Best Driving Irons – [April 2021]

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Tour Edge HL3

Tour Edge HL3 Hot Launch Iron-Wood

TaylorMade P790

TaylorMade P-790 Irons

If you want to start your golf round with a powerful drive, you will need the best driving iron that can help you. The driver is the most robust iron to hit in the golf bag, so we would recommend that you grab a golf-club that is extra consistent and almost long-lasting as drivers.

If you are one of those players who like the long iron look but want the play of a hybrid, then driving-iron is the right iron for you.

The driving-irons were introduced in the market before the hybrid. When the performance of the hybrid was seen, the driving-irons became of little use. But over the years, driving-iron has been given a facelift.

The regeneration of driving-iron has been driven by technology. Adjustable weighting, along with many other technical factors, ensures that the best golf driving iron should be in any golfer’s bag.

We’ve prepared a list of Best Driving Irons based on Golfer Reviews and our Market Research.

We highly recommend you to read our buying located towards the bottom of this post.

Top 10 Driving Irons

Product Name Hand Orientation
Tour Edge HL3 RH
Taylormade P790 RH/LH
Callaway Apex RH/LH
Callaway Mavrik Max RH/LH
Srixon Z-U85 RH/LH
Ram Golf FX RH
Mizuno MP-20 RH
Cobra King Utility RH

Which are the 10 Best Driving Irons In 2021?

1. Tour Edge HL3 Hot Launch Iron-Wood

Tour Edge HL3 Hot Launch Iron-Wood
  • Configuration: 6H Iron-Wood
  • Low CG
  • Heavy Sole
  • Hollow Body
  • Spring Effect
  • Great Forgiveness
  • Thinner Forged Face
  • Amazing Launch Angle

Swing W

On the face of the hot Launch HL3 driving Iron-Wood, it comes with a sleek silhouette and a classic two-tone look. The silver topline at the address is thick, yet the black backside ratio is slight and gives the overall head a reasonable shape.

There is an offset, but nothing unexpected for the golf-club in the super game improvement segment. The silver, black and yellow UST is well coordinated with the Mamiya shaft. This is a good looking iron-wood.

Its steel hollow body structure gave the club a medium metal tink. The sound is ruddy and reasonably well-pleasing on hit shots and became a bit dull on attacks near the edges of the face.

Most of the shots felt solid, which indicated a generous dessert spot. The wide and heavy sole held the head steady through the impact zone.

It turns out that the generous sweet spot is the result of a tour edge incorporating a tour face thickness design. The face was thinner than previous generations for the added spring effect, but the thickness varies on the face. This results in more contact points for the ball on off-center shots for consecutive distances.

The Good

  • It is surprisingly easy to hit the ball.
  • It is made of a hollow hyper steel body.
  • Variable face thickness technology provides more contact points on the face.
  • Its off-center hits give better distance.
  • Its HL TechAdvantage Technology puts more weight under the ball for high-launch shots.
  • It is available individually or as a complete driving iron-set.

The Bad

  • It performs more like wood that some will not like.

2. TaylorMade P790 Irons

TaylorMade P-790 Irons
  • Configuration: 3-PW
  • Ultra-Thin Face
  • Elegantly Design
  • 4140 Durable Steel
  • Hollow Construction
  • Cut-Thru Speed Pocket
  • Groundbreaking Distance
  • Soft Feel and Straighter Hit

Swing WD2D2D2D2D2D2D2D3

TaylorMade Men’s P790 has been introduced in the market with IronsA Breakthrough in Technology and PerformerBrand TaylorMade. These irons may prove to be perhaps the most versatile iron in the TaylorMadeaTMs lineup. They feature a lattice construction and technology that helps offer an incredible feel, and they also feature a clean, compact head design with thin toplines and minimal offset.

These present incredible distance numbers, impressive forgiveness, and spontaneously high projection conditions. This combination would make these irons a popular option for a wide range of players from an ability level so that golfers would love these with their selection of game-improving.

The P790 also has a unique construction in irons and looks like a blade. Each iron has a hollow construction and clubhead, which has been filled with Speed-foam, a new technology of TaylorMade. Speed-Foam fills the cavity and provides a soft, responsive feel at impact, but also supports an ultra-thin 1.75mm clubface that uses inverted cone technology to create faster ball speeds from all impact points.

The hollow construction with the use of tungsten weighting also enables an optimum CG position through the set to maximize performance and MOI with each club. A cut-through speed-pocket on the sole of the club provides superior flexibility to promote consistent distance and saves ball speed on low-face strikes. The P790 iron is offered with two stock shaft options, True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 Steel or UST Recoil 780 or 760 ES graphite.

