Best Golf Drivers For Beginners In 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Picks To Buy

1. TaylorMade M2 -Best For Distance

TaylorMade M2 Driver

2. Taylor Made M6 – Best For Quality

TaylorMade M6 Golf Driver

3. TaylorMade RBZ – Best For Long and Straight Hits

Taylor Made RBZ Driver

Having the right Driver in the golf bag is a must for a beginner golfer as a better driver is a highly influential factor in the increasing distance as well as success and failure. Initially, it can be a challenge for the golfer to hit the ball, for which the choice of the right and best drivers becomes very important.

The Driver is considered the most prominent of all clubs. This is a very important tool that you have to use first in a game.

These Drivers are often the largest and tallest in a club set. Also, they are quite expensive. This is why learning to take advantage of and choose a good driver is the most challenging task for beginners.

If you are a beginner, you will certainly have options for different types of golf products. It always becomes a difficult task to choose the right choice from these options. If you select a wrong driver here, then you will surely turn your game towards failure.

Understanding this problem of yours, we have brought some golf drivers for you, who will not only give a perfect direction to your game but will also remove the troubles in the game.

We’ve prepared a list of Best Drivers For Beginners based on Golfer Reviews and our Market Research.

We highly recommend you to read our Top Drivers For Beginners buying located towards the bottom of this post.

Top 10 Golf Drivers For Beginners

Golf DriversLoftSW
TaylorMade M2 9.5° – 10.5°D3
TaylorMade M6 9.0° – 12.0°D3
TaylorMade RBZ 9.5° – 12.0°D2
Callaway Epic Flash 9.0° – 12.0°D3
Callaway Great Big Bertha 9.0° – 10.5°D3
PGX Offset 10.5°
MAZEL Titanium 9.5° – 10.5°D3
Cobra King-F8 9.0° – 12.0°D2
TaylorMade Aero Burner 9.5° – 12.0°D3
Cobra Fly Z 9.0° – 12.0°D3, D4

Which are the 10 Best Drivers For Beginners in 2020?

1. TaylorMade Golf M2 Driver

TaylorMade M2 Driver

The M2 Driver offers golfers better-distance and forgiveness through Geocoustic-Technology. It has been designed through reinvented material construction and advanced geometric shapes.

With the Geocoustic design, the M2 Driver carries a new speed-pocket that is 3-times more flexible than it was in the original M2. The Geocoustic feature contained in it combines geometry and acoustic engineering to unlock a more forgiving and best sound.

This is a design that enables freeing of volume without increasing the center of gravity. It is equipped with a new 4 ° aluminum loft angle with 12-easily adjustable settings.

The M2 also comes in stock with a Fujikura Pro XLR8 56, available with the A, R, and S Flex, as well as a new dual-textured 360 performance grip for a great experience in full swing.

  • It is better to get long-distance and forgiveness.
  • It provides an tune loft to improve shots.
  • It is made of Geocoustic-Technology, which is quite advance.
  • It is equipped with a graphite shaft.
  • It offers a huge sweet spot.
  • It is the right option for off-center hits.
  • It comes with a lightweight and strong construction.
  • It has a large-clubhead.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It is a bit pricey than other options.

2. Taylor Made Golf M6 Driver

TaylorMade M6 Golf Driver

The Taylor Made M6 are the best drivers option for beginners as it offers a great combination of forgiveness and distance. This will help take the ball out and place it on the fairway.

The M6 has been made with a new twist face option, which means that when you hit-the-ball on the Sweet-Spot, the face can be adjusted to reduce side spin.

It is designed with a new Speed Injection process to achieve more distance with maximum forgiveness. This low scaffolding in low-heel to produce more consistent spin where golfers usually hit-wrong. M6 driver’s face is slightly longer than M5.

When you add optimized CG and MOI through the use of full-carbon crowns and sole, the results are simply achieved.

