Zero Friction Spectra Golf Balls Review [March 2023]

Zero Friction Golf Balls

  • 2-piece construction
  • Higher launch 
  • 6 Optic colors 
  • High visibility matte-finish
  • Anti-glare cover to find the balls faster
  • 312 dimple pattern for smooth and stable roll on the green
  • Affordable price

If you are familiar with Golf, you would know that whenever we talk about the word “Zero Friction,” the first thing that comes to our mind is the “Zero Friction Tees.” But today, we will talk about the Zero Friction Spectra Golf Balls. Every Golfer wants to gain a few extra yards on the course while playing. Now, there are limitless options available in the market to try various kinds of Golf balls. 

But you should not worry about it. As you have landed on this page, it is understandable that you want to know about the features and specifications of the ZF balls. Be ready and read the complete article! Here, you will learn all the details like its feel, looks, design, performance, the material used while making the ball, etc. 

Zero Friction Spectra Golf Balls: First Impressions​

Zero Friction Spectra

Zero Friction Balls Specifications
MaterialIonomer, Rubber
Ball ColorNeon Fuchsia / Neon Orange / Neon Red / Neon Yellow / White / Green (rarely found)
Launch High
Pack of12 Balls

Reasons To Buy

  • Non-toxic environment-friendly material.
  • Long-term durability.
  • More control.
  • Suitable for beginners, juniors, women, and other soft-hitting Golfers.
  • Improved feel. 
  • High energy core that provides greater distance.

Reasons To Avoid

  • It will not give the same ball control as the high-quality tour balls

Detailed Specifications​


The zero friction balls are manufactured with a 2-piece soft surlyn durable cover. The company “Zero Friction” demands that their Golf balls provide high launch and longer roll while teeing off with a clubhead. Moreover, the huge and super-fast core offers explosive distance. 

Matte-finished coating gives a dimness effect whenever you play with the balls and further provides clarity in the sky and on the ground. Additionally, matte finishes take away the sparkle of the Golf ball and make it easier to see in the sunlight. 


Even though Zero Friction is famous for its Golf gloves, they make Golf balls in disparate colors.  Totally, there are six colors available in the market containing Neon Fuchsia, Neon Orange, Neon Red, Neon Yellow, White, and Green. But let me tell you that green balls are uncommon and hard to find in the market. But the rest of the five colors are frequently available.   

The thin, flexible, and durable cover, along with Spectra matte finish golf balls, helps to improve the feel with spin and control from the tee to green. Besides, the 312 dimple pattern allows for an effortless roll of the ball in the air as well as on the green. 


The ZF ball comes with an eighty (80) compression. The lower the compression, the softer the ball is. The slow swinger players should play with the ZF balls because of the lower compression. This ZF ball is suitable to play for beginners, juniors, women, and other soft-hitting Golfers.


Every player wants better durability out of their Golf balls because no one has a desire to spend money unnecessarily over a thing that they could use for a more extended period. It is undoubtedly one of the most exciting matters to get long-term durability, and the zero friction balls provide it. It would not be impractical to see the ZF Golf balls lasting the whole 18 rounds of a Golf match until or unless you lose it in the woods or the ponds. 

Environment-friendly Material

The matte finish balls are environment-friendly balls from the cover to the core. These balls are produced with 100% renewable materials. Furthermore, the frictionless balls are manufactured from a proprietary polymer blend with no harmful materials such as zinc oxide and zinc acrylate. The zinc oxide and zinc acrylate are toxic materials in terms of aqueous environments. The proprietary polymer blend that is used to make the ZF balls is a mixture of ionomer and rubber. The company has made efforts to improve the quality of the balls as well as the environment by not using any hazardous materials. 


Now, if you go to play Golf for a couple of rounds on the course with the ZF distance balls, you will definitely get a reasonable distance on the course. In case you are not a fan of distance and can achieve that on your own by hard-hitting and looking for a Golf ball that provides a fantastic feel and a better spin around the green, then these balls are good to have while playing. In general, you will get these Golf balls with excellent performance.

As the brand claims that the ball goes a long way on the course, it is correct. It will be interesting to check it yourself whether the balls achieve a longer distance on the course or it is just a lame excuse. The balls provide a high launch angle that further assists in playing a  crucial role in increasing or decreasing the height and landing angle. Moreover, just go to the Golf course to try out the Golf balls. Typically, on average, you will find up to five yards more on the course than the other standard Tour balls. And that is why these Golf balls are in demand. 

Final Verdict​

When you buy high-quality tour balls that come with an approximate price of 50 dollars per 12 balls to look for more control over the course, you would not expect the same thing from the Zero friction balls. But it is astonishing to see the stopping control of the ZF Golf balls over the course. 

Last but not least, the ZF ball comes at an economical cost. Besides, its durability and playability will amaze you. Further, the Golf balls will surpass any other distance Golf balls found in the market at the similar price. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Are these Golf balls good for getting distance? 

Basically, distance depends on your ability to hit a ball. But you will achieve up to 5 yards extra on the course if you play with these Zero Friction balls. The balls are suitable for beginners, juniors, women, and other soft-hitting Golfers.

2. How many balls are there in the pack? 

There are a total of 12 balls available in the pack. 

3. What is the compression rating for the Zero Friction balls? 

The compression rating for the ZF balls is 80. 

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