TaylorMade Truss Putter Review [March 2023]

Taylormade Truss Putter

  • A striking hosel design
  • Deliver better sound, feel, and roll
  • Improved feel
  • Stability & forgiveness
  • KBS Stepless Stability Shaft
  • Sleek and stunning look

Golf is not for everyone. It needs practice to master the game. It might seem easy to play, but you will be amazed when you get to know it in depth. There are a lot of terms that you should know while playing it. Moreover, it would help if you had many clubs for a single game, from the driver to wedge, wood, and putter. Every club has its role in the game, just like a driver that lets you start the game and the putter that ends your game. 

Selecting a putter is not as easy as a driver. The market is overloaded with putters, and selecting the best one from all those gets difficult at some point. But worry not; you have saved your time by landing on this page. As we know, time is precious and that is why we’ve done complete research and come up with the best and top-rated TaylorMade Truss Heel Putter.

The company develops the Truss for those who want stability & forgiveness and prefers the usual look at the place. This blade head putter face-on view shows a compelling hosel structure that’s the defining point of the Truss family. 

The top line, along with multiple contact points, the hosel design lessens the amount of unsupported size and turning at impact. Also, this putter comes engineered with Pure roll insert technology. 

To know what else this putter offers, let’s begin the exploration.

TaylorMade Truss Putter: First Impression

TaylorMade Truss Heel Putter Review

TaylorMade Putter Specifications
Toe Hang16°
OffsetFull shaft
Head Weight355g
Hand OrientationRight
FinishNickel Cobalt
Club FlexUniflex
Shaft Style TypeHeel

Reasons To Buy

  • Increased stiffness and forgiveness.
  • Improved sound & feel.
  • Intelligent design.
  • Two separate contact points.
  • Variable sole weight.
  • Premium truss finish.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Some people won’t like the center-shafted option. 

Detailed Specifications

TaylorMade is a trendy brand producing top quality golf accessories. This putter is one of their creations for those who want forgiveness as well as stability in their game. This putter club comes in two head style blades and a mallet. However, the blade putters are very nice compared to the mallet head style in case of stability. Despite this, it comes equipped with advanced technology, design, and many more features that make it the best golfer choice. 

To know its features, let’s dive into in-depth details.


The Truss word refers to the triangular shape used in the construction of this putter. It provides more stability and maintains the familiar look at the address. However, the traditional design head shape offers more confidence in place. The truss heel hosel comes with 16° of toe hang for golfers who deliver the toe through impact. It has a full shaft offset that allows you to keep the hands first of the ball through impact, so you get a quicker forward roll. 

TaylorMade Truss

Other than this, the intelligent design of two topline connecting points connects the hosel at two separate meetings to reduce the unsupported volume. With this design, you will get an improved stable putter face at impact. 

However, it comes engineered with TaylorMade Pure roll insert technology. It also features 45-degree grooves with a more flexible polymer. More than this, you will get two adaptable sole weights to make this putter versatile as per your need. 

Two Topline Connection Points 

Never be afraid to think and try outside the box. TaylorMade has created one of the stunning-looking putters with two topline connect point. These new Truss putters offered united stability and improved feel on the ground. 

This feature connects the handle to the hitting surface. These two points of the hosel help the putter lessen the unsupportable mass and meet 50% more of the topline than a regular heel-shafted putter. By this, you will get added torsional resistance and less bent to twist. 

Overall having these dual contact points on the topline improves the honor of the strikes across the face. It delivers the excellent performance of a high MOI putter with a blade and mallet look.

Pure Roll Insert Technology 

This putter comes with the tour-proven engineered technology now in Cobalt Blue. This technology gives better sound and feels with 45° grooves with increased topspin. This spin turn helps keep the ball on its proposed line and allows the ball to start smoothly. 

It also raises the topspin and delivers an advanced forward roll across the surface. It is deeply secured by dual screws located in the pit. It further creates a bond that magnifies the bond and expands the voids to keep the ground solid, keeping the feel and impact great.  

 Adjustable Sole Weights

With a narrow body, toe, and heel weighted blade design, this putter is meant to deliver you an excellent performance on the course. Its adjustable sole weighting features makes it ideal for all the golfers to pick as per their demand.

With the help of this feature golfers can achieve a variety of swing weights. Also, the placement of CG lets match the characteristics of their putter stroke and personal preferences. 

Key technology

Here are the essential vital technologies that comes with this club. 

  • Centre Of Gravity 

The Truss Putter is available in different series, and each of them has another center of gravity. The Truss has a CG of 10mm in TB1 & 2 and 20mm in TM1 & 2 from the face, whereas the spider model has a 33mm center of gravity. 

  • CNC Milled Construction 

You will find each Truss’s head cast in CNC milling. This plan gives a sharp and clean look to the putter. However, 80% of the putters’ base is milled, assuring accuracy. Also, it reduces the variety from hand polishing. 

Final Verdict​

If you’re looking for a club for putting a golf ball that delivers stability as well as forgiveness at a time, then this TaylorMade Truss is the one for you. Its blade head style with pure sole insert technology and flexible sole weight make it an excellent golf putter. Also, the stable superstructure forms multiple contact points along the topline. However, this putter gives you an increased feel that boosts the stiffness and rate for an optimized sound and feel. 

Moreover, the tour-proven technology not only gives you better feel. But it delivers 45° grooves that extend the topspin to help the ball start and stay on its intended line. With this putter, you feel positive while aiming the ball into the hole. Its solid grip shaft and blade head formation give you an accurate and balanced performance. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. What makes the TB2 putter different from the TB1 putter? 

The only difference you will get to see in both is the framework. In TB2, the framework lay in the middle of the putter, while in TB1, the framework lies further towards the heel inside. However, both models offer a common blade shape head. 

2. Does Truss putter have a face-balanced style?

Yes, TB1, which is heel-shafted, has a face-balanced style. Plus, the Truss putters have flexible sole mass. 

3. Which brand putter is mostly used by PGA Tour golfers?

As per the research, the results show that most of the PGA tournament golfers like to use the Taylormade Spider X putter. It is the most accepted putter on the PGA golf tour.

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