Best Golf Drivers For Women – [April 2021]

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Cobra King F9

Cobra Golf King F9 Speedback Driver

Callaway Big Bertha

Callaway Big Bertha REVA Driver

The market is replete with high-quality golf clubs, and in all of these, the search a great driver can be a daunting task, one of all the various options available to you.

Don’t worry; we are here to make your search the best it can be. Some people believe that women cannot swing, but this is a misconception. Yes, you can say that swing-speed can be a little work, but women are far ahead in terms of performance in golf.

Designed to fly his ball off the tee, over the fairway, and hopefully, immediately onto the green, the driver is a great club that delivers unmatched-speed and distance. For women, the distinctive driver silhouette is slightly curved to provide a more comfortable experience.

We’ve prepared a list of Best Golf Drivers For Women based on Golfer Reviews and our Market Research.

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Top 8 Golf Drivers For Women’s

Product Name Loft Availability
Cobra King F9 12.5° RH
Callaway Big Bertha 10.5° RH/LH
Exotics EXS 10.5° RH
Callaway X Hot 10.5° RH
TaylorMade M4 D-Type 12° RH
Cobra F-Max 15° RH/LH
Pinemeadow PGX 10.5° RH
Callaway Rogue 13.5° RH

Which are the 8 Best Golf Drivers For Women in 2021?​

1. Cobra Golf Women’s King F9 Speedback Driver

Cobra Golf King F9 Speedback Driver
  • Low CG
  • CNC Milled Face
  • Ultralight Crown
  • 360 Aero-Innovative
  • Speedback Technology
  • Maximum Clubhead Speed

Loft: 12.5°Lie: 59.50°
Length: 41″Volume: 460CC
Swing W: C5Availability: RH

The KING F9 is the latest driver and is full of new and unique design features that produce greater distance and stability in accuracy than its predecessor, the King F8. While using tee also helps you improve your game. It is designed to give greater distance and practicality for better players with great swing speed.

It is difficult to compare the KING F9 driver to its predecessor KING F8 driver for many differences in its design and look. Elements such as the CNC milled face crown like the Arrow 360 system and better adjustable weight systems in the sole and all new in the King F9 and combine to produce much greater stability in both distance and accuracy.

By connecting the connect system found in the grip of your smartphone, you can track your drive using GPS on various golf courses. It records distances, spread averages, and fairways, which helps you take your game off the tee.

It can suggest the correct settings on the driver, depending on which one you need to help you achieve greater distance or accuracy. It offers a new approach for the modern golfer to engage more with their sport.

The Good

  • It gives you a high pitch sound and a soft-feel.
  • It has cylindrical CNC milling on its face, which improves on the mishits.
  • The adjustment in its sole and hosel is simple and effective.
  • The Cobra Connect Arcos system produces valuable statistics to improve your driving.
  • It has a premium stock shaft option.

The Bad

  • The white paint-fill on its face graphics appears at the address, which can be distracting for some.

2. Callaway Big Bertha REVA Driver

Callaway Big Bertha REVA Driver
  • Fusion Technology
  • Maximum Forgiveness
  • Accuracy and Distance
  • Ultralight Carbon-Crown
  • High-Performance Shaft
  • Straighter and Longer Hits

Loft: 10.5°Lie: 60°
Length: 44.75″Volume: 460CC
Swing W: C6Availability: RH/LH

The Big Bertha Driver is loaded with fusion technologies that blow the stretcher over the mishits so that you hit the fairway after the fairway. With a slightly shorter length of 44.5″, this big birth fusion driver works to add attractive control over your driver.

Brand has developed an Exo-Cage-Crown and Sole-Technology made using a combination of aerospace-grade titanium and strong, ultralight triaxial-carbon. Exo-Cage dramatically increases the MOI of the head over the entire impact area.

The company has been able to save 35 grams of head weight using a Triaxial-Carbon. Weight savings have allowed them to remove COG more from the face. To further enhance MOI stability, it has used a revolutionary head shape that draws weight further away from the face.

