Callaway MD5 JAWS Wedge Review [March 2023]

Callaway Jaws MD5

  • Optimized head progression.
  • Different specially designed shafts for male and female Golfers.
  • 5 different option of grinds.
  • Outstanding feel & unique versatility around the green.
  • Magnificent look.

Callaway is not a new name in the Golf industry. It especially makes Golf clubs and balls, including accessories such as bags, gloves, and caps. The Chief designer of Callaway explicitly designed this Callaway MD5 JAWS Wedge. The name of the chief designer is Roger Cleveland. He has instructed his team members to manufacture this masterpiece. 

The Mack Daddy 5 JAWS Wedge is crafted while keeping the whole performance in mind. Mr. Roger has focussed on the premium shapes, striking finishes, and fantastic feel of the wedge. He further developed the wedge for its unique versatility and exceptional spin.

Before buying anything, many things come to our mind. Is the price affordable? Are the features up to the standard? Do I really get the performance as I am expecting? And many other things. So be prepared and read the full article to get the answers you are searching for.  

Callaway MD5 JAWS Wedge Review: First Impressions

Callaway MD5 JAWS Wedge Review

Callaway Golf JAWS Wedge Specifications
Loft46° / 48°/ 50°/ 52°/ 54° / 56° / 58° / 60° / 64°
ColorPlatinum Chrome
Hand OrientationLeft / Right
Shaft MaterialGraphite / Steel
Grind TypesC-Grind / Low Bounce W-Grind / S-Grind / X-Grind / W-Grind
Wedge Bounces8°/ 10° / 12°

Reasons To Buy

  • Better and controllable spin.
  • Great wedge for both low and high handicap players.
  • Easier to hit.
  • Availability of high degree of lofts.
  • Remarkable forgiveness.
  • Gives excellent distance.
  • Impressive performance.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Expensive price.
  • Some Golfers may not like the glare of the wedge.

Callaway MD5 JAWS Wedge: Detailed Specifications


The MD5 wedges are shaped with premium heads displaying excellent quality and supremacy from every angle. In addition to that, it also delivers a flexible and pleasant feel that most of the other wedges can not match. The wedge is designed with 8620 Mild Carbon Steel. This 8620 Steel is widely used for manufacturing gears, shafts, and crankshafts. It further provides high surface wear resistance with incredible core strength. 

Before the launch of the Mack Daddy 5 JAWS, “Offset Groove in Groove technology” was first tested on the JAWS wedges previously produced by Callaway. But later on, with the advancement of technology and needs, Callaway Golf has made a few changes to the micro features on the newly developed face of the MD5 wedge. After the testing has been done, the company came to the conclusion that the freshly built-in micro feature is identical to the technology used on the PM Grind wedge. Additionally, Callaway finds out the availability of spin on partial shots as well as on the shots taken around the green.


The MD5 Wedges are constructed in 23 different combinations of loft and bounces. All of these come with 5 spectacular grind options.

  • C-Grind: C grind helps to increase relief on the heel as well as the toe area of the wedges. Thus, you can play an expanded variety of shots with an open face very efficiently. The C grind wedges have a firm condition type. Further, it offers a sweeper swing and a shallow divot. The C grind wedges come in 54°, 56°, 58°, and 60° loft. Moreover, it offers a new low bounce rate of 8 degrees.  
  • Low Bounce W-Grind: The W grind is of two types. One has an angle of low bounce, and another has a high bounce angle. The low bounce W grind golf wedge is tapered from the heel to the toe. Besides, the sole is broadly expanded in the middle section with extra heel relief. The condition type for the low bounce wedge is soft and medium. Sweeper swing along with moderate divot is used in this grind golf wedge. The available lofts are 58° and 60° in the low bounce wedge. Further, the bounce angle is 8 degrees for this grind wedge. 
  • S-Grind: The S grind club is constructed with a medium-width sole having a thin ribbon at the backside. Additionally, moderate heel relief is used to keep the leading edge low through impact. It is the most popular grind wedge among all the five grind wedges. The S grind offers soft, medium, and firm condition types. Further, it gives the option for all swing types and moderate divot. This wedge provides a bounce angle of 10 degrees. In addition to that, the S grind MD5 wedge offers a wide variety of loft angles starting from 46°, and the list goes on to 48°, 50°, 52°, 54°, 56°, 58°, 60°, and lastly 64°. 
  • X-Grind: X grind wedge has a narrow and high bounce crescent sole. It further has a low point near the front. Soft and medium are the condition types that are used in the X grind golf club. This wedge gives a 12 degrees bounce angle. X grind comes in 58° and 60° loft. It provides a steep swing and a large divot. 
  • W-Grind: The W grind with a higher bounce angle has a broader center and toe area on the sole. Furthermore, it allows moderate heel relief and reasonable front-to-back camber that restricts digging without the increment of bounce angle. The condition type for this wedge is soft. The W grind provides a steep swing and a large divot. It also offers a wide variety of loft angles like the S grind. The loft angles are 50°, 52°, 54°, 56°, 58°, and 60°. 

Shaft & Grip

Not only has Callaway Golf produced the MD5 wedge but acknowledged the different playability of both the men and women Golfers. So keeping that in mind, they have launched the “True Temper Tour Issue 115” shaft made of steel and the “Project X Catalyst 80” graphite shaft, specifically for the male Golfers. Besides, the “UST Recoil Wedge” shaft has been introduced in the market made of graphite precisely for the female Golfers. 

You will even find a universal grip on the head of the shaft that has been manufactured for male Golfers. It comes in grey or black color. On the other hand, Callaway produces a Lamkin Comfort grip in black or blue for Female Golfers. 


Due to the availability of main grooves in the MD5 wedge, a high level of friction is generated. Moreover, the friction has been improved because of the tiny jaws groove of the surface’s face. 

The MD5 JAWS wedge gives an incredible progression between the lofts. Additionally, it allows a sufficient spin level and impacts the feel directly even if you play on the rough surface, sand, or green.  

Due to various grinds with the availability of “Groove in Groove mechanism,” the MD5 wedge provides sophisticated shots around the green on the Golf course at full swings. Moreover, it helps the ball to bounce more and stop.

Final Verdict​

The ingenious groove design of the MD5 JAWS wedge has an exceedingly sharp edge radius that works with the “Groove in technology” to pass on the spin for explicit control. 

Callaway Chief Designer Roger Cleveland has given the wedge an appealing look. Besides, the MD5 wedge gives a superb feel while playing. 

The diverse option of the grinds allows playing better. Specifically, the W and C grinds provide more effortless playability for the greenside shots. 

This wedge is suitable for both lower and higher handicap Golfers.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. How do I know the bounce angle of a wedge?

The bounce angle is the number that is printed after the loft of the wedge. For example, if 54/10 is written on the sole meaning, the wedge has 54 degrees of loft and 10 degrees of bounce. 

2. What bounce is better for the wedges? Higher or lower? 

If you are a player who plays in the wet course and has a steeper angle of attack, a higher bounce will be good for you. If you have a shallow angle of attack and struggle to take a divot, a lower bounce will be good for you to achieve better control.

3. Is the grind printed on the wedge?

Yes, It generally is printed on the back or hosel of the wedge. But different companies print it wherever they want according to their wishes.

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