Best Putters For High Handicappers – [April 2021]

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Odyssey Red O-Works

Odyssey Red O-Works Putters

Odyssey 2-Ball

Odyssey 2-Ball Triple Track Putter

Are you starting golf, or learning the game of golf now? And are you looking for the Best Putter? Many guides put people with high disabilities and beginners in the same group, but we know how much difference there is.

Putters used for high handicaps should have a bigger sweet spot. Many of the best putters have shifted the weight to the rear wings to create high-speed inertia (MOI), which is good for an early golfer. The best alignment helps you aim the ball properly.

If you go to a course with the right putter, it can provide you with a lot of facilities; As it aligns easily, has the right balance and your hands respond very well, you’ll build more put and have more confidence in the greens.

We’ve prepared a list of Best Putters For High Handicappers based on Golfer Reviews and our Market Research.

We highly recommend you to read our buying located towards the bottom of this post.

Top 10 Putters For High Handicappers

Golf Putters Hand Orientation Head Weight
Odyssey Red O-Works L/RH 350g
Odyssey 2-Ball Triple RH/LH 365g
TaylorMade Spider RH 360g
Cleveland Huntington Beach RH/LH 350g
QUOLF Two-Way RH/LH 522g
Tour Edge HP Series RH
Ray Cook SR500 RH 360g
Pinemeadow PGX L/RH 380g
Cleveland 2135 Satin Cero RH 370g
ODYSSEY Stroke Lab RH/LH 365g

Which are the 10 Best Putters For High Handicappers In 2021?

1. Odyssey Red O-Works Putters

Odyssey Red O-Works Putters
  • Loft: 3°
  • Lie: 70°
  • Model: #7
  • Type: Mallet
  • Availability: RH/LH
  • HW: 350g
  • Standard Length: 33, 34 & 35″

This is the model that has a more angular shape. It uses three dots as an alignment aid instead of a line. It also has a separate shaft design.

Odyssey putter in general, face included. It makes you lose track of where you hit the ball. Being able to feel the sweet spot on a Putter is as important as any other club. The feedback will help you refine your stroke while practicing and help you make adjustments on the course.

Putter uses a black thermoplastic instead of steel to be heavy at the bottom. Odyssey O Works comes with Fusion RX face inserts combining its white-hot technology. The metal-x oval face design has increased feel, and better roll after the impact ball skids decrease. This model is known for its soft feel and easy alignment.

The Good

  • It has better control over distance.
  • It provides a better feel.
  • It has easy alignments.
  • It has a Fusion RX face inserted.

The Bad

  • Its super stroke grip isn’t good for everyone.

2. Odyssey 2-Ball Triple Track Putter

Odyssey 2-Ball Triple Track Putter
  • Loft: 3°
  • Lie: 70°
  • Model: 2 Ball
  • Type: Mallet
  • Availability: RH/LH
  • HW: 365g
  • Standard Length: 33, 34 & 35″

Odyssey Golf is always inspired to deliver amazing technologies and innovations that can help you make better putters. To be more specific, our new Odyssey stroke lab putters have evolved from Callaway’s popular golf ball line, with three lines prominently featured in the center of the putter head.

Triple pointer technology uses the Vernier Hyper Acuity, a similar visual technique used to land planes on aircraft carriers, to improve their alignment for better accuracy easily. The multi-material stroke lab is engineered to help the shaft improve speed and stability in its stroke, and performance is nothing short of incredible.

This shaft is engineered to make you a better putter, golfers love it. The Microhinge star insert produces a strong feel and pleasing sound while providing the same roll characteristics of our tour-proven White Hot Microhinge. With the Odyssey triple pointer, it combines all the impressive techniques into a putter for exceptional alignment, stability, and performance.

The Good

  • It incorporates a new triple track alignment.
  • New microhinge stars have been inserted in it.
  • It has solid contact with the weight behind the ball.
  • This is an excellent choice for making you feel soft and consistent.
  • It is excellent for both slow or fast greens.

The Bad

  • This may seem a bit expensive for high handicappers.

3. TaylorMade Spider Tour Platinum Putter

TaylorMade Golf Spider Putters
  • Lie: 70°
  • Loft: 2.5°
  • Availability: RH
  • Type: Mallet
  • Model: Tour Spider
  • Head Wts: 360g
  • Standard Length: 34″

The design of the Spider Putter is a unique blend of mallet-style. This mixture gives the putter the best features of each style of putter. Also, a multi-metal construction that features both stainless steel and aluminum makes the entire tour a weighted head.

