Odyssey O-Works Putter Review [March 2023]

Odyssey Works Golf Putter

  • Stainless Steel face
  • No. one putter in the market
  • New Microhinge face
  • Improved versa alignment
  • Super stroke performance
  • Iconic Tour-Proven Design
  • Top-voted classic look

There is no doubt that just like your other club sets, the putter is also an important club. Have you ever face this on a big ground, when every golfer comes with the stress of putting the shot in one go. However, the putter is the only one that leads you to that action. Putters come equipped with advanced technology to help you all. 

And with this, here is the glimpse of an Odyssey O-Works Golf Putter. Its design might be a bit unexpected for you. A large mallet head with two white circular discs on the flang. Each of these discs lets you guide a golf ball’s order, and this is where the Odyssey 2-Ball putter gets its title. 

Getting use-to to this putter will take some time, but its design and technology make it plenty of golfer’s favorite. It comes with an unmatched roll thanks to the Microhinge Face Insert that will change your game. Also, this technology consists of a stainless steel-made Microhinge plate. 

So let’s dive and read out more about Odyssey 2-Ball putter.

odyssey O-Works Putter Review: First Impressions

odyssey o-works putter review

Odyssey Works 2 Balls Golf Putter Specifications
Loft / Lie3° / 70.0°
OffsetFull Shaft
Head Weight350 g
MaterialAlloy Steel
Head TypeMallet
Golf Club FlexUniflex
AvailabilityLH / RH
Shaft Style TypePistol Grip

Reasons To Buy

  • Innovative design.
  • Superior feel and roll.
  • Improved alignment.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Less hand fatigue issue.
  • Gains in topspin and roll at impact.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Not designed for beginners and intermediates. 
  • A little heavy.

odyssey O-Works Golf Putter: Detailed Specifications

This black Odyssey O-Works is a new way to roll. The Odyssey has always been a leader in the market for its fantastic putter manufacturing. They always try to bring new and improved designs to meet the golfer’s needs. 

This O-Works 2-Ball Putter with a clean black finish gives a feel of freshness and classiness. However, it comes in a red finish too. But the simple and classic black finishing was actually a nice change. 


Encounter a new way of roll with this Odyssey 2-ball putter. It comes engineered with a tour-proven design that delivers high-performance and helps golfers make more putts. Its clean and simple look makes it an attractive gear on the course. 

As its name suggests, the mallet design putter with 2-ball alignment, copying the golf balls, appears as three balls in a line. This is a new and improved innovative act that allows you to define the exact point. 

This putter is elegantly designed that enhance its performance. However, the head of the O-Works 2-Ball putter is lighter and makes it a real spirit booster. 

2-ball putter Odyssey

The Odyssey concentrates on the effect of the insert at the shock. With new and improved design, the Odyssey creates a new way to roll thanks to Microhinge insert technology. This new technology transforms the putters face forever. It provides an incredible profit in topspin. 

On the other hand, the SS Microhinge plate is co-molded into the Thermoplastic Elastomer Layer. It provides a great feel and a new configuration of the links. 

Unmatched Technology 

The new black O-Works putter comes with two unique technology that will change the game for the better. The first one is Microhinge Insert technology. This technology will change the look of the putter face at roll-off. It provides an incredible profit in topspin. 

Combining this technology with SS Microhinge plate molded into a Thermoplastic Elastomer Feel layer. This addition provides an excellent feel, and the new orders of the hooks and urethane help to get the golf ball into the putt with a better roll impact.

If you ask for a better experience, then this would be the right choice.

New and Improved Alignment 

O-Works Putters come with a new Versa Element technology, which helps players align their golf balls correctly. This high contrast versa alignment with a tour-authentic head ensures you’re always lined up flawlessly to your target. 

However, the EyeFit Putters Fitting System also helps golfers select the right hosel state based on eye position at address. On the other hand, its red highlight lines give you an extra aid to make sure you’re lined up correctly to your target.


The 2-ball raid is available in three different lengths of 33 “34” or 35, “and the scaffolding is a lock to 3 degrees. There is both left and right handed option too when needed. However, each of the size 33″, 34″, and 35” comes with same 3° loft and 70.0° lie. 

More Consistency 

This 2-ball fang putter comes with CounterCore Technology that lets the golfer fine-tune the quality and balance. Also, when some of the golfers tried this new black classic putter, 60% of them believe that it gives a more consistent path. With the counterbalance weight, heavier heads and heavier shafts stop the hand and big muscle’s pain to serve a more consistent stroke.

Grip Option 

You can use this putter with a Pistol Grip shaft that helps in removing the tension and improves putting stroke. However, a non-taper grip design allows for even strength in both hands. This Pistol Grip shaft helps the arms to wave free and enhance device putting stroke.

Final Verdict​

The Odyssey O Works 2-Ball golf club is the most recognized device in the golf world and is now also available with a red finish too. It comes with excellent new and improved additions like 2-Ball alignment, Micro Hinge Face Insert, full-shaft offset, a double-bend shaft, and a Superstroke grip. Being the latest putters today, it provides you an unmatched performance that will change the face of the game. 

This putter is designed with beautiful details and arrangement that helps in enhancing the performance. It is also capable of giving accurate shot after shot with easy-to-control speed and distance. The Microhinge Face Insertion technology hits the ball softly and offers more feedback on heel and toe runs. However, most golfers get their confidence from its black finish with the white Versa alignment system. 

The Odyssey has centered on the effect every time you hit the golf balls and ended up with this black putter for fantastic shorts. The technology engineered in this putter change the way people look at roll off forever. Overall, it is titled the #1 putter across the major tours and is used by many best players to encourage others. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Is Odyssey Putters Ideal For Beginners? 

Yes, it is. The newly renewed White Hot Series is the best for beginners. It is affordable and very lightweight, made for beginners. This model has five different styles, but if you’re a beginner, we suggest you go with the ‘V-line’ model.

2. Under Which Company Does Odyssey Putter Comes? 

As per the research, Callaway Golf acquired putter maker Odyssey for $130 million. It sells its line of putters below the Odyssey brand title. 

3. How Will I Choose A Putter Size?

The putters are available in different length sizes. The selection of a putter depends on the user’s height. So, if you’re 6′ tall or more than it, you can go with a 35″ putter. And for 5’6″ to 6″ golfers, we suggest going with a 33″ to 34″ putter. 

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