Best Golf Irons For Mid Handicapper – [May 2021]

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A mid handicapper is a flowing golfer who plays between about 7 or 8 or 10 with a handicap of between 17 or 18. It means that you can usually break 90 in every second round or shoot every round of 80. It is a wide range, but the goal is always the same, break 90 continuously or break 80.

There is a no better man than a mid handicapper, as they hit the ball straight to the fairway, can chip, put, and you can make those fantastic pars and birdies at just the perfect time.

If you are a mid handicapper, you know that you are stronger than the tee, solid on approach, and reliable on the green. But there are still some ways to change your game.

The most important equipment in the golf game is the club, and irons play an essential role in it. Here the golfer should select an iron that is not only better but supports it in the game.

We’ve prepared a list of Best Golf Irons For Mid Handicapper based on Golfer Reviews and our Market Research.

We highly recommend you to read our buying located towards the bottom of this post.

Top 10 Golf Irons For Mid Handicappers

Golf Iron Model Type Configuration
Callaway Golf Rogue Cast Cavity Back 4-9 PW, SW
Cleveland Launcher CBX Cavity Back 4-PW DW
TaylorMade SIM MAX Cast Cavity Back 4-PW
Wilson Staff D200 Cast Cavity Back 5-PW, GW
TaylorMade M2 Combo Cast Cavity Back 4/5 Rescue 6-PW
TaylorMade Golf P790 Forged Cavity 4-PW
Callaway CF16 Apex Forged Cavity 4-PW
Cobra Speedzone Cast Cavity Back 5-PW, GW
Callaway Steelhead XR Cast Cavity Back 4-PW, SW
Mizuno JPX 900 Grain Flow Forged 4-GW

Which are the Top 10 Best Golf Irons For Mid Handicapper In 2021?

1. Callaway Golf Men’s Rogue Irons

Callaway Rogue Iron Set
  • 4-9 PW, SW Configuration
  • D1 Swing-Weight
  • 360 Face-Cup and V.F.T.
  • Tungsten Weighting
  • Optimal Flight
  • Phenomenal sound and feel

This is built with our 360° face and V.F.T., multi-material construction, and Urethane-Microspheres that combine the best of accuracy, and playability.

With Variable Face Thickness (V.F.T.) Technology, it can be expanded, which provides faster-ball movement. Flexible rim around the circumference of the face that exerts considerable results to increase ball-velocity.

V.F.T. flexes the clubface to promote higher ball velocity on off-center hits. The combination of these two technologies in range and speed in the ball. Tungsten-Weighting allows us to promote maximum projection and control over each precision scaffold, and to position the C.G. in each.

It has also been made using Urethane-Microspheres for phenomenal tone and feels. Urethane can be used to improve the sound, feel and to reduce vibration, but it can minimize regular flex ability and core speed.

The Good

  • It comes with the V.F.T. for more Ball-Speed.
  • It features a MIM (Metal-Injection-Molding) internal standing wave for optimal flight and control.
  • It gives you phenomenal sound and feels.
  • It provides the Pretty Soft Swing with no vibrations at all.
  • Its gives you the extract’s ultimate forgiveness and height.
  • It has an impressive overall built and looks.

The Bad

  • It isn’t ideal for high handicappers.
  • It isn’t ideal for fast swingers (95+ mph with driver)

2. Cleveland Golf Launcher CBX Irons

Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons
  • 4-PW DW Configuration
  • Double laser milling
  • Progressive V sole
  • D2 Swing-Weight
  • Tour Zip Grooves
  • Laser Milling
  • Feel Balancing Technology

Cleveland has come up with best golf irons for the first time in many years, and its new launcher C.B.X. Irons offers golfers the finest combination of high projection and power. Its classic cavity back style, the Launcher C.B.X., use CupFace Technique to increase ball velocity. Its cavity-design features a perimeter weighting that helps preserve ball velocity on off-center strikes.

Additionally, its progressive shape through the set optimizes performance with each club, as low-profile long iridescence along the topline promotes range and high projection conditions, while more compact short breaks with thinner toplines. Encourage power over scoring shots.