R: Moto face technology extends forgiveness of the facing zone to the entire face and will help provide incredibly fast ball speed at the off mishits. Speed-Step-Crown Technology has been used to improve airflow over the head and increase its swing speed.

The Good

  • It is designed for forgiveness in a yard.
  • Its technology and built quality are high.
  • It is a very modern-looking driver.
  • It gives you a booming sound from the site of the ball.
  • Its fusion technology provides maximum forgiveness.
  • It comes with a new and innovative shape.

The Bad

  • Some believe that there is a lack of distance.

3. Exotics EXS Driver

Exotics EXS Driver
  • Easy To Hit
  • Soft Shaft Grip
  • Ultra-light Shaft
  • Maximum Distance
  • Low Center Of Gravity
  • Best Performing Product
  • New Technology

Loft: 10.5°Lie: 58°
Length: 45.5″TIP: 220″
Swing W: C4Availability: RH

Exotics has made an unprecedented golf driver that excels in the performance category. The EXS Driver is designed to create the best driver to help women golfers get better carry, launch, spin, and feel.

If you want a speed-pocket driver, then EXS Driver is a great option for you. Exotics has established its drivers as well as the irons. The speed-pocket allows the driver to flex more, resulting in faster ball speed, allowing the face to turn faster and transfer energy to the ball.

This Technology allows the women EXS Driver to launch the ball higher and farther along with longer tee shots and overall-distance. With better face groove design on the driver to help with the spin as well as forgiveness.

This driver offers a large speed spot, which still gives excellent results to the modest mishits. It is very lightweight to help women players swing faster. It uses ultralight shafts that help generate greater club speed, higher launching golf shots, and boost overall performance from the tee.

The Good

  • Its high loft proves the best distance.
  • It incorporates speed-pocket technology.
  • It has a lightweight design.
  • It is available for the left and right hands.
  • It has a lightweight low-kick slim tech shaft.

The Bad

  • Its lightweight feel probably doesn’t suit the most powerful players.

4. Callaway X Hot Driver

Callaway X Hot Driver
  • Forgiving Head Shape
  • Long Distance
  • VFT Face
  • Adjustability Loft
  • Lower and Deeper CG
  • Chemically Milled Face

Loft: 10.5°Lie: 58.5°
Length: 46″Volume: 460CC
Swing W: C3Availability: RH

Are you looking for a driver that is fast and designed for women’s golf swing? The Callaway X Hot female driver not only worked to improve driver speed, but she went a step further to ensure that the X-Hot driver was also forgiving.

When you struggle to find your swing for a few days on the golf course or get a little bit melted off the face, adding an apology allows more balls to be placed in the fairway and can help you avoid major losses in the distance from the mishits.

X Hot analyzed hundreds of golf-swings from female players to prove what the trend of women in their motions was and then partnered with Boeing to improve the aerodynamics of the club’s flagship size. They came with a speed-step design, which added better airflow around the clubhead and hosel, which increased the driver’s speed.

The Good

  • It cares for excellent aerodynamics.
  • This gives good ball speed and distance.
  • It is very forgiving.
  • Its loft and lie adjustability to optimize your driver setting.
  • It provides powerful and soothing acoustics.
  • Value for money.

The Bad

  • It is not workable like other leading drivers.

5. TaylorMade M4 D-Type Driver

TaylorMade M4 Driver
  • Soft Feel Grip
  • Loft Adjustability
  • Massive Sweet Spot
  • Ultra-light And Ultra-thin
  • Carbon Composite Crown
  • Distance and Forgiveness

Loft: 12°Lie: 58-62°
Length: 45.75″Volume: 460CC
Swing W: D2Availability: RH

TaylorMade launched an improved version of the M4 driver in both men’s and women’s versions. It also has a speed pocket, which is now three times more flexible than the older model. This greatly increases the speed of the driver, allowing you to swing more quickly.

