounce than the lower one if you are a digger. Additionally, an excessive bounce may generate bladed shots as well as a very little bounce may generate fat shots. So be careful while choosing the bounce. It is a bit tough while executing flop shots with this wedge. Because sometimes, a straight leading edge on the wedge compels a Golfer to commit to the shot entirely or risk skulling it. 

As per the claims of Cleveland, the style of this wedge is gravely attractive in the Golf tournament. Plus, the company admits that the consistent heel-to-toe width of the sole enhances outstanding performance out of the sand, along with the retention of the versatility. It helps the Golfers to hit precise and crisp shots from a variety of other lies.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. What bounce does the CG16 wedge offer?

The 58 degrees of loft offer 12 degrees of bounce for the CG16 wedge. 

2. Is there any indication to know about the bounce on this Wedge?

Yes, you can check the bounce on the head of the wedge. Moreover, if there are two dots, the bounce is higher, and if there is one dot, the bounce is lower.

3. Does this Cleveland golf wedge follow the rules of USGA?

Yes, it follows the rules of USGA and it is tournament approved. 

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