TaylorMade Golf M6 Irons Review – [April 2021]

In A Hurry? Our Top Reasons To Buy

taylormade m6 irons

TaylorMade M6 Iron Set

  • Configuration: 4 PW
  • Steel or Graphite Shaft
  • Easy to Hit
  • Low Center of Gravity
  • Bigger Address Profile
  • Satisfying Sound and Feel
  • Best Accuracy

If you like Thspeedvious TaylorMade Iron series, or you use them, the TaylorMade M6 Irons will have a better fit for you.

I think that you will definitely like this because there will be no reason to dislike. So let us give you complete information about this!

M6 is one of the greatest and game improvement golf clubs. It specifically designed according to each golfer to achieve the larger distance from their iron-set.

This comes with an slim design, featuring extremely-low and dark CG. It also had different thicknesses, which generate more ball speed even on a massive course.

When it comes to a high performance before you, you will have no problem in using this club, and you will be able to perform a better one.

There should be no doubt that this is one of the best iron set at an affordable price.

If you are interested in learning more about the M6 Iron, then continue reading this review for more information.

TaylorMade M6 Irons Review: First Impressions

taylormade m6 irons review

Steel Length39.25″38.62″38.00″37.50″37.00″36.50″36.00″
Swing LengthD1 / C9D1 / C9D1 / C9D1 / C9D1 / C9D1 / C9D1 / C9

The Good

  • Its new speed bridge supports the topline to reduce low-frequency vibrations that provides more velocity through slot speed pocket.
  • The Advanced Hybrar Compression-Damper reduces unwanted-vibration for a better sound.
  • It is an optimized ability to step up your game.
  • The high-level HYBRAR compression damper effectively filter unwanted facial-vibrations for a soft and solid feel on straighter shots.
  • Its fluted hosel and 360 degrees undercut effectively-reduce CG.
  • Patented off-center inverted cone technology maximizes the sweet spot.
  • They are equipped with KBS Max 85 steel shafts or fujikura atmos orange shafts.
  • Taylormade is a well-known brand and his providing the good customer service.

The Bad

  • Size is large, but it increases the impact area.

Key Features

Speed Bridge

In 2019, TaylorMade added new technology to its brand, the speed Bridge structure, which was first used in their latest M5 and M6-irons.

It connect the sole and upper edge of the club using a structural beam. The effect is more profound because it will strengthen the head, strengthen the chassis, and provide a more stable impact on the ball. With which you will be able to perform a better golf.

Fastest Speed Pocket

This Taylormade M6 Irons has a unique velocity pocket installed, which is faster than the previous TaylorMade irons. You will no longer see the face slot in this, it has been replaced with a through-slot.

This new design is much better, and its bar uses only a smaller mass. With the disappearance of the head slot, it makes the iron lighter. By far, the most flexible and wide speed-slot. This expands the flexible part of the head, thereby increasing the carry distance and ball speeds.

Advanced Hybrid Damper

Its damping polymer eliminates unnecessary vibrations. This best golf M6 set compression activates during the damper-effect, enhancing the sound and reducing fluctuation. It will also improve emotion and boosts your confidence during the play.

Inverted Cone Technology (ICT)

This set incorporates ICT. It comes with a slim face, which improves the ball speed. As a result, it presents the club with a big lovely space and feel of these irons are similar to that of a fairway wood or even a driver.


Its loft is much stronger than traditional irons, which will give you a positive experience. It has the best golf address profile that boosts your faith in difficult situations during the golf. It is designed for low-to-high disabled players.

In particular, wedges are designed to level their play. Both right and left-handed golfers will find it easier to play with this club.

The Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grip is used near the handle to provide additional support.

Final Verdict

M6 irons made for golfers who demand more range and improvement. Its ultra slim face design has turned the iron into one of the fastest clubs in terms of ball flight speed. Its initially higher ball speed than the maximum allowance set by the UGC. For this purpose, engineers had to make some amendments to cut some momentum and make it a long club in the market.

The ball will also fly high in the air. According to some estimates, it will achieve a maximum height of 18 feet.

A firm topline is used to forward the vibration. Also, the M6 ?? has an aluminum / ABS structure and viscoelastic adhesive that will help reduce the sound even more.

M6 irons from TaylorMade allows greater energy transfer in impact and its design has been revolutionized by hardening the face. We can call them the golf improvement irons. Overall, these are game changer irons that will never disappoint you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Difference Between M5 and M6 Irons?

M5 and M6 are very similar to the M3 and M4 both are loaded with technology and have a focus on distance and forgiveness. The M5 is slightly sleeker than the M6 but still falls into the ‘helpful distance iron’ category.

2. Are TaylorMade M6 Iron-Set for High Handicappers?

They are a cavity back iron with a Speed Pocket slot in the 7 to 4 irons, but in the M6 version, it is the Thru-Slot, which we first saw in the TaylorMade P790 irons. This means the variable thickness face is only connected to the body by the top line so that it hinges like a metal wood face.

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