The unique point of thing about the Launcher C.B.X. is that Cleveland has used some of the most popular and successful wedge technique in design to promote enhanced control. In particular, tour zip-grooves and laser milling combine to deliver
better range control from all lie situations, while feel balancing tech moves the C.G. closer to the center of the club face for quilter shot dispersion and effect. So you get the fantastic feel and sound.

The dual V-sole design of its superior launcher C.B.X. allows players to offer forgiveness, versatility, and exceptional turf. this is the ideal golf irons for the 10 to 22 handicapper.

The Good

  • Its new face creates faster ball-speed for better distances.
  • It comes with the feel balancing technology.
  • Its C.G. leads to a better feel in the center of the club face and closer to a tight shot spread.
  • Its tours provide zip grove distance and spin control.
  • Its dual V-Soul offers a combination of forgiveness, versatility, and enhanced turf interaction.
  • A microcavity in the hosel carries the center of gravity between the faces, increasing the feel and range control.

The Bad

  • Some golf can say that it lacks the consistency of distance.

3. TaylorMade Golf SIM MAX Irons

TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons
  • 4-PW Configuration
  • ECHO Damping System
  • Better Sound
  • Forged-Like Feel
  • Inverted Cone Technology
  • Thinner Face

TaylorMade has created an impressive set with SIM Iron. It has a reasonably generous top line with progressive headspace and increased offset as it sets. The TaylorMade M4 iron comes as standard with a regular flex that is lighter and stable and enables you to achieve as much clubhead speed as possible.

These help keep the golfer’s ball long and straight. This max golf irons use Patented TaylorMade Tech to provide a golfer experience that will improve the game of mid-level players.

With ECHO-Technology, it will increase launch angle for high and soft penetration shots in green, and provide maximum forgiveness for low side spin. All these characteristics result in one of the best upper-tier set of irons we hit in the long run.

The Good

  • These create a new generation of straight-distance, stability, and accuracy.
  • With an improved Speed Bridge and ECHO Damping System for better sound and forged-like feel.
  • Weight is added to the circumference of the clubhead to reduce Toe and heel-weight and increase M.O.I.
  • Its speed-pocket structure and ultra-low-hit on the face work to increase thinner leading-edge speed.It redistributes less in the head to increase the launch-distance.
  • It also stiffens the perimeter of the clubhead, enhancing feel.

The Bad

  • Its stiff loft can cause gapping for beginners.

4. Wilson Golf Staff D200 Irons

Wilson Golf- Staff D200 Irons
  • 5-PW, GW Configuration
  • Larger Sweet Spot
  • Powerful Forces
  • More Forgiveness
  • Compact Design
  • Right Light Technology

This is the best iron set for mid handicap golfers. You will be able to generate massive distances and towering ball flight with it. Its forged, maraging steel-face is three times stronger than stainless steel and makes metal-wood face flexing for explosive performance.

Its speed, trajectory, and distance command enable the demand for mid handicappers. The Right Light Technology, which uses the limited available weight to create a balanced, solid-feeling club, allows Distance players to swing faster with the same effort.

Its vast distances and huge ball flight come from constructions such as forged faces and metal-woods. Its look appeals to players who put a premium on performance.

This compact design helps ensure effect stability and distance control from the wet position. The face and grooves are precisely sized to provide a flat surface to ensure consistent ball velocity and reliable ball-striking.

The Good

  • Its durable steel face provides speed and high trajectory to the ball.
  • It has a compact size and minimal offset design.
  • Its built with the strongest steel.
  • Its metal-wood face increases ball-speed for flexing and launching high core balls high and far.
  • The compact size and minimal offset fit the game of golfers looking for a player-style iron.

The Bad

  • It is slightly more expensive than other golf iron sets.

5. TaylorMade M2 Combo Set

TaylorMade M2 Combo Set
  • 4/5 Rescue 6-PW
  • Geocoustic Technology
  • Ultra-Low CG
  • D2 Swing-Weight
  • Fluted Hosel
  • Forgiveness and Sleeker

This M2 Combo Set developed by TaylorMade and it is one of the best mid handicap irons on the market. The TaylorMade irons brands have a lot of space with the model of the M2 game improvement irons. It has improved stability by reducing C.G. and adding face-slots, creating an overall design. To give it more flexibility, it has adopted a deeper speed-pocket with a 33% thinner front wall.

