GX-7 driver review [June 2023]

GX-7 Driver Review

  • No more wild fluctuations from hole to hole
  • Turn Off-Center hits into playable shots
  • Upgrade confidence on every tee box
  • Conforms to the rules of USGA
  • Provides one year manufacturer warranty against defects

Drivers are one of the essential parts of a Golfer’s needs. At the start of his game, he has to hit the Golf ball with a driver to take a shot up to a maximum limit. 

It is a well-known fact that keeping firmness in Golf is really tough, specifically whenever a player goes to hit the ball off the tee. Based on this reason, the well-performing player is called a Pro Golfer. And on the other hand, the average performing player is known as an amateur Golfer. You, being an amateur Golfer, should not play with the same drivers a Pro Golfer plays. After keeping all of these things in mind, the GX-7 Driver Review is written in order to guide you about its manufacturing for amateurs to provide them with the same hitting persistency as a pro.

Basically, as with the advancement of technologies, the drivers are also changing. Golfers nowadays are looking for a driver that will give them an extended distance, higher accuracy, better swings, etc. So based on your needs, we are going to review this driver for you. Just stay engaged and spend a few minutes reading the article. 

GX-7 driver review: First Impressions​

GX-7 Review

GX-7 Driver Specifications
Head Size267cc
Hand OrientationLeft Hand / Right Hand
Shaft MaterialGraphite
FlexStiff / Regular / Senior / Senior Plus / Ladies
Loft14 degrees
Product Dimensions44.49 x 4.13 x 3.94 inches

Reasons To Buy

Reasons To Avoid

  • Improved accuracy
  • Helps to keep up with the Golfers who swing faster
  • Helps to hit just like an iron
  • Higher launch
  • Longer carry
  • Less spin
  • Budget friendly
  • Loud and displeasing sound at impact
  • Not good for pro players

Detailed Specifications


X-Metal Driver

This driver is custom designed especially for mid-handicap players and high handicap players. The face of the driver is manufactured with stainless steel. According to the survey of Trackman, usual Golfers miss out on up to 30 yards while taking a tee shot. The X-Metal driver comes in a shorter length. The clubhead size is only 267cc (Cubic Centimeters), and this size is large enough to give a player an intense MOI (Moment of Inertia). Due to the smaller head size of the driver and leading edge like an iron, it is effortless to swing more like an iron.

Additionally, you as a Golfer will still be able to hit the ball long off the tee. Get an extra carry and more roll with this driver. Furthermore, it is considered a perfect driver for a Golfer who is unable to hit his driver as long as he could earlier. 

Hand orientation

On keeping the different hand orientations in mind, This driver offers drivers based on your playing styles. It is available for both Golfers. If you are a player who likes to play Golf with his right hand, go for the right-hand orientation. Besides, if you are a lefty, simply go for the left-hand orientation.  


This driver provides various flexes based on your preferences. You have all the options from the Stiff, Regular, Senior, Senior Plus, and Ladies flexes to select. One thing you must remember is that always choose your flex based on your swing speed. 

If you have a higher swing speed, then go for the Stiff flex. And if you are a player with a slower swing speed, then go for the Senior Plus flex.


The shaft is created with graphite that makes the driver lightweight. Further, it is designed solely for this driver to optimize the launch angle, spin rate, and ball speed, giving regular Golfers an advantage. You will be able to hit long and straightforward shots even with less effort. Most of the shafts of drivers used nowadays are approximately 45.5 to 46.75 inches long. But on the other side, the shaft length for the GX-7 measures 43 inches, quite similar to the 3 Wood. This also offers a 42 inches long shaft, exclusively for the ladies’ clubs. This driver is produced explicitly for Amateur Golfers to square up the clubface at impact, enhancing accuracy, consistency, and distance.


It is built with a 14 degree loft, which is generally less than the 3 Wood but more than the standard drivers used nowadays. In addition, this driver is designed to benefit you by landing the ball in the air and minimize the potential of a slice. 


This driver is a suitable replacement compared to the other ones used in the present day. It delivers superior results for the Golfers who have fewer swings. It swings like a 7 Iron. Just remember to hit down the ball instead of up like with a traditional driver. More loft used in the driver gives higher launch, longer carry, and less spin. In order to achieve these performances, simply find out the fairway and roll out for extra yards. Because of the shorter length used in the X-Metal driver, it is easier to control than a regular driver. You, as a Golfer, make far superior contact regularly. Autopilot brings you a cost-effective Golf driver featuring more control and accuracy than the old-fashioned drivers.

Final Verdict

Claimed by the company, the GX-7 driver has been built for both the men and women players who love to play Golf but lack time to practice. In addition to that, they just want to have fun and not look like hackers in front of their Golf buddies.

Specifically constructed for the newbie or the amateur Golfers, the X-Metal driver is a long, accomplished, and insanely straightforward driver.  All in all, the GX-7 is an affordable option with lots of features and excellent performance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I play with the right or with the left-handed GX-7?

First of all, you need to consider what type of person you are. Are you a person who prefers to do his work such as eating, writing, etc., using his right hand or his left hand? If you prefer to do your daily chores using your right hand, then I would recommend you to use the right-handed driver. Otherwise, use the left-handed driver.

2. Is the GX-7 a good choice for an amateur Golfer or high handicapper?

The amateur Golfer or the high handicapper struggles to lift the ball in the air. But the GX-7 helps to solve the issue due to having the increased loft angle. Moreover, due to having a shorter shaft, the driver provides better playability for the Golfers who have a slow swing. 

3. How do you describe the X-Metal driver? Is it an X-Metal driver or Fairway Wood? 

Well, basically, according to the company’s claims, they have mentioned the X-Metal driver as The World’s First “X-Metal.” Their motto is – “Swing it like a 7-iron. Smoke it like a driver.” Whatever traditional drivers you see at a tournament are designed specifically for a pro Golfer’s swing. Those drivers having the same features that make it long and authentic for a fast and flawless pro-level swing could make it quite tough for an amateur Golfer to control.

Nevertheless, there is a substitution. A driver is specifically produced for the everyday Golfers to hit straighter and longer shots from the tee with a firmness. Further, you will be able to swing the GX-7 even as a 7 Iron.

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