Wilson Titanium Golf Balls Review [March 2023]

Wilson Titanium Golf Ball

Wilson Titanium golf Balls Review

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  • Low price ball.
  • Travels longer distances.
  • Low spin.
  • More durable, reliable, and long-lasting.
  • Explosive titanium core.
  • Good for beginners whose prime focus is improvement.

In the game of golf, it is too good to have the right ball. If the ball is not suitable, you will lose despite giving more efforts than others. So we must make sure about the quality of the ball before playing golf. Among the various good quality golf balls on the market, the Wilson golf ball is ahead of the others.

While playing, you found that the golf ball is not performing as you expected. Its spinning isn’t so good. It is running a shorter distance than it should have covered.

Do you know what could be the reason? The only reason for this is the wrong ball. To play golf, you need a great quality golf ball. The primary purpose of Titanium Golf Ball review is to show you the right direction, and you can learn about its features. This Wilson Titanium golf balls will the desired performance.

Wilson Titanium Golf Balls Review: First Impressions​

Wilson Titanium Balls

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Wilson Titanium Ball Specifications
Cover MaterialSurlyn
Pack of18 Balls

Reasons To Buy

  • Great value for money.
  • Durable, long-lasting and sturdy golfer balls.
  • Explosive titanium core makes it hard and durable inside.
  • Maximum energy transfer and distance.
  • Good for beginners whose focus is an improvement.
  • The ball can achieve straight long distances without spins.

Reasons To Avoid

  • It isn’t suitable for professional or skilled golfers.
  • Spin is low that also reduces control.

Wilson Titanium Golf Ball: Detailed Specifications​


It is made up of two layers. The deaf layer is named the strong outer core, and the inner side is known as Inner Core. Its bases are made of great quality titanium. The titanium is a hard element that gives the ball the requisite distance. Also, there is a little noise for great shots. 

Its excellent original case offers plenty of stability and distance. They have built each core in such a way that any golfer will be able to achieve the performance expected by it.

Long Distance

It is one of the best options that proffer you the distance according to your expectation. Also, it offers an excellent range with less power. With its titanium inner core, your light hits can transfer a stronger force to the ball. 

Further, it absorbs more energy from the club head than the rest of the solid golf balls. This feature makes the ball desirable among beginners. 

However, this sort of balls has never gained much demand among pro or semi-pro golfer. Pro golfers prefer golf balls that have a softer core that absorbs a lot more energy than usual. 

Low Spin

This Welson Titanium is a low spin ball that is ideal for amateurs and beginner golfers who wouldn’t want to lose focus on the target by unnecessary spinning. Especially if you want to target the hole from far away, this will be a perfect option for you.

It is only a two-layered golf ball that gives less spin than a three or four-layered golf ball. Having too much spin doesn’t mean that it is bad for you. High spin will make things difficult to control for beginners. 


Its covering is made out of Surlyn that is a form of ionomer resin. It provides the ball rigidity and durability. This covering will survive the scruffs and cuts of normal use. This ball is durable as it has very high stability. So, you will not only be able to play with one ball but will be able to continue the game for a long time.

The inner layer does not protrude even though it is very beaten. The titanium material in it is inherently solid. Apart from this, it is sturdy, and the sturdy surlyn-covers is quite good.

Value For Money

This pack has the best quality and available at a low price. It is excellent for beginner golfers who can invest in less expensive golf balls. The pack of 18 balls is economical because players have their stock handy when they tend to lose a lot of them in woods, ponds, etc. 

Final Verdict​

The ball is designed considering the beginner or intermediate golfers. It is not suitable for pro golfers. However, if you are a beginner, then it is suggested you pick this ball.

Wilson titanium balls are basic balls for newbies who are only looking to improve their distance. They are inexpensive and provide you with great value for money. These balls don’t feel soft and premium. Also, the energy transfer of the ball is maximum that translates to greater distance and reduce slices, hooks and spin.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Are Wilson Titanium Balls Good?

This titanium golf ball is the best for beginners and for golfers who want to improve their distance. This may not be a better option for professional players as it has less spin. They always need a mid or high-spin ball.

2. How Many Cores Does This Ball Have?

It has a 2-piece construction. The deaf layer is named the Sturdy Outer Core, and the inner side is called Inner Core. Its bases are made of high-grade full titanium. Also, it has an exceptional spin ratio for greenside control.

3. How Many Dimples On A Wilson Titanium Ball?

Wilson titanium balls have 432 dimples, which provide them with less spin and help increase their distance from the tee. Surlyn covers are created to present durability. It has a compression of 90, that makes it a heavy golf ball.

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