Callaway Mavrik Driver Review [March 2023]

Callaway Golf Mavrik

  • Designed by Artificial Intelligence.
  • Jailbreak Technology.
  • 450-460 cc Head Size.
  • Custom Shaft & Grips.
  • Interchangeable Weight.
  • Faster ball speeds.

Who doesn’t love a magnificent driver while playing Golf? It is a nightmare for even a pro or skilled Golfer if he does not have a proper driver to hit his golf balls. 

After spending money, time, and other resources together, Callaway has brought a brilliant driver suitable for Amateur and Skilled Golfers, designed by AI. They have focussed more on the performance, faster ball speeds across a more expansive area, forgiveness, and spin robustness. 

Callaway not only stopped on these advanced features but the looks also. They have made it desirable depending upon the playability of a Golfer. Callaway Mavrik Driver has three different models. These are Mavrik Standard, Mavrik Max, and the Mavrik Sub Zero used for the middle, higher and lower handicap players.

This driver provides you with a sophisticated internal titanium rib system that fine-tunes the head to produce a more profound, highly satisfying sound — all of these features at a reasonable price. Let’s find out the features it has to offer. 

Callaway Mavrik Driver Review: First Impressions​

Callaway Golf Mavrik Driver Review

Callaway Mavrik Driver Specifications
Head Size450-460cc
Hand OrientationLeft/Right Hand
Shaft MaterialAldila Rogue White 60G / Project X Evenflow Riptide 50G / Project X Evenflow Riptide 60G
FlexStiff, Regular, X-Stiff, Light, Ladies
Loft9, 10.5, 12 degrees
Lie56° – 59°
Product Dimensions48 x 6 x 6 inches

Reasons To Buy

Reasons To Avoid

  • Consistent Performance.
  • Impressive Accuracy.
  • Faster Ball Speed.
  • Better Forgiveness.
  • Amazing Looks.
  • Extraordinary Playability.
  • A bit pricy. Otherwise, It’s tremendous.

Detailed Specifications


The new face architecture is made of FS2S titanium, a solid material that is 6 grams lighter than traditional titanium to boost the optimal speed, forgiveness, and spin robustness. Two internal Jailbreak bars connect the sole and crown to improve ball speed. And the lighter carbon crown significantly allows us to redistribute weight to achieve higher MOI (Moment of Inertia). 

The new Cyclone Aero shape productively reduces drag for fast head speed. A.I. designed Flash Face SS20 promotes faster ball speed across a more expansive area in each model and loft. Graphite is used to make the driver due to its lightweight, which helps Golfers increase their swing speed and change the angle of the clubhead at the impact that produces greater distance. Weight can be interchangeable according to a player’s needs except in the Mavrik Standard model.

  1. Mavrik Standard – It is ideal for most player profiles. This driver is Mavrik’s fastest and features a new cyclone aero shape for reduced drag. If you are searching for a driver with a mid-level spin and mid-level launch for Ball Flight, then the Mavrik Standard driver is the best suitable one for you. Furthermore, it offers a slight draw bias for Ball Trajectory. It features a mid-level Trajectory and Adjustable hosel. But it doesn’t provide Adjustable weight.
  2. Mavrik Max – It is the easiest to hit among the three models of Callaway Mavrik. It features two interchangeable weights for maximum forgiveness. If you need mid-level spin and high-level launch for Ball Flight, then use the Mavrik Max driver. It will even provide you with the ultimate draw bias for Ball Flight. It features a mid-high-level Trajectory and Adjustable hosel.
  3. Mavrik Sub Zero – Mavrik Sub Zero is the player’s model with a combination of low spinning & low level of Ball Flight with high MOI. This driver features two interchangeable weights to fine-tune the trajectory. Ball projection bias is neutral.


The shaft should be light and comfortable while you play. It makes a slight change in your game performance. Callaway allows you to choose the shaft you need to achieve the desired outcome you always dream about.  Callaway offers the Mavrik models with high quality and premium shafts. The lower handicap player should go with the Mavrik Standard. And, the higher handicap player could use the Mavrik Sub Zero. 

Mavrik Standard is generally designed of Project X Evenflow Riptide shaft material for the market’s core looking for great feel and greater distance. It is available in two weight classes featuring 50 gram and 60 gram with mid-launch and mid-spin playing profiles. This shaft is designed with a special “Extra Bend” technology for good energy transfer and a smooth feel. It also generates ultimate consistency and confidence while playing. This shaft provides you with an average swing speed. 

Mavrik Max usually comes with UST Helium Black shaft, which is created with premium lightweight materials. This ultra-light shaft design comes with 40 grams weight only, making it easier to generate power without compromising stability. The Helium shaft is a high trajectory shaft offering players ultimate forgiveness through maximum distance and tightened shot dispersion. This shaft provides you with a slow swing speed.

Mavrik Sub Zero comes with Aldila Rogue 130 MSI, offering medium and heavyweight in the range of 60 grams and 70 grams. It uses aerospace materials and advanced technologies for the utmost consistency for the better player. This shaft will be a suitable one for a Golfer having a mid-launch and low-spin playing profile. This 130 MSI shaft provides a player higher swings. 


A Golfer will get the option to choose loft from 9 degrees to 12 degrees. The loft has a direct impact on the distance the ball travels. The lesser the loft, the farther the ball will go. 


Project X Evenflow Riptide comes in Light, Regular, and Stiff flex. 

UST Helium Black offers Women’s, Light, and Regular flex.

Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI comes in Stiff and X-Stiff.


Callaway has come far away to improve the performance of a player. This driver is great, from a newbie Golfer to a skilled one. Different shaft materials used in the driver provide a wide range of Ball trajectory launches from low to high levels. A.I. designed Flash Face SS20 promotes faster ball speed. A Golfer gets plenty of forgiveness and spin robustness. Two internal Jailbreak bars help to achieve higher MOI.

Final Verdict

As good as the Mavrik looks, it performs even better. The sound/feel of the Mavrik is addicting! The dispersion is fantastic, especially on mishits. This Driver is the complete package for a Golfer if you look for accuracy, better distance, good forgiveness, adjustable hosel, etc. So try it once! 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the essential difference in the Mavrik drivers?

Mavrik comes in 3 different models. The Mavrik Standard driver is used for mid launch and mid spin level. The Mavrik Max driver gives high launch and mid-spin. On the other hand, the Mavrik Sub Zero provides low launch and low spin.

2. Which Driver provides the highest swing speed?

Mavrik Sub Zero provides the highest swing speed among all the three models of Mavrik.

3. What is the purpose of Artificial Intelligence in a Golf Driver?

Artificial Intelligence is machine intelligence used to help Golfers to generate extra speed. It is unique, more expansive, and revolutionary than human intelligence. It allows Callaway to fine-tune the head to produce a more profound, highly satisfying sound.

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