Best Face Balanced Putters – [April 2021]

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TaylorMade Spider X

TaylorMade Golf Spider X

Pinemeadow Site 4

Pinemeadow Site 4 Putter

Face-balanced is a term applied to putters. Golfers favor this putter with a particular type of stroke, and it is the right choice for those golfers who use straight-back-and-through strokes.

These putter have clubhead properties such that they open less on the backstroke and are less closed on through strokes in putt motion.

In other words, the face of the putter rotates less during hit than the toe-balanced. If you try to put with straight-line motion, you do not want to open and close the clubface.

On the other hand, a balanced putter is a poor choice for golfers who use a strong arc. Those golfers want a clubface that opens and closes during the stroke and must see a toe-balanced-putter.

We’ve prepared a list of Face Balanced Putters based on Golfer Reviews and our Market Research.

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Top 10 Face Balanced Putters

Product Name Hand Orientation Head Weight
TaylorMade Spider X RH/LH 355g
Pinemeadow Site 4 RH 340g
Silver Ray SR500 RH 360g
Pinemeadow PGX RH 380g
Odyssey EXO LH 360g
Orlimar F70 RH 335g
Wilson Staff Harmonized RH 480g
S7K Stand Putter RH/LH 350g
Pinemeadow PGX SL RH 340g
Odyssey O Works LH 640g

Which Are The 10 Best Face Balanced Putters In 2020?

1. TaylorMade Golf Spider X

TaylorMade Golf Spider X
  • Lightweight
  • The X Philosophy
  • Upgraded Stability
  • True Path Alignment
  • Amazing Sound and Feel
  • Improved Pure Roll Insert

TypeSteel Frame

TaylorMade Spider X Putters are built with enhanced stability that you can see. This design is completely re-engineered into the clubhead extensively to maximize stability and forgiveness.

It features a heavy 320-gram steel frame paired with a 15-gram carbon composite core to force and stabilize the majority of the weight for the club’s perimeter. Its new True-Path-Alignment System improves accuracy making it easier to visualize the intended target line.

Inserting a thicker accurate roll improves the sound and feel while providing a more accurate roll. It is 30% massive-head uses a steel frame with a lightweight carbon composite core so you can visualize the target line for accuracy.

The Good

  • This increases the level of stability.
  • It provides a wider and more forgiving sweet spot.
  • It comes with a flexible weight port in the rear.
  • It has a great look and pattern.
  • It comes with a forgiving-head.
  • Its true path system has high accuracy and reliability.

The Bad

  • Its front and rear wings could be too large for some players.

2. Pinemeadow Site 4 Putter

Pinemeadow Site 4 Putter
  • Lower CG
  • Site Plate
  • Offset Hosel
  • Perfect balance
  • Consistent Face
  • Headcover Included

AvailabilityRH Only

This well-built golf putter incorporates many features such as an oversized site plate, offset hosel, constant face system, spider grip, and a lower center of gravity. Also, the putter turns out to be aesthetically pleasing with good color combinations.

Players of all skill levels can use site 4 Potter. It has a low center of gravity, which helps you experience a smooth stroke through your entire-swing.

With this, you are bound to get the best accuracy. It is equipped with an offset hosel that connects your adjustment to be complete and appropriate. It is also equipped with ‘Constant Face’ technology, which makes for a nice smooth roll, which also reduces the possibility of skipping. The extra weight of its mallet head increases your skill level.

The Good

  • It is a perfectly balanced putter.
  • It has oversized site plates to increase accuracy.
  • It comes with smooth-rolling and minimal skip.
  • It is has a firm, comfortable and shock-absorbing grip.
  • It comes with aesthetic design and color combinations.
  • It is very easy to use for all types of golfers.

The Bad

  • Some golfer did not like its grip, which is quite soft.

3. Ray Cook Golf- Silver Ray SR500 Putter

Ray Cook Golf- Silver Ray SR500 Putter
  • Affordable
  • Mid Size Grip
  • Several Styles
  • More Fluid Stroke
  • Improves Accuracy
  • Rich Charcoal Finish
  • Putting Consistency

AvailabilityRH Only

The SR500 Putter has an attractive black finish with red and white details as well as an eye appeal, super spirit mid size grip. It has won more than 200 PGA events as well as all four big wins. These premium cast putters are properly weighted and balanced to provide a softer feel and optimum insert stability.

