Wilson Duo vs Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball Review – [April 2021]

In A Hurry? Our Top Reasons To Buy

Wilson Soft Duo Ball

Wilson Duo Soft Balls

  • Distance with Consistent Flight.
  • Low Compression.
  • Create a Muted Sound.
  • Soft and Comfortable Feel.
  • Excellent 2-piece ball.
  • Control the Sidespin.
Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Callaway Supersoft Balls

  • Consistent with Long distance.
  • Available At a Reasonable Price.
  • It flies straight.
  • Excellent distance and accuracy.
  • Perfect For Medium and Short Game.
  • 2-Piece Layer Design.

Callaway Super-soft and Wilson-Duo are both two-piece soft-feel golf balls, but which is better for your game? What are the differences between these two? We have written this article to conclude these questions.

Both the Supersoft and the Duo are great priced golf balls. The Duo has a low compression rating that makes it better for golfers for a slower ball. It provides greater distance from the tee with slower swing speeds.

Additionally, Callaway Super-soft is designed with an ultra-low-compression to extend the distance of golf balls. It has a compression of only 35, one of his most popular two-piece balls. The super-low spin is the catalyst for straight shots.

These both provide a tour-performance experience for the medium to high handicapped with below-average speed. Both balls hold-up well and are very durable.

Below we have given a detailed comparison of Wilson Staff Duo vs. Callaway Supersoft, where you will be able to make a better choice for yourself.

Wilson Duo vs Callaway Supersoft: First impressions

Wilson Duo vs Callaway Supersoft golf balls
Features Wilson Staff Duo Callaway Supersoft
Construction 2-Piece 2-Piece
Compression 29 35
Type Distance Distance
Core Rubber Rich Polybutadiene
Extras Seamless Pattern Hex Aerodynamic
Colors White White, Orange, Yellow
Cover Material Ionomer Ionomer
Dimples 302-Tetrahedral 332-Tetrahedral

The Good

  • Both balls aren’t distance balls. They do cover the extraordinary driving distance.
  • Both balls are built with stability in mind. They proffer great consistent flight.
  • These two offer the greenside confidence for your short game-control and enough holding control with the long game.
  • The feel of both Duo vs Supersoft is excellent.
  • Both the Supersoft and the Duo are great priced golf balls.
  • These both provide a tour-performance experience for the medium to high handicapped.

The Bad

  • We believe that they do not have cons, these both are the best products for you.

Wilson Staff Duo Soft Golf Balls Review

Wilson Soft Duo Ball

According to one of our research, 8 out of 10 golfers who use the Wilson Staff DUO ball make suitable switches. It is the softest ball on-the-market at 29 compression, which is better for adding distance to your game. By using the DUO, you will find that it is simple, long, and soft.

The Wilson Staff Duo Golf Balls are the next generation in low compression technology. The Duo Golf Balls have a high C.O.R (coefficient of restitution), which is the primary indicator of how fast the ball will leave the clubface.

The Wilson is setting the standard for low-compression two-piece balls, but the challenge has always been how to build something soft and fast at the same time. Because when it comes to golf balls, soft often gets in the way of speed.

But Wilson’s new Duo Soft, which the company again offers as the lowest compression ball on the market. It is focusing more on the inside of the ball, and the outside find more distance.

First, the Duo Soft uses three percent larger cores for more energy in an impact. Then, a refined, more precisely instrumented dimple pattern results in shallow dimples that lead to longer distances.

The Good

  • If you are a hard hitter, truly fast golf swing, this is not for you.
  • Its compression is always right.
  • These create a more muted sound, different from tees.
  • It is an excellent 2-piece ball.
  • This is the option to control the sidespin.
  • They are soft and comfortable, even with a small pitch.
  • Good Value for Money.
  • Fun Colour Options.

The Bad

  • Stop and Control on the Green.
  • The minimal feel of the Clubface, too soft for some players.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls Review

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls


Callaway Super-soft is designed with an ultra-low compression to increase the distance of golf balls. It has a compression of only 35, one of his most popular two-piece balls. The super-low spin is the catalyst for straight shots.

The Callaway Supersoft is a Golf Digest Gold winner and comes in a fantastic choice of seven new matte ball colors. The Soft has a low compression reading making it one of the lowest and softest compressed balls currently on the market.

The Callaway Super-soft Ball is designed in such a way that both experienced golfers and beginners can use their specific dimensions.

This product helps improve the shooting skills of beginners and enhances the experiences of the most experienced golfers by managing their contact with the club.

However, it is quite clear that beginners should opt for the Callaway Super-soft Ball. Consumers can look for products that were specifically designed for them.

It can also work correctly for senior players. This is because they can hit the ball at a slower speed due to less compression of the ball.

The Good

  • It gives a very soft and excellent feel.
  • It is available at a reasonable price point.
  • They are also better for distance and accuracy.
  • It feels softer and becomes a perfect ball for medium and short games.
  • It has fun color options.
  • New softer cover which gives you move spin on the green.
  • Due to the new redesigned hexagonal dimple pattern for improved low-spin aerodynamics.

The Bad

  • Slow spin means you can lose a little bit of control using longer irons.

Which Is Better – Supersoft or the Duo?


To maximize your distance from the tee, if you have an idea of what your swing speed is, you can easily click the right option for you.

Nowadays, a trend towards less compressed golf balls has increased considerably. What benefit do you get from a less compressed ball? The ball compresses more against the face of the driver resulting in longer drives, much like a slingshot motion.

Therefore, if you have a slow swing speed, you will get more distance from a less compressed golf ball like the Wilson Staff Duo.

Feel and Greenside Control

A softball will also give you a better feel around the greens with putters. Both balls offer better options for this option.

The main criticism of both balls is to have a better experience of stopping and controlling the greens using your short irony and wedges.


Most of the criticism is heard that the bending of all softballs is slightly reduced. Durability, however, is comparable with Supersoft on both balls, just to shore it up with its new ionomer cover.


The Duo is, on average cheaper per dozen than Supersoft.

Wilson Duo vs Callaway Supersoft: Final verdict

Here, I cannot give you any suggestions because maybe you know more about golf balls than me. Therefore, you have completed the article and can choose a better option for yourself.

If we talk based on the article, both the Wilson Duo vs Callaway Supersoft is excellent value for money golf balls. They provide a tour-performance experience for the medium to high handicapped with a slower than average.

Both balls have a good grip and are very durable. Both are available in fun colors.

The new Supersoft will hold a bit more on the green than the Duo, though the Duo performs slightly better with longer irony. Both balls have a nice feel with green on the daughter’s face.

Both balls are highly recommended, although the new Callaway Supoftoft has edged the Duo as the compression rating on the Duo, maybe just a little low in that it just feels a bit soft for most players.

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