Brief History of Golf

Golf is a modern sport dating from the 15th century that began in Scotland. When this royal and ancient golf game was originated, it was quite vague and very debatable. Some historians traced the game to the pagan Roman game, in which participants used a bent stick to hit a leather ball.

History of Golf – Where and How Golf Started

By the 19th century, the sport spread to the United Kingdom and then to the British Empire and the rest of the United States. But the game did not gain international popularity until that time.

Golf was then played at the Paris Olympic Games. Two participants (12 men and ten women) from four countries participated in the 36-hole individual stroke sports competition for men and women. Women’s Olympic champions Margaret Abbot (USA) and Charles Sands (USA) were men’s champions in this competition.

By the time of 1901, there was a lot of improvement in the ball. The first time the Rubber core Haskell ball was introduced. It changed the way the game was played. This golf ball is used to fix more than the old gutta-percha golf balls, and the cost was much lower. The game’s popularity grew in response.

The first Professional Golfers Association (PGA) is formed in the UK.

Golf is played for the second time at the 1904 Olympic Games in St. Louis. It only staged men’s competitions. The United States team won a team event of 36 hole stroke play, and George Lyon of Canada won the individual event.

The first women’s Curtis Cup was held in 1932.

The Cup was played between Great Britain, Ireland, and the USA at Wentworth, which the USA has won.

From 1946’s to 2000s, there was a lot of competition for Golf, which led to the sport being well-liked. Metal wood made of stainless steel was also introduced.

In the 2000s, materials such as graphite, titanium, carbon fibre, and tungsten were used to make golf clubs, which significantly improved the game’s performance.

In 2003, the World Amateur Golf Council was made the International Golf Federation.

The 150th-anniversary British Open Championship takes place on the old course in St Andrews. Rio de Janeiro played Golf at the Olympics for the first time in 112 years.

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