SR500 is a great putter that hasn’t cost you much. For a lower price, you can get a premium putter that will improve your gameplay. It has the latest technology that helps keep alignment during the stroke. The design is also admirable and classy.

It has a charcoal gray finish, which you will definitely like. It is also non-dazzling, so you can play without being distracted. The alignment of lines and undertakings will be improved. You will have an accurate shot with this putter.

The head is slightly heavier, which will also help keep stability and accuracy to your hits. The mid size paddle-style grip will make your game comfortable and fun.

This allows you to have a good grasp on the putter and have complete control over your shot. The goal of the putter maker is to help you achieve the best performance in every game.

The Good

  • It has soft mid size padded style grips.
  • It is much cheaper than the others.
  • It is sketched to be much better.
  • This is appropriate to improve your accuracy.
  • It provides a soft-feel.
  • It comes with an attractive and black finish look.

The Bad

  • Its paint comes out very fast.

4. Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter

Pinemeadow Golf Men's PGX Putter
  • Appearance
  • Tour-Weighted
  • Length-Weight
  • Alignment Aids
  • Precise White Finish
  • Attractive White Look
  • Customizable Headcover

AvailabilityRH Only

The PGX Mallet Putter, built by Pinemeadow, is a unique golf club with which everyone will enjoy the course. Its attractive look will surely attract your attention. It is the precise white finish that gives it a fashionable look.

Once you hold it in your hand, the extra weight is as clear as you can feel it. These two features are the main attraction of the club and also that it is one of the best putters. 380g weight is suitable for fast greens.

Also, this putter has a 34-inch shaft, a ball picker, and you also get a custom headcover. Apart from the things that will benefit you in the match, with the help of this putter, you will be able to customize the PGX-head. You have the option to design what the putter’s head will be like.

For golf club newbies, you may find this puter heavier, with regular practice, you will get used to it. This puter comes at an affordable price.

The Good

  • Its white-head helps reduce glare.
  • This mallet putter also has a ball picker to speed and
  • facilitate play.
  • The extra weight of its head makes it perfect for fast greens.
  • It comes with a custom headcover.
  • It has a very trendy look.
  • This gives you a quality performance.

The Bad

  • Whitehead means it will stain easily.
  • It can be heavy for new golfers or those using light putters.

5. Odyssey EXO Putter

Odyssey EXO Putter
  • High MOI Design
  • Distance Control
  • Stroke Lab Shaft
  • Amazing Balanced
  • Great Construction
  • Consistent Accuracy
  • Multi-Material Construction

AvailabilityLH Only

Odyssey includes EXO 2-Ball Putter models in its EXO range of putters. EXO features stroke white shafts in addition to innovative white Hot Microhinge inserts and stroke lab waiting.

It combines 3 of the latest innovations in the modal (White Hot Microhinge Insert, and Stroke Lab Weighting) odyssey that gives you a high-tech mallet engineered to help any golfer make more put. The lightweight 6061 milled aluminum exo-cage allows for concentrated weight, which significantly increases MOI for more consistent ball speed and direct control.

White Hot Microhinge-Face inserts allow for continuous accuracy and distance-control with incredible sound. With its stroke lab shaft weight, you have a smoother and more accurate stroke.

PGA Professional and Golfshake Equipment Expert, Ryan Rastall, has tested the new EXO two-ball putter behind the performance, look, and feel of this model, which was a complete success.

The Good

  • Its high-tech mallets provide maximum forgiveness.
  • It comes with three innovations.
  • It is designed with lightweight 6061 milled aluminum.
  • Its high MOI construction proved greater speed and directional control.
  • Its sound and feel are much better.
  • It comes with both face balanced options.
  • Its Microhinge is meant to increase accuracy, stability, and distance control.

The Bad

  • It is high in price.