To give the best work possible, TaylorMade chooses to use a surlin face. Surlin is commonly used in golf balls to minimize deterioration and to feel soft. As a result, this face insert feels excellent with each stroke.

The entire head of this putter weighs 360 grams and is balanced. This means that it is designed for putter swing types that run straight back and straight. Two different length options are available, and each length comes with a standard-size putter grip. This means it is a perfect option for beginner golfer and high handicapper.

The Good

  • It gives you an unmatched balance.
  • It is superior in providing continuous distance.
  • It is easy to align.
  • It is built with multi-metal construction.
  • It is a highly forgiving putter.

The Bad

  • It’s costly.

4. Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Putter

Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Putter
  • Loft: 3°
  • Lie: 70°
  • Model: #1
  • Type: Mallet
  • Availability: RH/LH
  • HW: 350g
  • Standard Length: 33, 34 & 35″

If you are like the appearance of a more traditional putter, you will definitely like Model # 1 of the Cleveland Huntington Beach Putter made with a classic design. It has been combined with features and technology that will help most golfers put in theirs.

Its face is accurately milled with a unique and effective diamond pattern. This quality allows for good contact and a good feel with stability, which is important for the highly disabled.

One of the outstanding features of this puter is 304 stainless steel, which gives a soft yet effective feel. This advanced material makes a notable difference in feel and performance. The face is also precision-milled and brings more stability to the roll.

The milling technique is specific to Cleveland, although other manufacturers use a similar concept. Another special thing, the price of this putter is inaccessible and would be appreciated by the vast majority of high handicapped.

The Good

  • It comes with an excellent grip.
  • It gives you an adorable sound.
  • It gives a soft feel.
  • It is somewhat low in price.

The Bad

  • It didn’t give an oversized grip.

5. QUOLF Golf Two-Way Putter

QUOLF Golf Two-Way Putter
  • Height: 0.50″
  • Width: 2.60″
  • Weight: 522g
  • Model: Two-Way
  • Availability: RH/LH
  • Standard Length: 34″

The QUOLF Golf Putter is another good option for high handicappers, designed with a simple look. Durable materials are used to make it happen; Therefore, you will get both a great deal and good quality. Also, the putter handle is well defined, making it even easier to swing, grip, or hit.

It is recommended by pro golfers for better grip and aiming, even though it is much smaller than other putters. Many golfers used larger handles and may have difficulty controlling it.

Most users are undoubtedly satisfied with this putter swing because this putter will give them a perfect hit. The putter has a symmetrical design, which works efficiently for golf players of different skill levels.

The QUOLF Golf Putter is also good for its cost. Many golfers have recommended it due to its reliable performance. Whether you are right-handed or left-handed, this product will attract you well.

The Good

  • It is lightweight, easy to swing.
  • It is at a low price.
  • This provides a better grip.
  • It comes with a symmetrical design.
  • It ideally works for both RH & LH golfers.

The Bad

  • It is not suitable for tall people.
  • This may sound a bit heavier than other golf putters.

6. Tour Edge Hp Series Red 10 Putter

Tour Edge HP Series Red 11 Putter
  • Loft: 4°
  • Lie: 71°
  • High-MOI
  • Model: #11
  • Availability: RH
  • Type: Mallet
  • Classic Head Designs
  • Standard Length: 34 & 35″

High handicappers starting the game with a better-priced Putter should consider the Tour Edge HP Series Red 11. It provides great value for money. It is a quality putter at a very reasonable price.

Although it may lack some of the earlier sophisticated designs, there is a capable Putter for display. It has a traditional look, which most golfers will get to see and feel. It plays soft, but most find it consistent and accurate.

Face insertion is effective for control and a good roll. The face insert and microgrove design gives better contact and reduces friction with green. Most players achieve decent consistent speed with it. Its jumbo grip is also excellent, and it helps in reducing the speed of the wrist and hand. Also, the weighting is positioned behind the putter, which increases stability and increases forgiveness.

The Good

  • It features quality alignments to improve the view.
  • Its Microgroove design improves roll and stability.
  • Its MOI is particularly in line with the style of the high handicappers.
  • It is very good in terms of price.