The Good

  • It comes with a powerful, classic design.
  • It helps produce unprecedented distance.
  • It incorporates revolutionary new Speedfoam technology.
  • It offers an experience of forgiveness and practicality.
  • This increases the efficiency of the game.
  • It optimizes sound and feels.

The Bad

  • Distance dispersion can be a problem for some.
  • The rate tag is high.

3. LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons

LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons
  • Configuration: 4-9 Irons
  • Good Cost
  • Deep Grooves
  • Best For Quality
  • Cavity Back Design
  • Stepped Steel Shaft
  • Custom Lazrus Grips
  • Great Control and Consistency


Do you know that most of the clubs made in the golf-club industry are from the same manufacturing facility? The only differences between individual clubs are the club design and the molds used to create/build the clubs. Individual irons of Lazrus are made in these manufacturing houses.

The design of this club-set is quite simple; A cavity back driving iron consisting of a steel shaft: no excellent fancy features, just a quality club at an attractive cost. One drawback of Lazrus’s irons is that they only come in regular flex, which means that if you have a fast swing speed, these may not be appropriate for you.

But if you wish to play with this club, a 100% risk-free purchase guarantee is included. We will recommend you to use it once. Pick up the Lazrus Premium Golf-Iron and try it out, and if it is not suitable for you, send the question back without asking.

The Good

  • With this set, you can get great forgiveness.
  • It comes with good quality.
  • It comes with a cavity back design.
  • It has a custom Lazrus Grip.
  • It gives an experience of excellent control and consistency.
  • It offers great value.
  • These all are designed to be easier to hit.

The Bad

  • It includes only regular flex.

4. Callaway Golf Apex Driving Irons

Callaway Apex Irons
  • Configuration: 4-PW
  • Soft Feel
  • 360 Face Cup
  • Tungsten-Infused
  • Durable Constriction
  • Long Distance Irons
  • Urethane Microspheres

Swing WD2D2D2D2D2D2D2

The forged 1025 lightweight carbon-steel body by Callaway has created a new standard for feeling incredibly soft, and for the first time, has Urethane Microspheres engineered in a forged iron. The carbon-steel body promotes amazing Apex sound, and urethane micrographs have over a million small air pockets that absorb unwanted vibrations without slowing down the face.

Its 360 face cup promotes a shallow, flexible rim around the face circumference that flexes and releases to deliver fast ball speed for consistent distances on center hit. In short irony, the spin control VFT Face is designed to create aggressive shots in your scoring clubs.

Its tungsten-infected, multi-material construction allows CG position detection in each iron with exceptional precision while maintaining the flexibility of the face cups.

It is crafted with a platinum chrome look and premium components, including a new True Temper, Elevate 95 Shaft, and Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Grips. It gives you an attractive look.

The Good

  • It comes with a beautiful setup.
  • It provides a long-distance.
  • It gives you a soft feel.
  • Fantastic sound experience while playing the shot.
  • It is a very forgiving Iron-set.
  • It is appropriate for perfect play.

The Bad

  • This is more costly.

5. TaylorMade GAPR MID Golf Club

TaylorMade GAPR MID Golf Club
  • Configuration: 3, 18°
  • Ease to Play
  • Ultra-Low CG
  • Mid-Width Sole
  • Iron Face Profile
  • Extreme Distance
  • Great Sound and Feel

Swing WD2D2D2

The TaylorMade GAPR lineup is an offering in the revolutionary engineering category. It is designed to give players a choice of traditional hybrids, crossing the gap between their longest iron in the golf bag and their metal wood. With GAPR-MID, it is very easy to get to the target line.

It is normally capable of greater ball flight. While sound foam may be a major attraction about clubs, it is not all that exciting. It has a slightly heavier sound. Certainly, longer than the GAPR HI, the penetrating ball flight and long carry for the mid can fill the gap between the wood and the longest iron of many players.

The GAPR-MID is still a bit thick in size and looks like ironwood at the address, but it gives plenty of confidence to the better players. A full-width bottom line is filled with white paint and contrasted with an all blackhead.

A cutout behind the topline once again helps align the ball with the micrographic. GAPR MID looks like iron. It can meet a lot of requirements of players with versatility and will be the most popular option.

The Good

  • It comes with Iron Face with Expanded Soul.
  • It is well balanced.
  • It works well in the fairway.
  • It gives you a nice straight ball flight.

