Callaway Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set Review – [April 2021]

In A Hurry? Our Top Reasons To Buy

Callaway Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set

Ultimate Complete Golf Set

  • Longer Irons
  • Easy to Carry
  • Large Sweet Spot
  • More Forgiveness
  • Full Titanium Driver
  • T-style mallet putter.
  • Great value for the price.
  • Well Balanced and Smooth.
  • Play With More Confidence
  • Modernized Golf Technology
  • Hand Orientation: Left/Right

If you are about to start a golf game and are looking for a set that will make you fully versed in your game, you should check out the Callaway 16-piece Men’s Strata Ultimate Golf Club Set. With this, you will be able to expose your game with a better and more durable set of clubs.

For a beginner golfer, this Complete set is also suitable because it does not put too much burden on their pocket. Players who are learning the game of golf have now received permission to take their own club-set. This is why Callaway is perfect for starters like the Strata.

The Callaway Golf Set comes in mein four different versions, Callaway Strata 12 Piece, Strata Plus 14 Piece, Strata Ultimate 16 Piece, and Strata Tour 16 Piece. But if you want my opinion on the best Strata set, I would suggest Strata Ultimate Men’s Complete Set of golf clubs. It is the best option for you.

This set is the ultimate combination of distance, control, and feel and gives you an 16 pieces golf set, including a driver, 1-fairway wood, 2-hybrids, 4-iron, 2-wedges, a putter, light-weight stand bag, and 4-headcover.

Callaway Strata Golf Clubs Review: First Impressions

Callaway Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set

Clubs Details

Club Type Loft Lie Standard length Swing Weight
Driver 12° 58.00° 45.00″ D1
3-Wood 15.5° 57.00° 42.00″ D1
4-H 22° 60.00° 38.50″ D1
5-H 26° 62.50° 37.75″ D1
6-Iron 30° 61.50° 37.00″ D1
7-Iron 34° 62.00° 36.50″ D1
8-Iron 38° 62.50° 36.00″ D1
9-Iron 42° 63.00° 35.50″ D1
PW 46° 64.00° 35.00″ D1
SW 56° 64.00° 35.00″ D3
Putter 3.5° 72.00° 35.00″ NA

The Good

  • It’s a complete set that includes all clubs.
  • You will be able to get instant distance and accuracy with these.
  • All clubs are built with superior durability and excellent quality.
  • They are quite light-weight to carry.
  • All the clubs are very comfortable to use.
  • It has established a great brand image and reputation.
  • It comes with an efficient and effective club design.
  • This includes head covers for driver, wood, iron, putter and hybrid.
  • It has an excellent stand bag for carrying clubs.
  • It’s available at a much lower cost.

The Bad

  • It comes in only one color.
  • Its pitching wedge shaft needs improvement.

Callaway Strata Ultimate Complete Club Set Detailed Review

Driver/Fairway Woods

Best Golf Driver And Woods

This club-set comes with a 460cc-titanium driver & 3 wood made with steel heads. Each fairway wood has a big clubface and sweet-spot, which helps improve accuracy & distance, especially from mishits. The woods come with light-weight graphite-shafts that enhance speedy swing and long-distance shots. It gives you a good sweet-spot, more distance, forgiveness, and control to bomb it off the tee or fairway.


Best Golf Hybrids

The set comes with two hybrids (4-5H), which is a lot more challenging to hit 3-5 ions. The Hybrid is very forgiving and easy to hit along with the fairway. You can expect long high flying shots, accuracy, and precision with hybrids, and with strut versions, you will not be disappointed. This set is the best choice for long irony so that you can perform with more confidence in a variety of shots.

Irons And Wedges

Best Irons and Wedges

The Callaway strata complete club-set comes with 4-irons and 2-wedges (6-PW, SW). The irons start at the 6-iron and run through to a pitching and sand wedges. It made with a High flight technology of the irons are great for beginners as they have a decent offset of the clubface from the shaft. These stainless steel irons help to launch the golf ball off the ground and a dispersed weight to the perimeter, which increases the sweet-spot and helps with mishits. The sand wedge is an excellent addition as many beginner sets don’t include one.


Best Golf Putter

The set includes a great putter for all shots with precision. It comes with a precision face milling that provides better accuracy and distance control to help you sync more put. It looks amazing on the green. The putter’s base is kept perfectly balanced for better control to help you sink more putts.

Bag and Headcover

Best Golf Stand Bag

This set also includes a very light & durable stand bag, which comes with Tee-Holders, a rain hood, six pockets, and a back strap. This bag is a bit uncomfortable on the shoulders, but with a golf cart, you will be able to move it on the golf course easily. This bag give you extra space to carry golf equipment so that you can give the great performance in the game. For the price, this is an encouraging option. Along with this, you are also provided headcovers of all the woods and hybrids, 5 in total.

Final Verdict

This Set is one of the best golf club sets. It’s a great product, with all the points you need to start your game. The product not only has a great build quality, but it also has a variety of features that are found in most golf sets these days.

It’s well-designed to meet the balance, and all golf clubs offer superior flight and precision. The 460cc driver present in it’s an example of a solid and strong golf club. The hybrid and wood are light and aerodynamic, which helps you land a perfect shot. Also, the golf bag is fit and lightweight for a smooth experience.

This set is becoming a perfect choice for beginners and intermediate users. We will recommend it to our buyers so that you become the best in the golf world.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the Bag Come With a Stand?

Yes, this set comes with a lightweight and durable stand-bag. It has a cool authentic look, convenient pockets, tee holders, and a comfortable strap, with which you will get a better feel on the golf course.

2. Is This Set For Both Right and Left Hands?

Yes, this set has the option for left and right-handed golfers. The only difference between these clubs lies in the clubhead apart from the putters. Neither shafts or grips are made explicitly for right-handed or left-handed players. In other words, a right-handed club head can be attached to any shaft to form a right-handed club.

3. What Are The Shafts Made Of?

Their drivers, wood, and hybrids have used graphite-shafts, while iron has steel-shafts. However, graphite-shafts are an excellent option for all clubs because, although they are lightweight, they can handle fast and strong swings.

4. Are Callaway Strata Clubs Good?

The Callaway Strata Club is made exclusively for beginners. We all know that Callaway is a well-known and respected brand in the industry, and even though these clubs are made for beginners, they are of outstanding quality. They are a great, reasonably priced, offering anyone the option to start with golf. More advanced players may consider clubs more suitable for their skill level.

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