Callaway Rogue Driver Review [March 2023]

Callaway Rogue Driver

  • 460cc clubhead.
  • Remarkable playability.
  • Marvelous look.
  • Enhanced Moment of Inertia.
  • More clubhead speed.
  • Increased stability.

If you are a golf lover, it is pretty common that you have heard the name “Callaway Golf.” It has produced plenty of golf equipment, including drivers, woods, irons, wedges, and many other things. Our main objective is to get to you with the best available golf items so that you can only focus on improving your playability.

Today we will write an article on the Callaway Rogue Driver Review. Stick to us, and you will get to know every major as well as the minor features this driver contains. Basically, just by overviewing our meticulously researched content, you can undoubtedly decide whether the driver is ideal for you or not. 

This Callaway driver delivers a magnificent speed when someone hits the golf balls. At the same time, the combination of the new Jailbreak Technology and X-Face VFT enhances the MOI for a breakthrough in driver performance. As time passes, golfers are thirsty for improved ball speed and forgiveness. That’s why Callaway has fulfilled their wishes by providing what they desired. Let’s dive in. 

Callaway Rogue Driver Review: First Impressions​

Callaway Rogue Driver Review

Callaway Rogue Specifications
Head Size460cc
Hand OrientationRight Hand
Shaft MaterialSynergy, 50G
Loft9° (Adjustable)
Lie58° (Adjustable)
Swing WeightD3

Reasons To Buy

  • Better forgiveness.
  • Longer distance on the course.
  • Fantastic performance.
  • Great feel and sound.
  • Comfortable and easier to hit.
  • Exceptional ball speed.

Reasons To Avoid

  • A little bit expensive.
  • No sliding weight.

Detailed Specifications​


As far as the design is concerned, you will feel it tremendously. Callaway has provided new technologies to offer players a high level of forgiveness. Typically, this driver is manufactured by minimizing 25% weight when joining the sole to the crown. It results in giving more energy to the ball. Hence, the ball goes farther on the course. 

On the other side, the hourglass-shaped driver possesses the same strength but a lightweight design. Overall, all the new technologies are made thinner and lighter to offer fantastic performance. 

The head of the driver is created with 460cc, similar to the Epic. But it is shallower and deeper compared to Epic driver, making it more forgiving, along with 16% tighter shot dispersion.  


  • Jailbreak Effect – Callaway employees have improved this technology with newly built hourglass-shaped titanium bars. These bars are generally 25% lighter than the steel bars, fulfilling their function to stiffen the crown and sole. The stiffer body allows the clubface to take more impact-load for enhancing the faster speed of the golf balls. Moreover, Callaway has combined its X-Face VFT technology with the Jailbreak that is together known as the “Jailbreak Effect.” The main purpose behind this mechanism is to provide the golfers a phenomenal boost in the ball speed and the distance covered over the golf course.  
  • Triaxial Carbon Crown – Callaway is considered the leader at using carbon composite materials to improve the performance in metalwood. Their triaxial carbon crown is remarkably lighter in weight as well as strong, saving substantial weight. Above all, this weight has been redistributed into the clubhead’s perimeter to upgrade the MOI and forgiveness significantly. As a result, golf players achieve better distance and direction even on the off-center hits.
  • Boeing Aero Package – Boeing and Callaway have collaborated for the first time to develop the Speed Step technology in the past Callaway metalwoods. So with the advancement of newer technologies in golf, they have combinedly evolved the geometry of the leading edge to improve the airflow for promoting faster head speed. 


The Rogue has been created with a triangular and relatively well-proportioned 460cc head. But if you compare it with the Epic driver, it includes a slightly shallower face. Additionally, the Rogue has a gloss back and carbon crown. Although the gloss finish does not hide the smears and marks, it gives a good look. On the whole, the appearance of the driver does a great job that boosts up golfers’ confidence. 

Sound & Feel

You will be satisfied with the sound as well as the feel when you are striking the ball from the sweet stop of the driver. Moreover, you will be really amazed to see that even if you miss the sweet spot while hitting a ball, you will achieve a greater distance. But the only difference is in the sound. Generally, if the shot is taken from the center, you will hear a metallic sound. Otherwise, the vibration will be different. But, you will get a superb feel due to the ball reaching a far distance. 

Loft & Lie

This golf driver is accessible in 9 degrees of loft. Every Rogue driver comes with an optifit hosel that allows you to adjust the loft and lie angle. Anyway, the loft can be adjusted by -1, +1, 0 and +2, meaning you will be able to play with a loft between 8-11 degrees if you have the 9° loft. Furthermore, players will get 58 degrees of lie with a total of eight possible configurations. The settings for the lie are N (neutral) and D (draw). 

Shaft and Hand-Orientation

The brand has focussed on giving the players a variety of premium shafts with multiple weights. You can choose from the Project X Even Flow Blue and Hzrdus Yellow, each containing 60 grams, Aldila Synergy consisting of 50 grams and 60 grams. All of these are constructed of graphite, making clubs lightweight. A lighter shaft is always preferable by most golfers because they have to use less power while hitting a ball. But in case you are not a fan, then you can go with the heavyweight shaft. All of these are available for right-hand golfers with stiff flex. 


Distance is the main thing in this golf driver. Regardless of the technologies used, it varies from golfer to golfer, depending on their club configuration and swing speed. The novice players can improve themselves by practicing frequently. But, the pleasant thing with this equipment is that distance is achievable on the course no matter what level of players you are due to marvelous technologies. 

Besides providing great distance, you will be getting amazing forgiveness as well. It is effortlessly attainable due to the superior technologies used, such as Jailbreak, carbon crown, VFT, etc. In addition, either you hit the ball from the center, or away from the center, you will gain a good distance on the course. Even though there is no sliding weight to change the center of gravity, it will not affect your performance. 

Final Verdict​

The Callaway Rogue golf club is specifically designed for those who are eagerly waiting to quench their thirst for ball speed and forgiveness. Besides, the redefined leading-edge geometry enhances the efficiency of the Speed Step for providing better airflow and more head speed.

The qualities like swing speed and stability are among the best things in this driver that help you gain a longer distance on the course. 

The bold and sleek look makes the driver desirable among the players. At the same time, the sound is also quite good but varies on your hits.

The ball flight is straight and relatively high. Overall, choose the loft and lie settings as per your playability, and almost every golfer will see better results. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. What is the primary difference between the Rogue and Epic drivers?

Distance is the main uncommon factor between these drivers. The Rogue is clearly longer and produces more ball speed compared to the Epic. The X-Face technology significantly increased the size and performance for a large surface area of the Rogue’s clubface. Simultaneously, the upgraded Jailbreak bars make the golf club slightly longer on center strikes. Further, even on off-center strikes as well as mishits, the Rogue offers a striking distance. Last but not least, if you are specifically looking for a driver with a better distance range, then Rogue is the one you are waiting for.

2. Does This driver offer loft adjustability?

Yes, it does. You can adjust the loft from 8 degrees to 11 degrees for the 9° model. 

3. Is the Rogue driver good for newbie golfers?

As the driver is made with a massive clubhead and innovative technologies, all levels of golfers will obtain great playability, whether you are a newbie or pro. But always remember to select the driver with your best-fitted loft angle that will impact a lot. 

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