Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge Review [June 2023]

CBX 2 Golf Wedge

  • Perfect for golfers who play cavity back irons. 
  • Easier to hit than blade wedges.
  • Outstanding performance.
  • Sharp Tour Zip Grooves.
  • Various Loft angles. 
  • Built for all handicappers.

Whether it is ordinary people or novice golfers, most of them want to play like their favorite pro players. So when it comes to purchasing golf equipment, they simply copy the pros. But does it improve their playability? Just because a skilled golfer plays with his preferred golf equipment doesn’t mean it has to be good for every player. Everyone chooses their own wedge as per their playability on the course. You should also follow this path. 

Here, in AWL Golf, we are providing you with those products that not only you want, but you need. Today, we are going to explain all the features, specifications, benefits, detriments, etc., about the Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge

Cleveland not only puts forgiveness in your short game with their CBX model but also has provided outstanding versatility, dynamic sole, look, performance, etc. 

So let’s dig deeper into the article to unfold all the characteristics of this Cleveland golf wedge that will allow you to decide whether it fits your playing style or not. 

Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge Review: First Impressions

Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge Review

CBX 2 Golf Wedge Specifications
Bounce Angle11°
ColorTour Satin
Hand OrientationLeft / Right
Shaft MaterialAlloy Steel
Steel SWD3
Graphite SWD1

Reasons To Buy

  • Amazing Feel.
  • Exceptional versatility.
  • Maximum spin.
  • Greater distance.
  • Excellent forgiveness.
  • Great short game control.
  • Cost-effective price compared to other wedges in this category.

Reasons To Avoid

  • It may look a little chunky to elite players.

Detailed Specifications


The CBX 2 is specially built for the majority of golfers who use game improvement equipment. Moreover, it provides tour-level spin and control for a player looking to upgrade their short game. The wedge is available in tour satin color. 

  • Hollow-Cavity Design: This Cleveland wedge has a larger sweet spot, making it effortless for players of all skill levels to hit pure shots. It is possible by adding a lightweight hosel, a wider toe, and a hollow cavity design. Additionally, the hollow cavity moves the center of gravity and places it right where someone hits the ball. Hence, if you take a shot that doesn’t go well, you will still achieve good results. But if you are able to take a good shot, then those will accomplish far better outcomes. So from now on, you will not have to chunk and waste a good ball drive. 
  • Rotex Face Technology – You will be surprised to know that a cavity wedge features similar grooves to other wedges. The CBX 2 is manufactured with the fourth generation Rotex Face technology that delivers one of the sharpest Tour Zip Grooves. Basically, the Zip groove mechanism offers grooves on top of grooves that further help the ball gain traction and provides plenty of “one hop and stop spin.” Besides, the most dynamic face milling technology produces maximum spin as well as allows short game control.
  • Dynamic Sole – This wedge is created with three different sole grinds optimized by various loft angles. As a result, the golfers achieve more versatility for executing any shot on the golf course. 

Shaft & Hand Orientation

Like most professional wedges, this Cleveland cavity wedge is also available in two materials. You can go with the graphite-made shaft if you consider yourself a soft hitter. On the other hand, you should play with the alloy steel-made shaft if you believe yourself to be a hard hitter. 

Similarly, you will get two hand orientation options also. So you can choose whatever you prefer. If you are a lefty, go with the left-handed wedge, but take the right-hand wedge if you are a right-handed player. 


If you take a good glance at the address, you will come to know that this Cleveland wedge is designed with a blade style. At the same time, with the blade-style RTX offering, the face on this golf wedge is apparently larger, along with a significantly wider sole. Overall, the club has an immaculate, classic, and razor-sharp look.

Sound and Feel

The sound of this Cleveland wedge is slightly different from other wedges but not necessarily bad. Anyway, it will be a diverse experience for you. 

The CBX 2 wedge maintains a very soft feel at the impact when you hit the sweet spot in spite of having a cavity back profile. Anyway, the feel of hitting a pure blade-style profile will not be the same as hitting a cavity wedge. But it does not matter much because even if you miss the sweet spot, you will get good outcomes similar to the traditional wedges. But the basic difference between these two will be that you will not be losing much distance or control with the CBX 2, although you can not take a good shot. 

Grind Options

Like the Titleist Vokey wedges, this Cleveland wedge also comes with different grinds. Remember, each wedge has a different purpose, and it changes based on the loft and bounce angles. 

Cleveland features a V-shaped sole for the pitching and gap wedges having loft angles between 46-52 degrees that help glide through turf as well as don’t get stuck on full shots. Simultaneously, for the sand wedges having loft angles between 54-56 degrees, the CBX 2 golf wedge offers an S-shaped sole that assists the players in getting out of the sand and deep rough pretty easily. At last, golfers get 58-60 degrees of loft for the lob wedges that are available with a C-shaped grind. It helps them with additional greenside versatility. 


The CBX 2 is a remarkable golf club. When you are playing on the full swings, it launches very high and quite easily. The great thing about this wedge is that even if you miss it off the toe or strike low on the face, the cavity will help the ball reach a greater distance on the course. At the same time, the larger sole easily slides under the ball. You can still open the face-up and get under the ball without any issue with that large sole too. 

Well-struck shots launch very high from the rough or the fairway. Further, a ball struck with less than total precision will get a couple more yards of carrying than one struck with a blade-style wedge.

Final Verdict​

If you love playing golf with cavity back irons, then you will also prefer a cavity back wedge over a bladed one. Basically, it provides better distance and control than a blade wedge. 

Thanks to the new hollow cavity that helps to offer off-the-chart forgiveness. Simultaneously, the dynamic sole boosts all-around versatility. 

The upgraded feel balancing technology delivers a toe-bias center of gravity, while a Gelback TPU Insert minimizes vibration. Combinedly, the golfers get a pure feel at impact. 

Even though the options are limited, the sole grinds fit the ideal use of each loft. So pick up your preferred loft to play and score better. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Is this Cleveland wedge forged?

No, it is not forged. But Its TPU insert is a part of the club design that minimizes vibrations and gives the wedge the feel of a forged club. 

2. What is the highest loft angle this wedge offers?

The highest loft for this wedge is 60 degrees.

3. Does the CBX 2 wedge come with a different size grip?

No, it doesn’t. This Cleveland wedge is available in the standard size grip. Most players play with this fixed size.

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