  • This will give maximum ball speed and distance.
  • It comes with a sleek and aerodynamic design.
  • It has featured a whole new revolutionary face.
  • Its twist face provides more loft in the high toe.
  • It is very lightweight and forgiving.
  • Its sole weight helps increase the height of the ball on the driver.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It is incapable of moving to fade or draw bias.

3. TaylorMade Golf RBZ Driver

Taylor Made RBZ Driver

This Taylormade Men’s RBZ Black Driver comes with aggressive styling and powerful performance. This generation has a new, attractive style and powerful performance. Large titanium club head size (460cc) has been used for maximum playing ability and confidence at the address.

An ultralight titanium core strategically carries weight in the periphery of the club head for greater forgiveness and higher launch and greater-control. Speed pockets have also been included to promote high launch and low spin to increase distance.

The speed of the ball is something that can cause conflict due to poor initial contact. Its speed pockets have proved very useful in increasing the ball speed. It also can change the club with an adjustable angle that controls the launch angle.

With all the features and overall performance, the RBZ-Driver is highly recommended for the beginners. With which you will be able to get incredible performance.

  • It comes with a large-460cc Titanium head.
  • Its variable loft sleeve allows for optimized launch and trajectory.
  • It has an ultralight titanium core for high launch and trajectory control.
  • It comes with a large-speed pocket for more distance.
  • It has a comfortable standard size grip.
  • Its new, satin black-finish makes it even more attractive.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Its black satin finish is often easily scratched.

4. Callaway Golf Epic Flash Driver

Callaway Golf Epic Flash Golf Driver

A New Technology called Flash Face has been employed in this Driver, which will help beginners get more ball velocity for greater distances. When you make a good swing and get the desired distance from the tee, it feels great.

Artificial Intelligence created the sophisticated architecture of its Flash Face. Its internal jailbreak strip keeps the crown and sole strong and stable, allowing greater impact load on the face to improve faster ball-speed.

It just 16-grams in weight, giving golfers the ability to fly quickly or on stretchers. Callaway Epic gives you perfect control when shot-hit so that you can play as you wish.

  • It comes with a new Flash-Face Technology.
  • It is a great example of artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Its jailbreak system strengthens and stabilizes the crown.
  • Its clubface is extremely thin and light.
  • Its new lightweight Triaxial Carbon Crown saves weight.
  • Its adjustable perimeter weighting provides the power to boost draws, fades, or a straighter flight.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It is a bit expensive, but for beginners, it is a high-performance driver.

5. Callaway Golf Great Big Bertha Driver

Callaway Great Big Bertha Golf Driver

The Callaway Golf Great Big-Bertha Driver is designed to get the most distance for beginners. It includes a multi-material aerodynamic-shape and sliding weight so that you can get more distance.

This Driver comes with the Next Gen R MOTO-Technology. It gives the structure for a thinner-face, achieving higher ball velocity on center hits and off-center hits.

It is the best combination given the aerodynamic head shape and multi-material lightweight club design. It produces high club-head speed through aerodynamics and has a wide range of available weight classes for each swing type, ranging from 295 to 325g.

You can quickly and easily-slide the weight according to you, and its optical hosel allows you to select from 8 different configurations to adjust the lie, loft, and face angle.

  • It is the right choice to get every last yard.
  • Its next-gen RMoto-technology helps give higher speed.
  • Its thin face, leading to off-center hits.
  • It comes with a light and stable head design.
  • It is generating higher clubhead speed through aerodynamics.
  • It has 8-different configurations to adjust loft, lie, and Face angle.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Its grip can be a little uncomfortable.

6. PGX Golf Offset  Driver

PGX Offset Golf Driver

If you desire a better driver with a lower budget, then the Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver may be the right option for you. It is an exceptional driver with great features.

It comes with offset technology that always reduces the slice via and giving you a square face. Additionally, the 10.5° loft is perfect for bringing enough forgiveness to any golfer who is struggling with the accuracy of the impact.

Its matte black finish gives the Driver a clean and sleek look. Its 460cc clubface offers every golfer a large sweet spot and maximum forgiveness. It also has a cover to protect the clubhead. This is the best driver for beginners.

