TaylorMade 300 Mini Golf Driver Review [June 2023]

TaylorMade 300 Mini

  • Constructed with multi material.
  • Thru-slot Speed Pocket to enhance sole flexibility.
  • Twist Face technology.
  • 307 cc head size.
  • Easy to hit.
  • Better playability.

TaylorMade always thinks about developing new Golf equipment such as drivers, irons, putters, etc. They have put all of their workforce, resources and money to bring out new technologies in the market for every Golfer with different playability so that they can enjoy their game enthusiastically. 

Power comes in every driver, whatever the shape and size are. The TaylorMade 300 Mini Driver is built with leading multi-material construction to provide the optimal blend of low Center of Gravity (CG) performance and immense MOI (Moment of Inertia) forgiveness. As a result, a fantastic design is created that is capable of teeing off the ball and is absolutely playable off the deck.

The midsize 307cc head gives an excellent blend of distance, forgiveness, and authority to tee off. Besides that, it maintains confidence and playability from the fairway. In addition to that, the Twisted face helps the players to conquer the implicit mishit tendencies for a straighter shot. 

Further, the combination of a high-strength titanium face and Speed Pocket are used in the 300 Mini driver to deliver a faster speed of a ball. Let’s dive in and read the article to unravel the features of this driver. 

TaylorMade 300 Mini Driver Review: First Impressions​

TaylorMade Mini Driver

TaylorMade 300 Mini Specifications
Head Size307cc
Hand OrientationLeft / Right
Shaft MaterialGraphite
FlexRegular / Stiff
Loft11.5° / 13.5°
Product Dimensions48 x 6 x 6 inches
ShaftMitsubishi MiDr Proto

Reasons To Buy

  • Ultra-low Center of Gravity (CG).
  • Higher Moment of Inertia (MOI).
  • Extra ball speed.
  • Increased forgiveness.
  • Minimized spin.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Little bit pricey.

TaylorMade 300 Mini Driver: Detailed Specifications


  • Multi-Material Construction – This 300 Mini Golf driver consists of many materials that are combined together to provide a fantastic look. Carbon, steel, and titanium are utilized to make the driver only to unlock a whole new level of playability in the Mini Driver category. Besides, mass or weight is positioned accurately in the head of the driver, and it has been concentrated at a low level. This ultimately results in the optimal blend of the Center of Gravity at a low level for the better launch off the deck as well as the higher MOI for extra forgiveness. 
  • V Steel Sole – After taking the cues from the 300 series of TaylorMade Golf drivers, this driver has been redesigned with a 54g Steel Sole Plate that helps to provide higher launch and lower spin. Additionally, it improves turf interaction and versatility from different kinds of lies. 
  • Midsize Head Shape – TaylorMade has newly introduced the Twist Face technology. The main objective of this technology is to upgrade the curvature of the driver’s face to carry the mishits closer to the center of the face. Suppose you think that a Mini driver and a fairway wood are similar. If you feel so, then you are slightly wrong and somewhat right. Well, let me tell you the difference. A driver’s face is more profound than a fairway wood, enhancing confidence whenever someone addresses the Golf ball. Generally, the head of this Mini driver is 307 cc which is relatively more minor than most of the drivers out there. 
  • Thru-Slot Speed Pocket- This technology distributes advanced sole flexibility to produce an extra ball speed, including upgraded forgiveness on low face mishits.


The combination of a highly stable and robust titanium face and Thru-Slot Pocket help to deliver faster ball speeds. Actually, this combination of the driver makes up the speed even though the 300 Mini driver lacks in stature. The longer distance is achievable only if the ball gets a higher launch and lower spin. 


The 307 cc head gives an incomparable blend of distance, forgiveness, and control. The dynamic design breaks the mold and offers incredible forgiveness as compared to a standard fairway metal. Furthermore, the excellent performance of Twisted Face adds another level of playability. 


The Mini 300 driver gives adjustability and personalization to develop the trajectory, face angle, and flight bias preferences of every Golfer. Moreover, the loft comes in 11.5 degrees and 13.5 degrees. 


As the steel soleplate helps to reduce spin and enhance launch, you will get an impressive feel and playability from this driver. Additionally, the driver comes in black color with a splendid look.

Shaft & Flex

The shaft is made of graphite, but the clubhead is a combination of carbon, titanium, and steel. The shaft is named Mitsubishi MiDi Proto 65, and it is 43.75 inches long. As the shaft of this 300 mini driver is produced with graphite, it is lightweight. Further, due to its lightweight nature, it is easy to hit the balls. Mitsubishi MiDi Proto 65 comes with a lie angle of 56 to 60 degrees. 

This driver is available in two flexes, and those are Regular and Stiff. Both the right-hand player and the left-hand player could play with this driver as there is an option to choose from either of these.

 TaylorMade 300 Mini Driver Review


The Driver combines the performance of a driver and a 3-wood into one club that provides extra launch or control for the players who face difficulties while playing Golf in that area with a driver. The lightweight soleplate of the driver helps to minimize the Center of Gravity as well as improve the MOI. 

Moreover, the mixed combination of titanium, carbon, and steel allows the manufacturers to put mass low in the club head, making it achievable to place the weight across the sole from the front to the backside. Due to this, the driver can launch high towering shots from the fairway.

Furthermore, the smaller head delivers more control than ever performed and can probably make a Golfer’s foul shots more convenient. As a result, scores are improved. 

Final Verdict

Since 2001, the 300 Mini driver has been the first metal wood in the 300 cc category. Both the design and name pay tribute to the original 300 Series, an industry-defining line that has begun the modern generation of TaylorMade Golf.

This driver transported the original 300 Series back to life with a modern twist of technology. Moreover, the driver provides impressive forgiveness and control along with eye-catching distance. Like the TaylorMade SIM MAX and SIM MAX 2 drivers, Thru-Slot technology is incorporated in the mini driver. 

TaylorMade has a soleplate of only 54 grams to help decrease the Center of Gravity and increase the MOI. Thus, producing a high launch with reduced levels of spin.

Lastly, this driver produced by TaylorMade provides longer distance, higher forgiveness, with an elegant and classic look. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the size of the driver head allowed by USGA?

The USGA mentioned in their Rule Books that a Golf driver could not be larger than 460cc (cubic centimeters) but would allow a tolerance of 10cc. 

2. Is the 300 mini driver easier to hit?

Yes, the TaylorMade 300 mini is easier to hit. Actually, it is ideal for those Golfers who struggle to hit their driver while teeing off the ball frequently. In addition to that, this 300 mini driver gives all the modernized technology of larger drivers but with a more compact size. 

3. Can the loft be changed from 11.5 degrees to 13.5 degrees?

Yes, you can change the loft as per your needs. But you need a torque wrench to do that. 

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