The Bad

  • The red design is not to the liking of all golfers.
  • This cannot become an option for more traditional players.

7. Ray Cook Silver Ray SR500

Ray Cook Silver Ray SR500
  • Loft: 3°
  • Lie: 70°
  • Model: SR500
  • Availability: RH
  • Type: Mallet
  • Head Wts: 360g
  • Headcover Included
  • Standard Length: 33 & 35″

The Silver Ray SR500 is a great putter that won’t let you spend much. For a more affordable price, you can get a premium putter that will improve your gameplay. It has the latest technology that will help keep alignment during the stroke.

This ensures the accuracy of shots. It is only for RH golfers. A little heavier in weight, it is good at stability in putter stroke. The grip is soft and comfortable allowing full control of the shot by grasping the putter.

The best thing about this putter is that it is designed to intermediate expert golfers for the new game, which gives an excellent performance in every game.

The Good

  • It is very affordable in price.
  • It comes with a comfortable grip.
  • This increases the accuracy of your every shot.
  • It is designed with a beautiful design.

The Bad

  • Its paint disappears quickly.
  • It is only for RH golfers.

8. Pinemeadow Men’s PGX Putter

Pinemeadow Golf Men's PGX Putter
  • Loft: 3°
  • Lie: 90°
  • Model: PGX
  • Availability: RH/LH
  • HW: 380g
  • Standard Length: 34″
  • Type: Mallet-Style

Pinemeadow PGX Putter will give you maximum benefits at high quality. If you’re starting the golf game, this putter is a great option in the current market. In particular, it has a steel shaft that is much better than composite rods or graphite.

Also, its weight is ideal for practicing with long distances on the green. More impressive is its color, which is a bright color against green. This can help you perform your stroke more accurately.

The putter also has three alignment lines, making it easy for golf Golfers to line it up with a golf ball. Nevertheless, for golfers who are familiar with light putters, as well as beginners, this product may seem quite weighty.

The Good

  • It is quite low for the price.
  • It is a well-performing putter every time.
  • It has an easy alignment to put the ball.
  • It is completely fashionable.

The Bad

  • It gets dirty quickly due to white color.
  • This may seem a bit heavy for beginners.

9. Cleveland Golf 2135 Satin Cero Putter

Cleveland Golf 2135 Satin Cero Putter
  • Loft: 3°
  • Lie: 70°
  • Availability: RH
  • Type: Mallet
  • Head Wts: 370g
  • Model: Satin Cero
  • Standard Length: 33, 34 & 35″

The 2135 Cero putter design comes with a slightly rounded bottom and a different milling style, which is much better for high handicappers. If we talk about its face milling, this putter has three times deeper milling than the previous model. It also helps improve the roll-on mishits.

A polymer insert just behind the face will also improve the feel and sound. Another small feature is a raised alignment rail that comes directly to the center of the golf ball. This Putter comes with a blue Cleveland Overside Putter grip.

The Good

  • It provides you with an outstanding balance.
  • It is very easy to swing.
  • It has a great feel and role.
  • It comes at a reasonable price.
  • It makes you feel soft.
  • It provides good distance control.
  • It has a clever alignment system.

The Bad

  • This may be a great option for low offset golfers only.

10. Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Putter

Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Putter
  • Loft: 3°
  • Lie: 70°
  • Availability: R/LH
  • Type: Mallet
  • HW: 365g
  • Standard Length: 33″ 34″ 35″

If you’re looking for something better to make your putt-shot performance, sound and feel more consistent, you can opt for the Stroke Lab Black Putter made by Odyssey.

Its new look allows you to match it to many different sizes of heads and provides stability with the face. Its flange falls slowly on the toe and heel and flattens in between.

Also, this putter comes with bold single distinct and bright alignment line sitting in the flat center part of the mallet, an attractive feature for many high handicappers. Also, the V-line is pre-balanced, neither too light nor too heavy.

Its offset shafts also present an appearance most of us are familiar with. We believe that when you take the product out of the box, you will be immediately impressed by it.

It has a darker color than the previous version. This not only makes it more attractive but is also good at controlling brightness as well as improving durability.

The Good

  • It helps you in providing accuracy.
  • It provides an adorable sound.
  • This is appropriate for continuous performance.
  • It provides a better view.
  • With this, you will get an incredible experience.