Overall, your drive flies farther and gives you a longer range by walking forward. This effectively increased overall inertia without loft a low center of gravity, so that the club could launch the ball higher with less spin, and create longer-distances.

This is achieved by saving 25 grams of weight on the carbon composite-crown, which is now a less dense titanium material. The mass is shifted lower and deeper into the sole.

Its head is 460cc and has a large sweet spot to help you with shots that usually just miss the center. It is a lightweight golf club, making it easy for women to swing faster. It is durable and paints work, perfect for helping you feel stylish throughout the course.

The Good

  • Its Geocoustic Technique has improved the performance of the club.
  • It comes with a Dule feel performance grip.
  • Its graphite shaft proves lightweight sensation.
  • It has a wonderful look and shape.
  • With this, a lot of distance and accuracy is achieved on off-center hits.
  • It is easier to hit than the other.
  • It is a great club for the average recreational golfer.

The Bad

  • There was a slight lack of adjustment.

6. Cobra F-Max Driver

Cobra Women’s F-Max Driver
  • Offset Design
  • Titanium Face
  • Heel CG Weight
  • Ultralight Configuration
  • More Speed & Distance
  • Straighter and Accurate Shots

Loft: 15°Lie: 60°
Length: 44.25″Volume: 460CC
Swing W: C5Availability: RH/LH

If you have a moderate swing-speed, you might not be able to give the golf ball much further away on tee shots or struggle to launch the ball higher in the air. If Yes, then the Cobra F Max women’s Offset Driver is for you.

It is designed as an offset driver meaning that the bias built into it helps you reduce your slice golf swing. This is a way of correcting a bad golf swing as well as adding-distance to your shots from the draw-spin you make.

The driver of the F Max woman has a forged 6-6 face. This saves rapid ball-speed across the face, including missiles that are more common in beginners golfers. It is designed to be more forgiving.

The face also has slits on the toe side and on the heel side of the face that leaves a middle area to help you align the ball center of the face. The shaft is a Cobra Women’s Superlite 46g driver shaft with low-mid kick point, mid-high torque, and women’s flex. With this, you will be taking a more swing-speed.

The Good

  • Its large sweet spot helps reduce sidespin.
  • Its lightweight promotes faster-swing-speed.
  • It gives you great performance.
  • It comes with an offset Hosel design.
  • It has a lightweight shaft.
  • Its titanium 6-4 face provides long-range-speed.

The Bad

  • Its launce angle might be too steep.

7. Pinemeadow Golf PGX Offset Driver

Pinemeadow Golf PGX Offset Driver
  • Large Head
  • For Long Distance
  • Great Distance & Feel
  • 10.5° Loft Sleeve
  • Anti-Slice Technology
  • Headcover Included
  • Matte Black Finish

Loft: 10.5°Lie: 58°
Length: 45″Volume: 460CC
Swing W: –Availability: RH

The next generation of the PGX is engineered to deliver aggressive styling and powerful performance with this driver. It designed a large, 460cc titanium-head construction for playability and trust.

An Ultralite-Titanium Core strategically weighs the perimeter to increase MOI and accuracy. Pinemeadow’s legendary speed-pocket unlocks higher launches and lower spin for best range.

The Pinemeadow PGX driver has taken care of the swing, so you won’t know how loud the club is going. These drives are specially designed for high mid-trajectory. This is one of the most comfortable and most versatile.

The Good

  • It is designed for aggressive styling and powerful performance.
  • Its larger, 460cc titanium-head gives an amazing performance.
  • Its ultralight-titanium core is committed to higher projection and greater control.
  • Its unlocks higher launches and lower spin for incredible distances.
  • This is great option if you’re on a budget.

The Bad

  • Some golfers are not impressed with its short shaft.