The Bad

  • It’s more expensive.

6. Callaway Mavrik Max Individual Iron

Callaway Mavrik Max Individual Iron
  • Configuration: Individual
  • Great Distance
  • Unsurpassed Feel
  • Graphite Shaft
  • Extra Spin Control
  • 360 Face Cup
  • Low-Weight

Swing WD2D2D2D2D2D2D2D2d2

This is one of the best looking long irons for long distance and you can buy individual. The manufacturer uses 360 Face Cup that flexes and releases at impact. This created with sophisticated face architecture that’s unique to every loft, so you can see a significant boost in ball speed and increased spin robustness off with every iron.

These irons are built for total distance with a larger body and a deeper CG for increased forgiveness and easy launch. When you hit from the center of it, the current line up will give a good experience forged in soft and solid.

They want the best golf-iron that is higher than their regular irons, but they do not want to give up control of the trajectory of shot size. Compared to iron with the same loft, it provides higher Launch and lasts the distance.

The Good

  • It provides a great distance.
  • Its stock lightweight graphite shaft promotes high swing-speeds.
  • Its hollow design and oversized clubhead produce a high MOI.
  • This allows for more precise custom fitments.
  • It is available at a great price.

The Bad

  • With increased offset, the clubhead is harder to shape shots through the air.

7. Srixon Z U85 3i Utility Iron

Srixon-Z U85 Utility 3i
  • Configuration: 3 Iron
  • Ultra-Soft Feel
  • Inspiring Design
  • 1020 Stronger Steel
  • Hollow Construction
  • Unmatched Distance
  • Amazing Performance

Swing WD4D4D4

The company offers utility irons that give you the power you need with a relatively high projection trajectory. The configuration option is available to let you fill the gaps in your clubs. It is ideal for mid-disabled players.

Its hollow-headed design and deep placement of the head club gives you more forgiveness on the swing. More features include a fully forged construction design for a confident iron look and feel.

The Z U85 driving golf-iron is unique, has an all-iron look but with a slightly enhanced sole. Like other high-end driving and utility irons, the Z U85 driving golf-iron is delivered with a full forged construction.

Its body is made of soft steel, while the face insert is made of high-strength steel. This two steel combination makes for a more balanced club. With this, golfers will experience better turf interaction. This means that this club will be proficient in shots on both turf and tee.

The Good

  • It includes a high-launch trajectories.
  • Its feel is completely forged construction.
  • It gives more forgiveness.
  • The soul is much better in this.
  • It helps provide a good distance.

The Bad

  • Not an ideal pick for players with high swing speeds.

8. Ram Golf FX Hybrid Driving Iron

Ram Golf FX Hybrid Driving Iron
  • Configuration: #3 18°
  • Low CG
  • Black Finish
  • Amazing Control
  • Incredible Forgiveness
  • Increased Forgiveness

Swing W

The new FX Hybrid Iron is engineered for golfers who want to achieve tour-level distance in the game. The height combined with forgiveness and control requires more greens to hit, which is possible with this club-set.

Its high moment of inertia reduces impact of off-center strikes that increases face flexing for faster ball speed. It launches shots high and far with low spin for a strong flight.

It is very easy-to-hit and provides tour-level performance while being greatly forgiving with an amazing feel. Golfers can expect a lesser club with Green. This is a powerful combination.

The Good

  • This is good for skill development.
  • It has provided forgiveness on thin mishits.
  • It provides more distance compared to some other irons in its class.
  • It gives a spectacular launch height.
  • Its Stunning black finish provides a great look.

The Bad

  • It is not the best for absolute beginners.

9. Mizuno MP-20 MMC Golf Iron Set

Mizuno MP-20 Golf Iron Set Series
  • Configuration: 4-PW
  • Lightweight
  • Easier To Hit
  • Amazing Look
  • Great Workability
  • Low and Deep CG
  • Kbs S-Taper Shaft


The Mizuno MP-20 is designed for optimized weighting, giving it a lower center of gravity. The club is more wide for added weight near the toe so that you can hit the golf ball more easily.

The materials used include chrome and satin, giving it a stunning non-gloss finish. You can never go wrong with this. Designed to complement the latest MP-20 series, the Fli Hi traditionally replaces the traditional long irons in these golf-sets.

It is fairly easy-to-hit by golfers of all abilities. The cast clubhead has a surprisingly soft feel, and the satin-finish looks more luxurious while reducing glare. It is the best club for those who have additional wedges or fairway woods in their golf bags and want to leave a club.