6. Orlimar F70 Putter

Orlimar F70 Putter
  • Great Price
  • High MOI mallet
  • Great Design
  • Jumbo Grip
  • 35-inch Shaft
  • Soft Face Insert

Specifications TypeMallet Loft3° AvailabilityRH Only Length35″ Lie72° Weight335g

The Orlimar F70 Putter is made with Modern-Technology, and its bold look is the first element that attracts you towards it. Its shiny silver color helps to give it a solid overall look, which is very useful for boosting the golfer’s confidence.

Once you get it, the top MOI is hard to miss because it makes it a very forgiving club. The TPU inserts give it a nice and soft-feel that will make you want to turn it again and again.

Other features that make it an excellent club include a traditional offset configuration, advanced perimeter weighting, bi-color sightline, and putter with a free matching headcover. The putter also has an oversized grip and is 35 inches long. With all these features, you will be able to perform better.

The Good

  • Its high MOI design helps provide additional forgiveness.
  • It has an upset hosel that puts the hand ahead of putter for a shot.
  • Its contrasting bi-color visual line makes alignment easier.
  • It is well balanced and easy-to-swing.

The Bad

  • It has a larger than average grip.

7. Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter

Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter
  • Soft Feel
  • Best Control
  • Larger Grip Size
  • Mallet Style Putter
  • More Forgiveness
  • Easy Alignment Design

AvailabilityRH Only

The Wilson Harmonized M5 men’s right-handed putter is a good choice for Low and mid-high handicap golfers. It provides better alignment, control, and more forgiveness on off-center putts.

It has a mallet head and a plumber hosel and feels improved in stroke due to a midsize harmonized putter grip with a vertical seam at the rear. Also, the micro-injection polymer face insert gives you a better experience of exposure to the golf ball.

It has an eye-catching vertical seam grip-designed with a slightly larger diameter to feel better. Odd colors on the head make it simple to see if your stroke is on the greens. The Harmonized M5 is a mallet-style putter that provides a lot of forgiveness on off-center puts and makes it easier to line up.

The Good

  • It comes with an amazing alignment design.
  • It has a vertical seam grip for comfort.
  • This is a good choice for mid-high handicap golfers.
  • It comes with a micro-injection polymer face.
  • Surpassing alignment and control.

The Bad

  • It is lighter than necessary.

8. S7K Standing Putter

S7K Standing Putter
  • Strike Dot
  • Lighter For Play
  • Control and Accuracy
  • Triple Line Indication
  • Free-Standing Address
  • Perfect Line Every Time
  • Good Feel, Balance & Roll
  • Stroke Balanced Construction
  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty


The S7K is the first free-standing Putter that changes your putting stroke. Many times during the green, you will have to try to keep your putter in line, but this must have been very difficult for you. It is very strange and not effective to get a real line of sight.

Now, with the S7K, you can line up your put and move away from it, and it stands up so that you can see where you have lined up your shot. The weight of the S7K is impressive. The shaft and grip weight is 50 grams, which allows the head to turn back and forth freely.

The grip material is an EVA foam for a lightweight feel and provides a good response from head to hand when you hit your put. The sweet spot on the S7K is directly in the center, which will give you more solid stokes than the traditional putter, where the sweet spot is usually above the center of the face.

The Good

  • It has a free-standing facility.
  • Its bold alignment can help with path control.
  • It can stand upright and, at the same time, is very well stable on the slope.
  • It does not require adjustment.
  • It is a slightly heavier head, which is good for putting.
  • Its strike dot helps improve the swing.

The Bad

  • It is a bit expensive.

9. Pinemeadow PGX SL Putter

Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter
  • Top Line
  • Easy To Hit
  • Perfect weight
  • Great Balanced
  • 2X ORB -Alignment
  • Headcover Included
  • Consistent Face Insert

AvailabilityRH Only

The Pinemeadow PGX SL Putter is much better and helps you sink more puts. It has a clear alliance, which helps you in better targeting. It has asymmetrical balance, with it incorporating an alignment device and a headcover. This putter is great for practice and tournaments.