Its new slim, wide six-sided fluted hosel has been used to reduce weight. It employs ‘Geocoustic’ engineering techniques. 3-D soaking and acoustics through geometry for better quality and sound through an optimized rib structure to create ideal frequencies.

The new TaylorMade M2 is making the golf irons better than the previous generation. The down-address is the face slot that frames the ball well. It also features a thick topline and generous offset to create a user-friendly profile.

The Good

  • It was designed to offer long-range and hit the ball on the greens.
  • It looks great on the address, with a compact and sleek layout.
  • Its over design enhances forgiveness, making it work for amateurs.
  • It comes at an affordable amount.
  • Its low center of gravity increases the ability of the game by giving the player control.
  • It gives the ball better speed and distance, and you also can create extraordinary heights with this.

The Bad

  • It is not comfortable for the highly handicapped may struggle with this.

6. TaylorMade P790 Iron Set

TaylorMade Golf P790 Iron Set
  • 4-PW Configuration
  • D2 Swing-Weight
  • Speedfoam Technology
  • Low-Tungsten Weighting
  • Forged Hollow Construction
  • Progressive I.C.T

The P790 irons is designed with powerful performance and classic design. It has been built through a combination of forged construction and revolutionary new Speedfoam Technology. In this, you will be able to feel forgiveness and workability.

The Speedofam Ultra Light urethane foam is injected inside the head, which pushes the design limits of the facial motion, thus creating an improved quality. Low Profile Tungsten Waiting New low profile tungsten weight is designed for low C.G. and high-launch. Its lattice has a thin body, designed to give distance and forgiveness. It has a forged 4140 carbon steel wrapped-face with an ultra-thin thickness of 1.75mm that gives it greater flex on impact.

Throat slot speed-pocket is the most flexible style, engineered to maximize the ball velocity and provide forgiveness for low shots to the face. Progressive I.C.T. Progressive technology is strategically positioned in each iron designed to improve accuracy and preserve off-center ball velocity.

The Good

  • Its shape has been improved to look great.
  • You will see excellent forgiveness and feel in them.
  • These gives maximum-distance even on your miss-hits.
  • It is a ‘game enhancement’ iron for the mid handicappers.
  • With a blade dimension of 79 mm, it is more forgiving than other golf clubs.
  • It scores on forgiveness due to its workability at off-center missiles.
  • The velocity-pocket technique gives you superb response with a clear, clean shot.

The Bad

  • More offset risk when hooked.
  • Price is not an ideal fit for all golfers.

7. Callaway Golf Men’s Apex CF16 Irons

Callaway Golf Men's Apex CF16 Irons Set
  • 4-PW Configuration
  • D2 Swing Waight
  • Face-Cup Technology
  • Distance With Playability
  • Multi-Piece Construction
  • Great Soft Feel
  • Forgiveness and Accuracy

The Callaway Apex golf irons is a multi-piece construction consisting primarily of 1025E forged carbon steel body and 17-4 stainless head. These are joined together via laser welding. It is developed by the great technology that has been used in the company’s Fairway Woods as well as Big Bertha and X.R. irons. Other components include thermoplastic elastomer inserts and thermoplastic uterine medals that enhance the look and sound of the club.

Its Cup 360 technology is built in just 3-7 golf irons. With an aggressive undercuts cavity inside it, Callaway was able to make the club with more of an unsupported face, allowing it to flex more in effect. This creates more and more ball velocity all over the face with off-center strikes, providing greater area and more forgiveness. Its head promotes the irons right up upon the USGA limit on C.O.R.

The CF16 iron is designed with a traditional look that is perfect for the Mid Handicappers. All Technology is hidden inside it, which gives the golf clubs a very clean look. It has no attractive color or design aspect. Each club of the set has a similar form, and they flow seamlessly from one club to another.

The Good

  • It comes with a high-launch angle, which evokes long irons, and offers beautiful playing capability.
  • They give excellent performances from everywhere.
  • It has a cup-face legit, and the apex is longer and forgiving.
  • They are best looking irons that give better sound and great-feel.
  • It is better for high-ball flights, some shot shaping ability.
  • It is made with the multi-Piece Construction.
  • It feels incredibly soft with advanced forgings.

