TaylorMade AeroBurner Golf Driver Review [March 2023]

TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver

  • Advanced 460cc Aerodynamic Shape.
  • Speed Pocket Technology.
  • Superb Build Quality.
  • Stunning Physical Appearance.
  • Explosive Feel and Sound.
  • Great Control and Performance.

Whenever we think about buying a Golf driver to play with, one name always comes to our mind: TaylorMade. The TaylorMade Golf Company has well-established a legacy from old-fashioned tradition to new and improved technologies.

It has researched drivers that will be an innovation for the Golfers. TaylorMade has spent money and constantly worked to launch the TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver to enhance game accuracy, playability, distance, and many other improvements. 

If you are a person thinking of buying a Golf driver that gives you a fabulous look and outstanding performance, then you are on the right page. We are going to provide you with an honest review of the AeroBurner Driver. Spend just 6-8 minutes of your precious time and read the article to get rid of confusion before going to purchase this Driver. 

TaylorMade Aeroburner Driver Review: First Impressions​

TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver Review

AeroBurner Golf Driver Specifications
Head Size460cc
Hand OrientationRight Hand
Shaft MaterialGraphite
Loft12 degrees
Product Dimensions5 x 5 x 48 inches

Reasons To Buy

Reasons To Avoid

  • Provides extraordinary looks and aesthetics.
  • Gives superb forgiveness.
  • Perfect for Newbie Golfers.
  • Tremendous for taking longer and straighter shots.
  • Lightweight graphite shaft helps slow swingers.
  • Larger sweet spot helps to minimize sidespin.
  • Easier to swing.
  • Better performance.
  • Reduces spin.
  • No adjustability is used. 
  • Some Golfers may not like the lightweight nature of the driver.
  • Pro players or hookers may have troubles with this driver.

Detailed Specifications


Every Golfer prefers to play their game according to their swing ability. This Driver is specially designed for slow swingers. With unique features, such as shape, new hosel fin, and speed technology, the AeroBurner golf driver has entered a new era. 

  • Aerodynamic Shape – The driver consists of an advanced 460cc (cubic centimeters) aerodynamic style designed explicitly with a rounded toe and raised center crown. This aerodynamic promotes a Golfer to produce faster clubhead speed off the tee. While you swing your Golf driver, you could see a fin-like structure across the hosel. Moreover, a rounder toe and curvature of the crown help in minimizing the overall drag. 
  • Speed Pocket – This driver further offers an “Open Channel Speed Pocket” technology that is constructed to minimize spin. Furthermore, the upgraded form of this technology enlarges the sole’s length, enhancing face flexibility on shots struck low on the face along with the heel or toe. Thus it increases the size of the sweet spot effectively by increasing the speed of the ball across the face. This variation of Speed technology can be located in this club.

Shaft & Grip

This TaylorMade Driver comes in a lightweight shaft and a very pleasant TaylorMade speed grip. Additionally, the shaft material is made of graphite. And due to that, it is lightweight and very flexible to play. This TM (TaylorMade) driver offers Stiff Golf club flex. The AeroBurner golf club has a longer shaft that creates extra clubhead speed. As a result, a Golfer achieves an additional speed of Golf balls and overall distance. It is available in four standard loft configurations: 9.5°, 10.5°, 12°. And the stock graphite shaft and grip are the Matrix Speed RUL-Z 50 and TM Speed, respectively.


If you are a lover of aesthetics, this driver will definitely excite you because it looks astonishing with some beautiful graphics. It comes with a new matte black finish. The raised portion of the crown benefits with the alignment and enhances the aerodynamic efficiency of the driver. Moreover, the driver has the black PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) face for zero glare at the address. PVD finish creates a harder surface for extra ball compression and to achieve higher distance.

Sound and Feel

If you take a brutal shot while teeing off a Golf ball, you will get to hear a sound like the clinking of glasses. Some players may not like the clinking sound of the driver’s head while taking a hit. But it is not that important who is looking for great performance. 

It is a very long club that always provides the Golfers a delicate and smooth feel.  The less weight of this TaylorMade driver makes it a superb choice for players who are searching for better control in their swing. 


The Center of Gravity (CG) is placed low and towards the heel of the club. As a result, it tends in the toe leading the heel at impact and the construction of a slight draw or straighter hit. The AeroBurner may not be the best choice for you if you battle a hook since neither the loft nor the shape bias can be adjusted. 


TaylorMade specially designed this driver to offer better forgiveness to the newbie golfers and the low handicappers. Based on the reviews, it is indeed a very forgiving driver. You can achieve a greater ball speed even with the mishits. But the dispersion is a little bit stiff. Because of these features, this driver is recommended for those Golfers who are either beginners or someone who plays Golf occasionally. Most of all, the forgiveness of this driver is really one of its best characteristics. 


When the reduced drag, created due to the aerodynamic design of the driver, is merged with a lower Center of Gravity (CG), the driver provides a straighter shot with a higher trajectory that goes quite a long way. Due to having a longer sweet spot, you will get greater drives. Further, mishits still control the good speed of the ball. Though the spin rate is slightly low, a Golfer will surely observe a massive benefit over his previous driver. The driver provides a serious hang time perfect for players who have difficulty landing the ball airborne. Whenever you go to take a shot, most of the time, the shots stay straightforward. Due to this incident, you will get an outstanding distance. 

Final Verdict

The AeroBurner golf driver is an ideal model for mid and high handicap players. Furthermore, It is best suitable for slow swinger players who require an altitude adjustment. This driver is a persistent and higher launching driver with great forgiveness, all of these at an affordable price. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of the “Speed Pocket” technology used in the AeroBurner Driver?

It is mainly used to reduce the sidespin. The advanced “speed pocket” technology enlarges the sole’s length, enhancing face flexibility on shots struck low on the face along with the heel or toe. Additionally, it effectively increases the sweet spot’s size to promote the speed of the ball across the face. It also provides greater distance, especially low on the clubface, where the speed of the ball needs preservation the most. 

2. What is the use of the graphite made shaft in AeroBurner Driver?

The graphite made shaft used in the AeroBurner golf driver makes it ultra-lightweight. Due to this reason, beginner Golfers or Golfers who play occasionally get help to swing better. It is very flexible to play. Moreover, the longer shaft creates extra clubhead speed. 

3. Does this Driver offer better forgiveness?

Yes, this driver provides excellent forgiveness. As a Golfer, you can achieve more incredible ball speed even with the mishits. But the dispersion is a little bit stiff. And because of this, this driver is recommended for beginner or average Golfers.

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