If targeting remains an issue for you, it may help eliminate the problem. The shaft here will work better with a height of 34″. The putter’s weight is perfect, which can help you swing the pendulum at directing the golf ball. This putter is impressive in itself. Just look at the offset hosel. Manufacturers specifically offset the hosel only to ensure that your put stays in perfect order with every stroke.

The Good

  • It helps golfers make a smooth grip.
  • It is the right choice for tall players.
  • It is well balanced.
  • It comes with a strong and light base.
  • Its alignment-system helps you sync more put.
  • It is affordable.

The Bad

  • This small-head size is not good for some professional Players.
  • It is only for right-handed golfers.

10. Odyssey O-Works Marxman Putter

Odyssey O-Works Marxman Putter
  • New Look
  • Length: 33″
  • Unmatched Roll
  • Red finish Direction
  • Tour Proven Shapes
  • Microhinge Face Insert

AvailabilityLH Only

The Callaway Marxman Putter is designed to provide unique rolls with subtle Microhinge-face inserts. Its main purpose is to provide amazing benefits. Stainless steel Microhinge-face inserts with a patented thermoplastic elastomer feel layer, giving it a better roll in effect and excellent feel.

Purists of golf are regularly complaining about very loud sounds and lack of response, but this is not the case with Callaway Marxman. In terms of performance, the O-Works Marxman putter delivers an instant topspin due to tiny hinges on the face, which helps the ball roll, while this putter’s oblique neck allows it more toe to hang.

Provides, thus giving it more arc. The head features a classic fang, which makes it easy to control the putter while maintaining excellent balance.

The Good

  • It is a well-balanced putter.
  • Its Microhinge-Technology provides incredible gains in topspin.
  • It has a clean and straightforward look at the address.
  • It comes with developing and tour shapes for ultimate performance.
  • It helps you slay more demons and sink more putts.
  • It can work wonders for your putting.

The Bad

  • None at this time.

How To Choose The Best Face balanced Putter?

Best Face Balanced Putters

How to choose the best, I think it becomes a complicated and impact full question for you at the time of online shopping. But do not worry, because today you might get something better from here in your home. With the massive amount of choices in the world, there are a few things you have to keep in mind to select the best-balanced putter for your golf game.

Head Style

Generally, the two most common styles of putter head are blade putter and a mallet putter.

Now, if you are going for a balanced putter, then focus on mallet putters as these provide a little more forgiveness on direction and roll due to weight distribution. While most golfers traditionally start with a blade putter in their bag, it may take your time to achieve accuracy. The malt putter has gained popularity through strokes with advances in control and stability.


Balanced golf putters use the center of gravity, allowing the putter the ability to open on the backswing and close at follow-on. This is a better option for players applying straighter. The toe is better useful for players with an arc in their put stroke because of the greater allowance for opening and closing the face during balanced pore strokes.

While finding the best putter, you analyze the components that make up your style – stance, ball position, and stroke – you will be better prepared to select a putter that best compliments your game.


Length matters a lot in choosing the right option. How you set the ball up, including your posture, the position of the eye above the ball, and your stroke path, can be influenced by the length of the putter. Traditional putters range in length from 32 to 36 inches, but over the years, we have seen long putters that can measure up to 50 inches. The standard length putter is not so standard for everyone, so make sure you choose what is best in your stance.

Final Verdict

We have given some great shopping options for our experience in this review. If they help with your online shopping, then we will be very happy. If you are short on a budget, then some budget options will good in your pocket. So now, without delay, choose your right choice and change your game.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Face-Balanced Golf Putters Better?

If you prefer to use a straight back, then through the straight method, a balanced golf putter would be the best option. If your stroke-works on a slight arc, a putter with the middle toe would be ideal, while their stroke would benefit from even more leg with more pronounced arcs.

2. What Is The Right Putter Length For Golfers?

The standard-style putter is the most common putter on the market. Putter length is based on an average-sized person. Putter lengths typically range from 31 to 35 inches are used by golfers.

3. Why Use A Face-Balanced Putter?

Because the clubface of the putter opens and closes less during the putting stroke, these types of putters are best suited for golfers who use straight-back-and-through put-strokes. Those golfers want a clubface that closes & opens during the hit and must see a toe-balanced putter.

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