Odyssey O-Works Golf Putter Review – [April 2021]

In A Hurry? Our Top Reasons To Buy

Odyssey O-Works Golf Putter

O-Works Golf Putter

  • Red Finish.
  • Iconic Tour-Proven Design.
  • New Microhinge Face Insert.
  • Three Shaft-Length Options.

For impressive and outstanding performance, the Odyssey Red O Works Putter is built with Microhinge Insert Technology and they will change how golfers look at putting forever. It gives a very nice feeling.

The design of the putter face is quite exciting and unique.

The two black lines from its top-edge to the back indicate that it is flat and good on the ground. While red and black colors help us to alignment the golf ball correctly.

Like the Spider Tour, this putter is cheaper than its competitor?

Yes that’s right

There is no doubt, the Odyssey 2018 putter made it to the topmost list and distinguished it as one of the best of its kind and also, It is going to last a very long time.

We will recommend this putter for you if you are trying to thrill and successful in your game. With this, it will be easy for you to control your distance, contact and put holes from a short distance.

It is suitable for all. It does not matter if you are low, medium, or high disabled; Nor are you an amateur or a professional.

I think you get this putter now and try it as soon as possible so that you can know about its quality by yourself.

Odyssey O-Works Golf Putter Review: First Impressions

Odyssey O-Works Golf Putter

AvailabilityRH / LH
GripSuperstroke Slim 2.0
Standard Length33″
OffsetFullShaft (3/4)

The Good

  • The new color of traditional black and alternative red helps-to focus on the target.
  • It has a heel-toe weight that is meant to improve optimal balance.
  • It is right for your outstanding performance.
  • You get a crisp sound when shot.
  • Its texture is attractive.

The Bad

  • Needs more grip choices.

Key Features


It is built with Mircohinge Technology, and its composition is made with considerable consistency. More Success these Putters are designed to help common golfers make more Ford rolls with their strokes that have proven to be essential for his.

The new addition in O-Works Putter is two unfired components that have been molded together for optimum performance and feel. The stainless steel micro hinge plate on the flex and rebounds on impact to make top-spin and roll the ball faster.


The inner layer of the O-Works two Ball Putter is made by a thermoplastic-elastomer that provides a softer feel. The new insert has two unique components co-molded together for optimum performance and feel.

First, the Microhinge-plate-flex and rebound at impact to create topspin and get the ball rolling more quickly. Second, a thermoplastic feel layer provides the soft feel that Odyssey putters have been known for through the years.

If you ask for a better experience, then this would be the right choice.

Alignment Technology

O-Works Putter comes with a new Versa Element technology, which helps players align correctly. Also, many tour-proven shapes give players choices that need to fit the eye and their stroke.

The Odyssey O Works Putter is a balanced mallet design that will work best for golfers who use a straight back through a straight-insert, and its red finish is inspired by feedback from tour professionals.


The 2-ball raid is available in three different lengths of 33 “34” or 35, “and the scaffolding is a lock to 3 degrees. There is also a left-handed option when needed. The two ball putter has featured in many events over the past decade, and Major has reigned supreme, and with its current red facelift and Microhinge technology, it is set-to conquer all comers.

Final Verdict

The Odyssey O WORKS 2-Ball Putter is the most recognized designer in the world and is now available with a red finish. These mallet-style putters are used by many top-players on tour and will now offer the opportunity to present themselves with a color option.

The Odyssey Microhinge-Face Insert quality in O-Works. This new technique involves a series of Micro hinges that produces the uppermost and forward motion during face and ball impact. This creates an unmatched-experience. The inclusion of red finish gives a new look with contemporary styling.

There is also a left-handed golfer option when needed. The 2-ball putter has reigned supreme over many events and majors over the past decade, and with its new face-lift and Micro-hinge Technology, it is all set to triumph. Consistent golfer likes it a lot.

Odyssey Golf is no stranger to innovation, so we should probably not be surprised that they have given a new offering with their new Odyssey Versa Putters, built around a stunning new Versa Alignment feature. It is one of our most prolific models that has dominated Tour events and major competitions over the years.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I Tell if my Odyssey Putter is Real?

Serial number- Make sure your Odyssey-putter has a serial number engraved at the back of the hosel. If it is printed anywhere else, it is likely a fake. Also, if the engraving is uneven or otherwise unprofessional looking, it could be a fake.

2. What Size Putter Do I Need?

The average spine-angle tilt for the correct golf posture is 40 degrees. This means a 34-inch putter is the best option for you. Height and tilt calculations work together to provide the standard putter size guideline below: 6 feet or taller 35-inch putter.

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