It gives an excellent all-round performance in feel and distance. It is also easy to control Launch and workability. You can replace the 4-PW in the Traditional Set with the MP-20 MMC set.

The Good

  • It has a lower center of gravity for better balance.
  • It provides a stunning non-gloss finish.
  • It is suitable for more forgiveness and better ball drawing.
  • It can get better distance from its lower lofts.
  • It is greatly inexpensive compared to leading players.

The Bad

  • Around it, a little on the plain side.
  • It can be expensive for beginner golfers.

10. Cobra King Utility Iron Black

Cobra King Utility Iron Black
  • Configuration: 4 Iron
  • Lowers CG
  • Explosive Distance
  • Adjustable Loft
  • My Fly 8 Technology-8
  • 100% CNC Milled Faces
  • Amazing Sound and Feel

Swing WD2

If you’re looking for a driving iron with more adjustability and forgiveness, The Cobra KING utility iron is the best option on the market. This utility’s two options allow you to adjust the loft-to three degrees and also add a draw. These are great clubs for those who have additional wedges or fairway woods in their bags and demand them to leave a club.

The 2/3-iron of this kit can be adjusted between 18 and 21 degrees while the 3/4-iron can be adjusted between 21 and 24 degrees. These are traditional long iron lofts that make the king utility the perfect replacement in your kit.

Depending on whether you need a low, running ball or a high, soft-landing flight, you can adjust the club to suit the conditions in the day. The technology packed into the king utility club ensures greater distance and forgiveness for all golfers with more accurate performance while adjusting the club for the conditions you face on your round day.

The Good

  • It comes with PWRShell face technology and full hollow body design.
  • It features 100% CNC milled grooves and tungsten toe weights.
  • It is made with Cobra Connect and adjustable flight technology.
  • Its full-hollow body is constructed.
  • It has a larger sweet spot.
  • It has adjustable lofts.
  • It provides great accuracy.

The Bad

  • It has less forgiveness and flying than traditional hybrids.
  • Not workable from right to left.

How To Choose The Best Driving Irons?

Best Driving Irons

Your desires and preferences will determine which club you enjoy the game with. When deciding, budget, iron style, set composition, shaft, and grip are all necessary to keep in mind, so that you can choose the best one for you.

Here we have analyzed a few things which can play an important role in your shopping, so let’s see which ones.

Ease of use

Good Driving Iron-set should be easy to hit. It should have a good weight-ratio, be well designed, the shaft should be light so that it does not get in the way of your swing. The weight of the shaft usually depends on the material it contains. In my experience, graphite is the best option at the moment.

Distance and Accuracy

We should not forget that the best use for driving in windy conditions. By keeping the golf ball close to the ground as it flies, you make your shot less vulnerable in the air, improving your accuracy and distance. While making a choice, we must pay attention to the accuracy of the club so that you take the game to the point where you think.


When talking about Best Golf Clubs, the design does not just mean how the clubs look, but rather the size, weight of its parts, and everything related to the physical condition or appearance of the golf-club. Golf-club manufacturers are spending a fortune on research and development of golf-club design. This is why design has improved so much in the last few decades. It is because of these innovations that the driving iron-set came.


Value is also an important factor. You’ll get basic, off-brand utility irons for less than a hundred dollars, but Best Irons cost between one and two hundred, sometimes more than you have to pay. Right materials are not inexpensive, and as I have previously mentioned, the use of good materials is key to the goal of building any type of excellent club.

Final Verdict

Creating a club is important in how it will react when exposed to the ball. When it comes to construction, there are many different brands option to choose from. Because people of different proficiency use each for various reasons, it is essential to do your research before selecting the right one for your golf-game.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Should Use The Best Driving Iron?

Driving Iron-set is for any no of handicap who wants to add flexibility to their game. The ability to be able to hit fewer golf shots may be required in poor gaming conditions or to hit under trees. The USGA allows golfers to use 14 golf clubs, including a putter.

2. Is A Driving golf-Iron Worth It?

Driving iron-set has traditionally been geared toward better players, as they require a higher club speed and good contact to get the ball in the air in the first point. If you’re looking for a good iron that looks for a more appropriate way, then the driving golf-iron is worth a look.

3. What Is The Difference Between A Driving-Iron And A Hybrid?

The driving golf-iron gives a smaller, more compact head design than hybrids, yet is more forgiving than a traditional two iron. This helps to create proper gaps by stopping in the air with the ball and keeping the distance in place of harder to hit for longer and playing irons.

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