8. Callaway Rogue Golf Driver

Callaway Rogue Golf Driver
  • High MOI
  • Easy To Use
  • Light In Weight
  • New Head Shape
  • Enhanced Ball Speed
  • Jailbreak Technology
  • Triaxial Carbon-Crown


Loft: 13.5°Lie: 58°
Length: 45.5″Volume: 460CC
Swing W: C3Availability: RH

Callaway revolutionized the metal wood technique with the introduction of jailbreak. With all-new rogue drivers, it has once again given superior performance. This Women’s drivers control the highest forgiveness and ball velocity possible by a jailbreak.

Customize the size and shape of jailbreak bars with Callaway’s female rogue-draw drivers. Increase the X-Face VFT pattern to increase the velocity and power of the ball on the face. Update Boeing-inspired aerodynamics to increase clubhead velocity. Shaped carbon-crown to reduce weight and improve MOI.

The Rogue-Driver is specially designed for golfers who fight over frequent slices. The female rogue-draw driver is fitted with an Aldila Quaranta shaft weighing 40 grams and is available in 2 lofts (10.5 and 13.5).

The Good

  • It has a customized jailbreak bar.
  • Its advanced X-Face VFT pattern adds strength and ball-speed.
  • Its Boeing-inspired aerodynamics increase clubhead-speed.
  • Its larger carbon-crown reduces weight and improves MOI / forgiveness.
  • It gives a little more confidence.
  • Its sound and feel are very good.

The Bad

  • There is a raised aerodynamic section on its crown, which can be distracting for some golfers.
  • It has less adjustable options.

How To Choose The Best Drivers For Women’s?

Best Golf Drivers For Women

We all know that men and women differ in their physical appearance. So there are some discrepancies in the way some golf clubs are separated. Therefore, when it comes to the election of women, it is very important to keep some things in mind, Let’s look at these-

Shaft Length

Most female golfers are somewhat smaller than their male counterparts. If you are a woman of average height, then a driver who should be 43.5 inches would be enough to give you a comfortable experience. If you are taller, you can choose other options. But, if you are, with a little extra height than most other women, it does not mean that you should select a men’s club. There are more than just length differences, and these are the things you will see once you hit the course.

Higher Loft

If we talk about men, their average speed for driving a driver is around 93.4 mph. This is far above the average speed for amateur women, who can achieve a maximum speed of 65 mph when using only the driver. With this, women need to use a driver with a high loft to help improve the distance that they can generate with the driver. Talking about the best driver for women, a loft between 12-16 degrees is right for them. If you find that these lofts still do not meet your expected distance, you can choose some more.


The best-drivers for high handicapper players are usually adjustable. The manufacturers have introduced many drivers that feature adjustable loft, weight, and lie. This allows women who are not used to golfing to try a variety of configurations. This helps players better understand what works for them, and also provides opportunities to fix their technics.


The most important feature of a female driver is the weight. Graphite is often used to build a women’s club as graphite rotates rapidly. Men’s clubs are made of steel because men are stronger and have a faster movement. So while buying, make sure that the weight of the club does not exceed your expectations.

Final Verdict

Drive plays a key role in starting golf, and it is essential to give each of your games the best possible start. Be sure to have one of the best women’s golf drivers ready in your golf bag. This will help you to maximize your speed and power. Powerful and versatile, this adjustable driver provides unmatched performance, keeping you in check so you can control the game as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Loft Driver Should A Woman Use?

Most major club manufacturers make women drivers with higher lofts as women have slower swing speeds. Because of this, a woman should choose a driver with a loft of 12 to 16 degrees. The normal female recreational golfer swings at an average speed of 64 mph.

2. What’s The Difference Between 9.5 and 10.5-Degree Driver?

Drivers are usually lofted between 8 and 11 degrees, so drivers with a loft of 9.5 and 10.5 degrees are standard. If your tee shot trajectory is too short, choose a 10.5-degree driver instead of its 9.5-degree counterpart. The rest are all the same. You will connect the ball with more and more lofted clubs.

3. Does Tee Height Affect Driving Distance?

For most players, the height at which they tee their golf ball has a direct impact on how well they can run it. It is possible to raise the ball too low and too high; When it is corrected, you will be able to get the greatest distance and trajectory on your tee shots.

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