  • It offers a big sweet spot.
  • It is very lightweight.
  • It comes with Offset Technology.
  • It has a beautiful headcover for safety.
  • It comes with a Large clubhead.
  • It is quite easy to swing.
  • It is very affordable.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It is a non-adjustable driver.
  • There is a slight decrease in the quality of its design.

7. MAZEL Golf Titanium 460CC Driver

MAZEL Titanium Golf Driver

The MAZEL Driver is a better example of the price as well as the best game performance. From the outside may seem like an inexcusable knockoff, but when you use it, the club will do a really good job when the ball is in the air and down the fairway.

Its CNC Cup-Face Technology helps reduce face thickness and a higher rebound-structure that is more efficient at providing faster ball speeds on the face. Will still be able to get an increased average distance, especially on the mis-hit.

This heavy back weighting with an extra screw retracts it to reduce weight from the front and is the low and deep center of gravity in the head, great for long and high tee shots.

  • It is a very affordable driver for beginners.
  • Its sole weight that easily boosts the launch angle.
  • It comes with an aerodynamic 460CC deep face design.
  • Titanium 2041 material is used in it, which is much lighter.
  • Its CNC cup face technology helps reduce facial thickness.
  • It provides great forgiveness.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not perfect in-accuracy.

8. Cobra King Golf F8 Driver

Cobra King F8 Driver

Cobra Men’s F8 Driver is a superior and amazing tool for creating different launch angles and shot shapes. CNC milled has been used to make the face of this Driver better, thinnest, hottest, and most accurate. Its innovative face technologies provide our highest levels of performance with precision milling.

Cobra’s patented E9-Technology is designed in an elliptical pattern to create a sweet zone that allows hot spots away from the center of the face.

Compared to traditional hand-polished drivers, CNC machining allows us to obtain more precise thicknesses resulting in a face that is 10% lighter and 3% thinner for maximum ball speed and distance.

Its innovative dual role technology is designed with different curves on the top versus the bottom of the face, resulting in both high and low hits on the face.

Its lightweight 5-ply carbon-fiber crown has CG lower and deep to move, creating a trajectory and increased forgiveness. With its 8-easily option loft-settings also help you manage the trajectory and fine-tune launch positions to maximize distance while its smart pad helps keep the face square.

  • It comes with a large sweet spot.
  • Its adjustable loft gives great flexibility with the launch angle.
  • It has great spin control.
  • It is produced by lightweight carbon fiber.
  • Its low CG provides good control.
  • It has 8-easily adjustable loft settings.
  • It comes with precision, Milled Face.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Its light feel can affect control.

9. Taylor Made Golf AeroBurner Driver

TaylorMade AeroBurner Golf Driver

The TaylorMade Aero Burner driver is manufactured with an advanced aerodynamic-shape, which can increase speed and greater distance. This guarantees you that the ball will be launch with a large amount of spin.

Its round toe and raised center crown make it even better. With this, it is easy to maintain the attached airflow to reduce drag. Also, this unit has a slim face that helps develop the sweet spot shape and flex for maximum-distance.

If you want to get the best Driver for slow swing speed, then you can consider this Driver.

It is lacking inflexible parts but is an excellent choice for casual golfers as it can inspire you to take rounds more often.

  • It is an excellent driver for game improvement.
  • With a 460cc clubhead and aerodynamic style, it provides driver accuracy and forgiveness.
  • It comes with a new hosel fin.
  • It is quite easy to use.
  • No hosel adjustment, meaning shot is quite straight.
  • It is very lightweight.

What We Didn’t Like

  • This Driver is non-adjustable.

10. Cobra Golf Fly Z Driver

Cobra Fly Z Driver

The Fly Z Golf-Driver is designed to increase both distance & forgiveness with advance features. It has introduced an interesting way of taking the weight off the face with its advance Speed Channel Technology and positioned a big, variable weight behind the sole.

