Callaway Rogue X Golf Irons Review

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Callaway Golf Rogue X Iron

Callaway Rogue-X Irons

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You have a special senior golf player. They have good golf clubs taste, so you want to make sure that you take your game to the highest level for which you will need a better golf clubs.

I know that golf clubs irons can be an exciting discovery for some of us. It is not a passion that is shared by others. 

Our winner, in this case, the Callaway Golf Rogue X Irons, is there to support you in your better future. This allows for better distance and control of the golf balls. It is a light club.

You will find a more detailed review of this below.

Rogue X Irons Overall has a more excellent range. It is made with 360-face cups and VFT, multi-material construction, urethane-microspheres for maximum-distance.

The 360-face cup and VFT dramatically expand the part of the face that moves the golf balls.

Tungsten weighting is used in this. It helps give optimal launch and control over each scaffold. Tungsten steel is the key to more precise control of CG location.

Rogue X Irons are available in steel and graphite with various flex options.

Callaway Rogue X Irons: First Impressions

Callaway Golf Rogue X Iron Review


Swing Weight:D1
Availability:RH / LH
Shaft Material:Synergy, 60G
Standard Length:35.25″

  • Its 360 face cups and VF Technology gives more energy to hit the ball.
  • Despite its strong scaffolding, it is lightweight.
  • It is for excellent-distances, sound and feels.
  • Its elastic urethane microcephaly effect damping on vibration.
  • Its lightweight pads are meant to help you achieve high projection conditions.
  • It is for beginners and seniors.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It has some relatively shallow-descent angles.
  • Maybe a massive experience for some players.

Key Features


Callaway Rogue X is the right choice for a reasonable distance that offers you an average of 7 yards. If you are a player with high-speed and low swing-speed, then its performance will assure you.

Its 360 face-cup incorporates a shallow and flexible-rim that both flexes and releases-under impact and increases ball speed.

Its thin and sharp face features Wearable-Face Technology to accelerate the expansion of the facial area. This allows the ball to pick up speed, more forgiveness, and away from center-hits.

Radical Distance Tech Package

It is significantly lighter, longer, stronger lofts as compared to standard. Rogue, Rogue X is light in weight and will support you for a long time. Wide sole pulls the CG low and deep for easy, high launch and long carry.

360-Face Cup and VFT

Its thin and sharp face-features Variable-Face Technology, which allows for faster ball movement, greater forgiveness, and greater distance from center-hits to expand the face.

The face-cup employs a shallow, Flexible-Rim around the circumference of the face that influences to increase the speed of the ball. VFT also affects how the face-flexes itself to promote higher ball speed on off-center hits. The combination of these two technologies improves ball speed and distance.

Tungsten Weighting for Optimal Flight and Control

Tungsten-Weighting promotes optimal projection and control on each accuracy scaffold. This allows for exceptional accuracy and positioning of the CG.

Tungsten is twice as heavy as steel, so concentrates significant weight into a small-space as part-of a complex shape, which is important for properly controlling the CG space.

Sound and Feel

Urethane is used to improve sound and feel and to reduce vibration. But this can decrease the face-flex capacity, COR, and ball speed.

For this, elastic-urethane microcephaly is used to reap the benefits of urethane without compromising the sound, core, or ball speed.

Final Verdict

This is a suitable option for the professional golfer who calls it a short spin with long-distance in their golf course.

This gives the golfer an average of 7 yards. If you are a player with high speed and low-swing speed, you will definitely like Callaway Rogue X Irons.

It provides a long shaft with a strong scaffolding and excellent performance. Its 360 face cup incorporates a shallow and flexible rim that, in effect, releases both flexes and increases ball speed.

You can position the CG with the weight of tungsten in each iron with precision.

Talking about its qualities, it is the best, so order it now to take your game-performance to the highest level.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Callaway Rogue X irons Forgiving?

Callaway says the lighter, stronger, longer trend has spread over from Japan, so Rogue X are specifically created to perform at average and above-average swing speeds. They’re unashamedly aimed at golfers who want more iron distance.

2. What is the Difference Between Callaway Rogue Irons and Callaway Rogue-X Irons?

Callaway says the new faces deliver more distance than an updated XR style could have provided. With the Rogue irons, Callaway’s Iron-face has a different thickness pattern that Hocknell says is more energetic, resulting in more ball speed, especially on mis-hits low in the face.

3. Are Callaway Rogue Irons Forged?

Compared to the X Forged irons, the Callaway Rogue X irons are about 1.5 clubs longer. The Rogue X irons have a noticeable off-set, thick top line and sole, but a better feel and sound than many game improvement irons due to the Urethane-Mircocpheres in the cavity.

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