TaylorMade Golf M6 Irons Review [March 2023]

TaylorMade Golf M6 Irons

  • Optimized Forgiveness. 
  • The excellent speed with speed bridge.
  • Ultra-thin face construction.
  • Additional stiffness in the head.
  • Low Center of Gravity.
  • Satisfying Sound and Feel.

If you have ever used any product from TaylorMade, you will know that the brand delivers top-class products to satisfy their customer’s needs. Having golf set from TaylorMade never disappoints you. It is always worth buying. 

With this, we decided to explain the latest and improved TaylorMade M6 Irons review. M6 is one of the greatest and game improvement golf clubs. According to each golfer’s demand, it is clearly designed to achieve a larger distance from their iron set.

Golf is a game in which you need many types of club sets. From driver to fairway woods and various irons sets to end the game with good results. 

This M6 iron is all set to add with your other club sets. It arrives with all the latest technology that is why the company calls it a game-changer iron. With this iron, you will feel critical distance and maximum forgiveness, improved feel and sound, and more. 

So let’s start the analysis and get to know more about the amazing features that make it a game-changer iron.

TaylorMade M6 Irons Review: First Impressions

TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron Set

M6 Irons Specifications
Steel Length39.25″38.62″38.00″37.50″37.00″36.50″36.00″
Swing LengthD1 / C9D1 / C9D1 / C9D1 / C9D1 / C9D1 / C9D1 / C9

Reasons To Buy

  • Massive forgiveness. 
  • Improved sound, accuracy, and feel. 
  • Higher sweet spot. 
  • Speed bridge enhances energy transfer. 
  • Comes with Advanced Hybrar Compression-Damper.
  • Very popular and trustable brand. 

Reasons To Avoid

  • Some users find it too big. 

TaylorMade M6 Irons: Detailed Specifications

The iron set comes engineered with various features that enhance the distance and sound, and feel. The brand features new innovative new speed Bridge technology that opens the ability to use the most resilient thru-slot speed pocket. This technology gives the ball more speed than ever before. 

In this section, we’ll discuss all its features in detail. So let’s begin.


The M6 inspires many golfers by its look. It adds more faith and gives a fluid play on the course. The large profile design makes this iron a game improver just by its pure size. 

If you ever feel an unusual loss of feel and sound from your irons, worry not; this is not the same with M6. This iron has a similar sense of fairway wood and driver. It lets you hit a ball like a missile off the face. Plus, it has a spring-like force that won’t let you turn harder to go far. 

taylormade irons

This iron is designed for giving maximum forgiveness on shot after shot. It comes licensed with off-center Inverted Cone Technology that maximizes the sweet spot and increases straighter shots for golfer at all levels. The ultra-thin face design with ICT delivers unbelievable golf balls speed over the whole face area. 

Key Features

The company designed this iron with lots of effort that makes every little detail special. It is big and spacious, bigger than the M5 iron. However, it comes with a heavy-gauge steel shaft with a 360⁰ hosel and hollow design. 

Additionally, there are many features that make M6 the best for the game. 

  • Speed Bridge

In 2019, TaylorMade added new technology to its brand, the Bridge structure for enhanced speed, which was first used in their latest M5 and M6-models.

It connects the sole and upper edge of the club using a structural beam. The effect is more profound because it will strengthen the head, strengthen the chassis, and provide a more stable impact on the ball. With which you will be able to perform better golf.

In addition to the speed bridge, the M6 opens the sense for users to use the most adaptable thru-slot speed pocket. Also, it supports the topline to overcome the low-frequency wave and give enough sound at impact.

  • Fastest Speed Pocket

These Irons equipped with a speed bridge also helps in enabling the thru-slot Speed Pocket. It delivers better speed of ball on each shot. In addition to this, the added stiffness in the head structure provides high ball speeds because of reduced energy loss at impact. 

This new design is much better, and its bar uses only a smaller mass. The disappearance of the head slot makes the iron lighter. By far, the most flexible and broad speed slot. This expands the flexible part of the head, thereby increasing the carry distance and golf balls speed.

  • Advanced Hybrid Damper

Its damping polymer eliminates unnecessary vibrations. This golf M6 set compression activates during the damper effect, enhancing the sound and reducing fluctuation. It will also improve emotion and boosts your confidence during the play.

  • Inverted Cone Technology (ICT)

This set incorporates ICT that delivers incredible ball speeds. It has an ultra-slim face build design that improves the speed of ball. As a result, it presents the club with a lovely ample space. The feel of these irons is similar to that of a fairway wood or even a driver. 

This ICT design uses various thicknesses to deliver a tremendous directional shot over a large area face, and the off-center positioning delivers a directional bias. Overall, the Inverted cone technology gives golfers an excellent and more exact hitting area.


This iron comes with a 360⁰ fluted hosel. This feature increases launch point and speed of ball to create a robust and sharp ball flight even on low-face results. As an end, it keeps the center of gravity low and produces a high route.

This low CG design produces enough energy at the time of impact with high launching. The M6 also has a high MOI that offers excellent durability and forgiveness. 

  • Comfort

Its loft is much stronger than traditional irons, which will give you a positive experience. It has the best golf address profile that boosts your faith in difficult situations during golf. It is designed for low-to-high disabled players.

In particular, wedges are designed to level their play. Both right and left-handed golfers will find it easier to play with this club.

The Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grip is used near the handle to provide additional support.

Overall Performance 

Ball speed and the iron construction make the game perfect on the course. This M6 Irons comes equipped with the latest speed bridge structure that gives you the ability to use its most adjustable speed pocket technology. 

Also, the bridge shape enhances the energy transfer and offers a union of distance, sound, and feel. The forgiveness and redefined design make this iron strong enough. It comes equipped with a high MOI, high launch, and a large sweet spot that lets you have the latest forgiveness. 

On the other hand, the Advanced HYBRAR condensation damper thoroughly cleans the unwanted face wave and delivers a soft and solid feel on every shot. The results end with superb performance, added distance skill, and a definite sense of confidence.

Final Verdict​

M6 irons are made for golfer who demand more range and game improvement. Its ultra-slim face design has turned the iron into one of the fastest clubs in ball flight speed. Its initially higher ball speed than the maximum allowance set by the UGC. For this purpose, engineers had to improve to cut some force and make it a long club in the market. The ball will also fly high in the air. According to some estimates, it will achieve a maximum height of 18 feet.

A firm topline is used to forward the vibration. Also, the M6 has an aluminum / ABS structure and viscoelastic adhesive that will help reduce the sound even better. 

M6 irons allow more excellent energy transfer in impact, and its design has been changed by hardening the face. We can call them the golf improvement irons. Overall, these are game-changer irons that will never disappoint you.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. What is the Difference Between M5 and M6 Irons?

The M5 and M6 irons both have a bit of an unusual look and features. The M5 is smaller with a blade length of 80mm than the M6 blade lengths that carry 90mm. M6 irons are more spacious with improved speed bridge addition. It also reduces the CG on the club that helps in the perfect launch. 

2. Are TaylorMade M6 Set for High Handicappers?

Yes, they are. The M6 irons are ideal for high handicappers who are looking to grow their clubs. However, it produces a high launch and helps give an excellent feel and reply. 

3. Can beginners Use These M6 Irons For Practice?

Yes, along with handicappers, it is an ideal choice for beginners too. It offers a great amount of speed, distance, efficiency, sound, feels, and forgiveness. However, it is a bit costly as per beginners use.  

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