The Bad

  • It is slightly higher in price.
  • There is no oversized grip with it.

How To Choose The Best Putters For High Handicappers?

Best Putters For High Handicappers

Golf is not just a sport for many people, but it is a passion for them. To be a good sport, a lot of things matter, apart from the skill of the golfer.

The putter is also one of them. We all know that the market is full of options; there are many options for putters in the market, so the question arises how you look at your putter model. This can be misleading, but we have come up with a complete buying guide that you can use to choose the right new putter model for you.

The following are the things to be considered when purchasing a putter.

Head Shapes

Putters come in three main head shapes, including blade, Mid-Mallet, and Mallet.

Among these, the blade is the smallest option that was recommended only to professionals and experts, but due to advances in their technology, they became more stable at stroking. So now, golfers of all levels can benefit from the precise appearance and increased experience of a blade.

Apart from this, they are in between the blade and the mallet. Middle mallets or half mallets are an excellent combination of stability and feel. They support a variety of strokes, such as the straight back, straight and straight.

Finally, the mallet putter with the largest head size is mallets. These are grate for middle and high handicaps. This is because they have a larger head weight, which prevents the head from turning, which makes it firmer. This is called the stress technique.

In this article, we have described most of the mallet putters as they are very promising for high handicappers and beginner golfers.

Face Types

The type of face determines the distance control by establishing expressions from the face. There is a milled design in which steel never loses its structure, never heats, cools, and hardens.

Then some other materials such as copper, nickel, rubber, ceramic, aluminum, etc. are used for improving ball speed and continuity from the heel on the put.

There is no rule as to which type of face is better for which type of golfer. Rather it depends on what you like for yourself.

Putter Length

Putters generally have three types of length categories. Chest Putters, Mid-Length Putters, and Belly Putters. The most commonly used of these is the putter length of 35 inches. But smaller options are also available such as 34 inches and 33 inches.

Apart from this, it comes to belly putters, which are usually 41 to 45 inches long. They are as high as your midwife to reduce the action of your wrist. While long or chest inserts are 45 to 50 inches long, these are best for people with back pain.

Putter Shaft Design

The squad design of any golf clubs determines its spirit. Modern putters have an offset shaft design that places the head behind the ball while the shaft above it. An offset shaft is used to keep the ball and hands beyond the ball, which is good enough for a beginner golfer.


The way a Putter sets the target line behind the ball, given the effectiveness of the target, is paramount. There are many different alignment lines/dots/aids, all of which are designed with one thing in mind, hit the ball in the right direction.

Some golfers want minimal alignment aids, while others require larger long lines or prefer a unique system like the 2-ball putter or Seymour offers.

My decision on the look is based on first impressions: what it looks like when you pick it up, what it looks like when you set it behind the ball, it helps you focus on the goal line, and The craftsmanship involved in making the put.

Final Verdict

The characteristics, properties, advantages, and disadvantages of all putters vary. Every golfer has different needs and requirements. But a putter that suits every type of golfer can be obtained after deep consideration.

In which it is suitable for right-handed and left-handed golfers. It is easily portable, has a good grip, and above all, is also affordable. If you see all these qualities in a putter, then you will choose a better option for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Difference In The Balance Of A Face And Toe?

In a balanced putter, the face will be upward. It is suitable for a straight back and is better through straight strokes. Apart from this, the balanced toe of the toe will have the toe facing towards the ground. It is suitable for applying a stroke with an arc.

2. Should I Use A Mallet Or A Blade Putter?

The two most common putters in which the blade is typically a short, narrow head with low alignment aids and a heavy toe. Blade putters are usually used by better golfers and players with a clear arc to their stroke. The blade is best suited for players who have quiet hands and, most of the time hit Putter in the middle of the face.

In contrast, mallet putters have very large heads and usually have large sweet spots. They also have an engineered to keep high-speed inertia, which is the putter’s tendency to rotate on impact. This high MOI typically means that miss-hit puts will still start at the line, and the ball will still cover the same distance as a fully tucked put.

Mallet putters are generally considered more suited to players with straight-on-straight strokes or strokes with minimal arcs.

3. What Do Groove Putters Mean?

They may contain metal or other material, but they form grooves above the face to keep the ball on the line.

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