This Driver is engineered to deliver the ultimate blend in max distance and forgiveness. It provides zone-weighting, low back CG, low spin, mid-high launch, and fast-ball speed on the face.

The E9-Zone Face construction and Crown Zone weighting contained in it combine to produce a great amount of discretionary weight in an all-titanium driver.

The saved weight is strategically lowered and placed back into the head so that the weight of the back zone can be located. Its Fly8-technology gives golfers the option to choose from 8-simple adjustable loft-settings (9.0-12.0) to maximize distance and manage trajectory.

  • It is very easy to use.
  • It gives a secure feeling while holding.
  • It has 8-simple adjustable loft-settings.
  • It provides SmartPad-technology.
  • It is available in different colors.
  • It comes in an impressive and attractive design.
  • It is the most appropriate option for a good distance.
  • It is a better example of quality construction.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some don’t like its big clubhead.

How to Choose the Best Drivers For Beginners?

Best Drivers For BeginnersIf you are a beginner, the other important thing is to understand how to choose the best from the many options in the market. To choose the best driver, you have to consider the following essential points.


For golfers struggling with a high handicap, a driver’s forgiveness can help give the ball with a straight and maximum distance. Most beginner golfers who have difficulty stroking with their handicap cannot regularly hit-the-ball at the center of the club’s face.

Since golf equipment manufacturers understand this problem, they manufacture drivers with large-sweet spots that help reduce side spins that make slices and hooks.


The loft is the angle of the clubface that controls trajectory and affects the distance. A driver has a loft between 7° and 12°. A higher lofted club gives the golfer a higher launch angle.

Most PGA pros now carry drivers with lofts of 8.5 to 10 degrees or more. In the beginning, when you buy a new driver, be sure to take enough loft in it.

Adjustable Features

A driver’s front-to-back track allows you to set high or low ball flights. The heel-to-toe track around the circumference of the clubhead lets you establish a draw or fade bias. 12-way adjustable hosles provide 2 degrees of loft-adjustment.

For beginner golfers who like to try to dial in the best range of adjustments to boost the power of their shots, adjustable features are an essential component for their new driver. All these things make a driver the best. Choose the driver according to your game so that you do not fail in your game.


Initially, when a golfer hits a drive, they may not be able to tell where the ball is going initially. The best professional golfers display a sense of confidence several times after they hit the drive from the tee box. How do they know they have hit a great drive? Feelings are reactions that show the face of the ball club.

Professional golfers have-hit hundreds of thousands of shots in their careers, and they quickly know if they hit the golf ball in the center of the club’s face because their reliable driver provides that response. It is a combination of feel and vision, which you will find with a better driver.


When it comes to materials, you will need to consider both clubhead and shaft material as both will affect the performance of the driver. Golf club manufacturers will use stainless steel, zinc, aluminum, titanium, and other alloys to make the clubhead.

Titaniums are the most expensive, but also provide the best performance for beginners. Stainless steel heads are the low price and would be ideal when shopping on a tight budget and only for the practice.

Final Verdict

You must have known that Driver is one of the most important clubs in the golf set. While experienced and pro golfers already know what works for them, beginners have difficulties making their pick. But in most instances, this is simply because they may lack the right information.

Beginners need to use special driver types because once you know this, things will get easier, and you can find a good driver that is easy to hit and can make your golf game even better.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of golf clubs For beginners?
This is a great way to purchase your first set because complete club sets come with a golf bag, a driver, fairway woods, a set of irons, a putter, and usually golf balls.

2. Do golf Drivers make a difference for beginners?
Beginner golf drives have larger clubface, shorter shafts (the longer one between the grip and clubhead), and are designed to make it easier to get the ball in the air. Some may be less powerful than pro-drivers, but you should be able to get more stability with developing and improving your technology.

3. How many golf clubs can I carry?
Under the rules of golf, a maximum of fourteen clubs is allowed in a player’s golf bag during rounds played. Any number below 14 is fine but does not exceed 14. Also, those 14 clubs cannot be changed during a round. Must end with 14 you started.

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