C3i Golf Wedge Review [March 2023]

C3i Golf Wedge

  • Optimized CG
  • Classic Shape
  • Polymer Insert
  • Alignment Guide
  • Sandblasted Face
  • Stainless-Steel Shaft
  • AutoGlide Xtreme Sole

We are going to talk about a wedge that is much better for low and high handicaps. Specifically designed to help players who find small games difficult, and the c3i wedge makes these small game shots easy. The C3i wedge can help any golfer avoid a stroke in the green.

If you are looking for a golf club that produces consistent results with your pitching and bunker play. Then c3i wedge is the right choice for you. Specifically constructed to make it easier for any golfer to get in and around the green. It can help any player become better with their short game.

It provides more frequent and better results with great hitting pitch shots from around the beat. It has optimized the gravity of the center-head by increasing the mass in the clubhead. This certain change in center gravity, according to the manufacturer, increases spin by 55% from the fairway and bunker. Its higher up “leading edge” is off the surface when you hit the ball, the more bounce while being able to hit them from tight lies.

This wedge is available in three different degrees of loft, such as 55°, 59° & 65°. Use 65° high loft golf club for high flight, and for lower ball flight height, 55° sand wedge is ideal. Choose as per your preference of the shots.

C3i Wedge Review: First Impressions

C3i Golf Wedge Review

C3i Wedge Specifications
Distance40 yards
Hand OrientationRight
Shaft MaterialStainless-Steel
FlexLob Wedge
StyleGlare-Reducing Finish

Reasons To Buy

  • Amateur-friendly design.
  • Easily escapes from bunkers.
  • Slide along the ground.
  • Forgiving wedge.
  • Hit high, soft flop shots.
  • The curve chamber makes a great bounce.
  • Neutral grip provides a proper visible area.
  • Great stability through impact.
  • Increase the spin of your shots.
  • Makes it easy to execute any shot across the green.
  • Auto-glide extreme soul.
  • High-construction quality.
  • Clear alignment
  • Improved center of gravity than traditional wedges.

Reasons To Avoid

  • User cast instead of forged.
  • Doesn’t work great when you are off the sand area.
  • Can be heavy for some players.

Autopilot C3i Wedge Review: Detailed Specifications


1. AutoGlide Xtreme Sole: It allows the golf club to move easily through a golf ball. It also performs well in sand and rough. The C3i wedge can dial in a high and slow shot with lots of backspin and total control from the fairway.

The C3i lob wedge is an extra-wide curve for men and women. The bevel leading edge reduces the interaction with the ground for clean contact with the ball.

The sole also increases the distance because the contact is much crisper than a standard wedge. Instead of seeing too many shots, the club toe is seen to result in weak shots. It boasts a wider sweet spot for more forgiveness and distance that rivals the best wedges on the market from household name manufacturers.

2. Optimized Center of Gravity: The center of gravity is gone deeper into the wedge for lower and higher projection angles in impact. It helps to produce more spin and distance in the ball. The lob wedge is mainly designed to resolve beginners who struggle to get out balls from the sand. It increases the spin by 55% over the traditional best-one wedge.

3. Higher Shot Arc: It provides a repeatable shot arc that is high and soft. The C3i Wedge works depending on their situation. If you have to hit deep, rough, clean shots with spin to avoid long parallel puts, C3i wedge provides these specific shots. One thing you can’t ignore about this wedge is that it will lower your score.

4. Tight Grooves: The reason behind why wedges are used on sandy, rough surfaces is the grooves. The spin rate of golf balls after hitting with a C3i wedge is incredibly high; it provides the ability for players to take risks on the course with a reliable high launch angle.

For making long height shots, this C3i wedge has tight grooves that make it excellent for making solid contact with the club’s face. This way, it can control any short game and improve the high spin rate for great precision.

5. Classic Shape: The Hosel and heel made in such a way that eliminates the catching and snuggling in a rough field. It also minimizes material collection in the pocket. The 65° loft wedge pops the ball high with zero effort and no special swing requirement.

The main interesting part is under the face as it is uniquely designed. The primary reason for this club’s performance is that it performs beautifully around the green.


With this Lob Wedge at 65° loft, you can avoid strokes and get closer to the hole in less no. of hits. You can also escape more than one bunker using this Autopilot’s C3i wedge.

Whether you are a high or low handicapper if you cannot hit the golf ball from sand or bunker or sometimes even the fairway, try to hit the shot with C3i Wedge. You will achieve the target on thick rough with ease. Also, you can hit the golf ball at less complicated swing with this square strike wedge for low running chip shots in short games.

Legality & Warranty

This C3i wedge arrives with all legal certification from production design to material. The manufacturer ensures that you can use this wedge in any international tour championship or tournament. There will be no objection to taking this wedge in international level games. It follows all the international high-authorized rules.

Moreover, it comes with a warranty option; if any defects happen to this golf tool, the company will cover all defective expanses. They also ensure users get a high-quality product.

Final Verdict​

This C3i wedge iron club uses effective technologies to make the short game easier. It gives consistent output for all skill-level golfers. The flatter sole and high center of gravity keep the clubface stable that helps to hit every small game shot with confidence. Overall this wedge is designed to deliver a less complex swing.

So, no more delays and second thought, keep this C3i wedge in your cart of golf equipment to evolve your entire game performance. It will never disappoint you, so make it your companion in-game.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. What are the loft options for the C3i club?

It mainly comes in three loft options, with each set providing high spin and launch angles. The wedge is offered 55-degree options like the sand wedge and two lob wedges in the 59 and 65-degree models. All three wedges come with a 12-degree bounce due to the sole in the club.

2. Which level of golfer does the C3i golf club pay more for?

Beginner golfers and high handicappers get the most benefits from this wedge. It has been built with advanced technology, and due to the face, it is far easier to hit than most advanced wedges. It cannot be played separately from the 9-iron, as golfers can use a square stance that allows the amateur to take a similar swing for a more consistent cross-play.

3. How does the wide sole in sand and roughness help you?

The C3i wedge is suitable everywhere; whether from hard-packed sand, soft sand, or deep rough, it is ready to handle every potentially treacherous situation with ease. The wedge features an additional curve and beveled edge that reduces interaction with the turf for cleaner and crisper contact. Something important for high-handicapper people to hone skills and make an overall better player.

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