The Bad

  • It is a bit pricey than others.
  • This is not the most forgiving irons on the market.

8. Cobra Golf Speedzone Iron Set

Cobra Golf Speedzone Iron Set
  • 5-PW, GW Configuration
  • Carbon Topline
  • Speed back Shaping
  • low CG and higher MOI
  • PowerShell Technology
  • Co-Mold Medallion

This iron set use Cobra’s advanced PowerShell Technology to optimize the performance characteristics of each iron, with the new face for a lot of distance, accuracy, and forgiveness, and TOP Technology has been developed for low C.G.

Its head face provides more distance and is more forgiving. It has a slim, strong-face, and sole structure that delivers our largest sweet spot with a lot of ball velocity and explosive distance. It has a compassionate hade for a smooth hit and gives low C.G. with high flying long irons.

Its mid-irons provides a very slim-face design with additional discretionary weight for optimal C.G. positioning. This provides more precise, easier to hit midirons for more greens in regulation. The scoring irons features a cavity back design, which provides shot control. Its wedge design (GW) provides added versatility and shot control around the greens.

The Good

  • With this, you will get versatile irons.
  • The weight and quality within this irons-set have greatly improved.
  • It is innovative and quite different from traditional golf clubs.
  • Its PowerShell-face is important in providing more distance.
  • Its slim, strong-face and sole structure are appropriate for ball-speeds and explosive distances.
  • These include the weight removed from the center of the club-head and redistributed around the face circumference.

The Bad

  • Their single length may not be for everyone.
  • This can be complicated for the new player.

9. Callaway Steelhead XR Irons

Callaway Steelhead XR Irons set
  • 4-PW, SW Configuration
  • D2 Swing-Weight
  • Including Slope Feature
  • 5-1000 Yards Accuracy
  • Pin Acquisition Technology
  • Water and Fog Proof
  • Easy to Read LCD Display

The Callaway Steelhead X.R. is a great irons kit and is not only due to the familiar look, but the performance is very good, and the combination of power and forgiveness feels great on impact. Its comes with the next-generation 360-degree face technique that produced more speed and area.

There are best irons for who is looking for more accuracy and feel in the green. Of course, these clubs are not miracle performing clubs, but when you a smooth swing and you are a well-grooved mid handicapper, these golf clubs are perfect for helping get you closer to the higher number.

Its center of gravity is shorter and deeper in the long and middle irons for better performance on the wrong hit. Its zippy clubface offers turbo-boost near the USGA limit on spring-like effects, which is significantly better.

The Good

  • It made with 360 face-cup technology.
  • It gives you incredible-forgiveness.
  • Its Launch Pad sole helps to launch the ball higher into the air for more carry distance.
  • It is easy to hit even for those with slower swing speeds.
  • It comes with a sharp look and feel.
  • It allows the ball to flex easily to give it more speed.

The Bad

  • Many people don’t feel its effect.
  • It is made of steel-17-4, so its sound may not be as desirable as other golf irons.

10. Mizuno Golf JPX-900 Irons

Mizuno JPX 900 Irons Set
  • 4-GW Configuration
  • D2 Swing Weight
  • Boron Forging Technology
  • 1-Piece Cup-Face
  • Power Frame Design
  • New Chromoly 4140Mist
  • Easy Distance Control

You need the right equipment to play golf. One size may not fit all. It is because the Mizuno JPX 900 has introduced three new ranges of edge iron. There is something for everyone, and behind the golf clubs are given the technology and design-features to work best with their skills and abilities.

Its new material achieves a high power to Chromoly 4140M weight ratio that allows us to craft a new 360 ° one-piece face. A very wider rebound with an ultrathin face delivers the area lower and deeper into the head.

It offers the longest, hottest, broad appeal possible with the JPX 900 Irons, with aggressive ball velocity, and smooth high launch. In this, the weight drawn from the behind of the 360 ° one-piece face is redistributed to the club’s extreme perimeter for added stability.

