Callaway X20 Irons Review – [April 2021]

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Callaway X20 Irons

Callaway X20 Irons

  • Large Sweetspot.
  • Substantial offset.
  • Low center of gravity.
  • High level of accuracy.
  • Uniform hit across the face.
  • Affordable.

The Callaway X 20 Iron is the proper development of the classic Callaway shape, an evolved form of the X-16 and X-18s. Addressing a thick top line gives you a lot of confidence, and the feel on impact is excellent. X20 Irons give technology innovation and playability in every way that will take your game to a new level.

The X-Series shows the ultimate increase in the confidence of serious golfers. The new Callaway X-20 Irons is superior in every way to providing technology, innovation, and feasibility that will take your game to a new level. Using progressive wall reduction systems, Callaway Golf engineers reduced the CG by 6 percent compared to X-18 iron.

It means that the CG decreases progressively throughout the set. With their traditional styling and Callaway Golf core techniques, the Callaway X20 Irons offer performance and capability to enhance the game.

Loses more weight in the extreme girth to create more forgiveness and control and higher MOI.

Callaway Golf enables engineers to feel better at their center-of-gravity and reduce their ability to play with optimal trajectories.

Callaway X20 Irons Review: First Impressions

Callaway X20

Swing Type D2
Hand Availability RH/LH
Shaft Material steel
Configuration #5
Loft 27°
Standard Length 37.75″
Lie 61.50°
Bounce 2°

The Good

  • It has a lower center of gravity for more stable hits.
  • It is one of the best golf irons that give a consistent hit across the face.
  • It is good for the value of money.
  • It gives a high degree of accuracy.
  • It is created for an easy launch and decent loft.
  • The longer irons are effortless and It feels like a 6-iron.
  • These are another quality game improvement set aimed for beginners and casual players.

The Bad

  • Less forgiving than newer models.

Key Features


High-numbered players who want to develop their numbers appreciate the X20 for its ability to produce high and straight shots.

Beginners will still appreciate a fairly long range for their shots.

Despite being a starting club, Callaway has become the selection of experienced players. This model is made possible by its greater control and design.

The club head runs on the smaller side, and the sole width is optimized to maintain functionality. These are perfect for instilling confidence for the players.


The Callaway golf iron shape is designed to maximize forgiveness for the player. It also has an Extreme Notch weighting feature, which transfers the mass towards the edge of the club-head. This makes it more stable and ensures that the clubs is not twisted on impact.

x20 redistributes some weight out of the hosel and into the sole. This adds more forgiveness and allows the player to hit more.

More power is in the toe and club-heel to raise the moment of inertia. Overall, players will appreciate the distance and feel gains they can receive as a result of the shot.

Quality & Durability

These x20 clubs are constructed of 17-4 stainless steel construction, providing a good feel and lasting durability.

Uniflex steel shaft adds rigidity to the swing so that the balls achieve greater velocity and flight.

Callaway golf X20 can be the right pick for your better-shot, be it the top players or the beginners.

Look And Feel

Callaway has created a professional and traditional look for these golf clubs. So that they look great in the bag, regardless of who you are playing with or not.

They come with a high polished finish and a muted dark blue color scheme. It looks quite attractive to watch, which exudes your self-confidence.

360-Degree Undercut Channel

It found in these Callaway irons (seen at left) maximizes perimeter weighting by moving the CG lower and farther back in the club-head, enlarging the hitting area and stabilizing the clubhead for more forgiveness.

Shaft Flex

This is something that is often analyzed only with drivers, but it is also equally important with Irons. Mainly graphite, steel or multi-material is used to fasten the shaft. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so find the one that helps you improve your game.


The price of these x20 clubs is their most significant selling point that motivates players to buy it. If quality, as well as cost, will be right, then it becomes the best pick.

The Callaway brand itself topped the industry, and the Callaway X series is one of the most popular golf clubs sold in history. Also, this set of Irons is designed to last for years as players advance their game. It is also apparent in value.

Final Verdict

This is a suitable option for professional players who call it a short spin with long-distance in their game.

This gives players an average of 7 yards. If you are a player with high and low-speed swing, you will like X20 Iron set.

It provides a long shaft with a strong scaffolding and excellent performance. Its 360 face cup incorporates a shallow and flexible rim that, in effect, releases both flexes and increases ball velocity.

You can position the CG with the weight of tungsten in each iron with precision. More mass is in the heel of the club to incrementally improve the Moment of Inertia. Overall, players will appreciate the distance and accuracy gains they can get as a result.

Talking about its qualities so you also read about it, this is the best, so order it now to take your game performance to the highest level.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where Are Callaway Irons Made?

They are designed in the US and its components come from Taiwan, China and Vietnam. They are assembled in Mexico.

2. What Is The Normal Swing Speed For Amateur Golfers?

They normally average-swing velocity is 93.4 mph, according to analysis, for an average-distance of 214 yards.

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