Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver Review [June 2023]

Callaway Big Bertha Driver

  • A.I. Designed Flash Face SS21.
  • Jailbreak Technology and T2C Triaxial Carbon Crown.
  • Slice Stopper.
  • High Draw Bias.
  • Great Feel.
  • Straighter and longer shots.
  • Smooth performance.

If you have landed on this page, that means you are looking for a driver that will give you better distance while teeing off a Golf ball. 

To help you with the distance, Callaway launched the Bertha B21 model in the market. Callaway has built a new formula to take the big misses out of your game and encourage you back to the fairway. 

Big Bertha is the first driver that Callaway delivers with a rare combination of launch, low spin, and significant draw bias in a forgiving head shape. Designed with A.I. technology, the Flash Face, Super Strength Titanium, and innovative Jailbreak Technology can help you shot the ball a long way even if you miss the sweet spot of the driver. 

The face architecture requires excessively strong materials that will be lightweight and stronger than old-fashioned titanium to promote greater speed, forgiveness, and spin characteristics. 

We have reviewed the driver offering plenty of new technologies and features. Be focused and find out the deeply researched technologies the Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver has implemented. 

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver Review: First Impressions​

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver Review

Big Bertha B21 Driver Specifications
Hand OrientationLeft/Right Hand
Shaft MaterialRCH 45 grams graphite, RCH 55 grams graphite, and RCH 65 grams graphite
FlexRegular, Stiff, and Light
Loft9, 10.5, 12.5 degrees
Draw BiasHigh
Product Dimensions48 x 6 x 6 inches

Reasons To Buy

Reasons To Avoid

  • Less Spin.
  • Higher launch.
  • Better Forgiveness.
  • Easy to hit.
  • Tremendous distance.
  • Stronger ball flight.
  • A bit expensive in this category.
  • Not suitable for players who hit a natural draw or struggle with hooks.

Big Bertha B21 Driver: Detailed Specifications


The Big Bertha B21 has been designed with an immense variety of technologies, discussed below. 

  • Flash Face – Bertha B21 has an advanced Flash Face technology enabled by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to enhance the speed of the ball towards a more extended range (area). Moreover, even if you are unable to hit properly through the center of the face, the ball will go a long way after hitting the ball due to the A.I. technology. 
  • Jailbreak and T2C Triaxial Carbon Crown – Jailbreak Technology is regularly used nowadays in the enhanced A.I. enabled drivers, contains two internally placed vertical bars that connect the sole and the crown to give more augmentation and improve the speed of the ball. Besides, a new and lightweight T2C Triaxial Crown permits the players to redistribute weight to achieve a higher Moment of Inertia (MOI) as well as increased forgiveness. 
  • Exceptionally strong material – Materials having incredible strengths are used in the Big Bertha. Due to that, optimal speed is promoted. Further, forgiveness and spin characteristics from a face architecture are enhanced, which is exceptionally solid and lighter than traditional titanium. 


Take a straighter shot with the driver if you want to hit the ball farther or a longer distance. Further, Callaway Golf has produced the first higher launch driver with an ultra-low forward Center of Gravity (CG) for a low spin to help the Golfers get rid of their slice or big misses. To produce or create higher launches, Callaway has moved the Center of Gravity (CG) forward and lower in the head to make straight and more consistent shots. Anyway, this is considered a new formula by Callaway to promote the ball to achieve better distance. Additionally, you will get a consistent ball flight and more tee shots near the fairway. 

The Big Bertha B21 has been built specifically to increase the launch angle and stop the slice created while taking a swing shot. In addition to that, this driver consists of a large head explicitly organized with internal draw bias weighting for a straighter and longer ball flight. 

Shaft & Flex

It offers 3 types of shaft flexes. These are Regular, Stiff, and Light. The Shaft of this driver also comes in three categories and is manufactured with graphite. The first shaft category weighs 45 grams, named RCH 45 grams graphite. The second and the third ones are called RCH 55 grams graphite and RCH 65 grams graphite weighing 55 and 65 grams respectively. 


This B21 comes in 9 degrees, 10.5 degrees, and 12.5 degrees loft angles.  A player has the option to choose the loft angles they desire from the list. As loft affects the trajectory and spin rate, it determines the distance the ball will cover. If you are a player looking for a driver to get a higher trajectory and extra spin, go for the 10.5 or 12 degrees loft driver. But if you are looking for a driver to achieve more ball velocity, go for the 9 degrees loft driver. 

Look and Feel

The face of the Big Bertha B21 is big and attractive. The triangular-shaped head is evocative of the Big Bertha Fusion but with greater balance and elegant visual appeal. The most remarkable thing in this driver is the lack of offset, a feature many Golfers will look for in a draw-biased driver. But it would not make a problem that much. The quality of the driver is superb. Looking down at the driver will give a Golfer tremendous confidence. The finishing of the Big Bertha B21 is superb.  Even though the shape of this driver is a little bit big, it felt magnificently balanced over the hitting zone. 


The driver has Jailbreak technology-enabled bars on the backside of the face to maximize the speed of the ball from whatever swing speed a player can assemble. The sturdy and lightweight titanium Flash Face, including a Triaxial crown, provides smooth performance while playing. Due to the use of a larger head in the B21 having a triangular shape promotes forgiveness. Moreover, high draw bias is assembled into each head to prevent a slice. This driver can be a unique way for golfers with a slower swing speed to effortlessly gain a few extra yards. Whenever you hit the ball, you will get a high launch and low spin. 

Final Verdict

Callaway specifically designed its Big Bertha driver with a motto, “Distance Any Way You Swing It”. It is the new formula that has been built for better distance. 

The driver comes with a fabulous look and feel. In addition to that, you will get increased forgiveness, higher launch, less spin, and many other things.

Big Bertha B21 is easy to hit. With a wide variety of loft, the driver gives more ball speed for the 9 degrees loft. It’s even known as a Slice stopper driver. 

All in all, the performance is incredible. But the driver is a little bit costly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the Big Bertha B21 help in mishits?

Yes, the Big Bertha B21 helps in mishits. You will enjoy playing with it.

2. How does the slice stop by playing the Big Bertha B21 driver?

High draw bias is assembled into each head of the Big Bertha B21 to prevent a slice.

3. Which one do you recommend between the Bertha B21 and Mavrik driver?

Both the drivers are unique in their own performances and playability. If you are a high handicapper player, go for the Big Bertha B21. On the other hand, if you are better than an average Golfer, I would recommend you to play with the Mavrik.

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