The Good

  • With them, you will be able to get good speed and range.
  • It has an excellent weighting for high M.O.I. and minimal twisting.
  • Its boron forging technology gives great strength.
  • It is designed to lessen the impact of mistakes.
  • It gives you more distance and feels.
  • With this, you can pick easy distance control.
  • It is fantastic in terms of feel and looks.

The Bad

  • Less forgiving than other Irons.

How to Choose the Best Golf Irons For Mid Handicapper?

Best Golf Irons For Mid Handicappers

All the mid handicappers love to playing golf in their way; some handicappers enjoy playing fad, others like to draw. Your desires and preferences will determine which equipment you enjoy hitting. When deciding, budget, iron style, set composition, shaft, and grip are all important to keep in mind, so that you can make better choices.


If you are looking to save money, you can opt for the last generation of equipment that can significantly improve their game. Iron is required to fit a specific job, and the latest Technology may not provide enough benefits to justify the premium price tag. Knowing how much you can pay can drop your entire best golf bag with enough money to practice and play.


There are many options for the best Irons available in the market. You need to select the irons category according to your needs (Like; longer irons and short irons) so that you can make the best irons of your game. Irons are either forged or cast, single-piece blades, or hollow body cavity construction and come with a difference in shaft material to help improve the efficiency of the best golf material. There are two types of shafts for your irons carbon steel and graphite shafts.

Forged Irons

The forged irons in the clubs come from a piece-of-metal that is drawn to form each iron body. This precise fabrication is time consuming but carries a high degree of design tolerance. Lattice counterparts often have more softer-sense than counterparts. Traditional and elite players usually select them more.

Cast Golf Irons

Cast iron is made by pouring hot-metal around the molds that form each iron body. Tungsten and other metals can again be placed to help increase the perimeter load of the iron back cavity for improved distance and forgiveness.

Blade Irons

These are single-piece iron ingots designed for superior performance. They are prepared with a traditional look and colors. Blade irons are centers of gravity that are near the club head and are ideal for controlling spin around the golf course. It offer lower launches than Cavity Back Irons and can be less forgiving depending on your delivery and swing speed.

Cavity Back Golf Irons

Inertia and forgiveness, as well as cavity back irony, used additional weight to strengthen the clubhead. Larger cavity back irons can also add ball-speed for greater distance for some players. Cavities are the most popular iron models in back-to-back iron play and can be forged or cast depending on the manufacturers and model.

Sets of Best Golf Irons

On the common side, you can see Irons in the market as a set in which iron is sold in a set between 3-iron and Pitching-Wedge. Iron sets can be sold in any number of irons depending on how many wedges, hybrids, and fairway woods you select for your bag. The most distinctive irony sets are the pitching wedge configurations from 3-iron and 4-iron.

Final Verdict

Till now, you read about our best irons for mid handicappers review, and I hope that the products will meet your needs. The key quality we should look for in a mid-hand iron set is the balance between forgiveness and the ability to play. It has to be forgiving enough to allow for more consistent performance while rewarding it enough on well-hit shots. Finding the best product can be difficult, but the ten products we reviewed here are the best in the market.

Their RIBCOR technology, tactical load, and pace pocket combine give the mid handicappers everything they need, such as accuracy, distance, smooth launch, and plenty of forgiveness. All these sets are well made and durable, look great, and have a pleasing feel.

Right now, you only need to understand your skill level, your swing speed, and your strengths and weaknesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Mid Handicap players Score?

There is no hard and fast rule to define the mid handicappers. However, golfers with disabilities from 11–20 are generally considered to be the Mid handicappers.

2. What is the Game Improvement Irons?

The average mid handicapper game improvement irons are usually large cavity back irons that promote extra forgiveness and distance for the player who desires extra help in their game. The slow-swinging player can pick advantage of the extra ball-speed and launch that is present in the game improvement irons.

3. What is a 15 handicap in golf?

According to the USGA, nearly 60% of men’s handicaps are below 15-handicap. It implies that a 15 handicap is a below-average handicapper. But for me, someone who can break 90 and can shoot the occasional 84 or 85 is a pretty good golfer in the grand scheme of things. Tiger’s short game is more comparable to a 25-30 handicap.

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