Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls Review – [April 2021]

In A Hurry? Our Top Reasons To Buy

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls

Vice Pro+ Golf Balls

  • Dimple design suited to wind conditions.
  • Good feeling on and around the greens.
  • Better at ensuring maximum distance.
  • Durable with a urethane cover system.
  • BJ13 coating
  • UV resistant.
  • Available at an affordable price point.

The motive behind the establishment of Vice Golf Balls was to produce high-quality golf balls at low prices.

It is a German company founded by two golfer friends (Ingo Dualman and Rainer Stöckel). Their main first objective was to revolutionize the business and offer performance to make the balls more budget-friendly.

This has been very successful due to its two incentives: You can order Vice Balls directly on their site by removing the expensive route of purchase through intermediaries.

Also, when you buy from here in bulk, the company gives many discounts.

Apart from focusing mainly on golf balls, the company also sells a variety of golf gear such as caps, golf gloves, etc. – all of which are very popular.

Another thing that Vice Pro soft would like to mention that balls are its ability to play around the greens. Compared to the Pro V1x, these golf balls revolve around greens. The difference was the best, but the ProV1x golf balls certainly caught a lot of those short shots.

Let’s know more about it.

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls: First Impressions

Vice Pro Plus Golf Ball

Construction336 dimples and 4-piece
SpinLow Spin
CoreHigh Energy Speed Core (HESC)
ExtrasCast Urethane Cover
Colors Available3 (White, Lime, Red)

The Good

  • It has the same high-grade as more premium-quality balls at a lower price.
  • Its performance is excellent and also exceptional.
  • It provides high-speed and max distance to the ball with the help of high energy speedcore.
  • Its cast urethane coating is also more durable.
  • The 318 dimple pattern depicted on it promotes a stable trajectory.

The Bad

  • New in the Vice Golf Industry.
  • Not for all types of players.

Key Features


Durability is a critical feature that consumers look for when purchasing the best golf ball. The Vice Pro+ is very durable and has a UV protection layer on its cover to ensure that the ball is always ready for several rounds.

Golf balls are not only a necessity, but they are also an investment in your golf game. It has a dual casing for extra distance and great green-grabbing control.

These balls feature a strong Urethane outer system. It also has a BJ13-coating, this makes the top UV-resistant ensure that your golf balls can support you for several rounds at the end.

Value for Money

Pro Plus balls are priced at about 25% less than other great options. Now you will not be so sad to lose golf balls, or they are filled.

Do not even think that the price is low; there is a shortage in its quality. This Vice golf ball is the best that competes with the second premium ball in terms of durability.


The Vice Pro Soft is designed to maximize range. The design of this ball has a higher energy-speedcore.

With the help of this basic design, the ball absorbs-energy and increases ball speed. If we will talking about the distance, this is difficult to match up, but the dual-cover featured in the design provides such further stability.

Feel and Greenside Control

It is a premium golf ball and give a great shot around the greens. it has a soft urethane-cover system that ensures a soft feel upon impact. The HESC core, with the energy-absorbing characteristics that are used in it, further provides that it is exceptional in effects giving it a great feel.


This golf ball is very famous for its high performance. Another thing that makes it unique is its high performance as a premium ball at a low price. It is the best ball for short games and offers better distance control.

There is also a higher compression-rating than some leading brands, but the expert claims that it is not always rigid about compression figures. So many other things like material, core, etc. determine overall performance. It gives a medium spin and great distance.

For approach shots, these balls give greater distance and moderate spin. Vice Pro+ Balls from Tee respond well.


These Vice golf balls are specially designed for a lower spin. This allows the lower and controlled spinning wedge to be a bit smoother than the others, where the flight is usually longer and spins back a little too much for my liking.

Final Verdict

This golf ball is a perfect option for golfers who like to play a lot. This is a cheap alternative to tour balls for them.

If you are a high-speed advanced player, then this may prove to be a nice-option than your current ball. This ball will make your game even more fun, so get it called now.

Additionally, if you are a player with mid swing speed, try using it. I believe this will be a better option for you.

Overall the Pro Plus is an incredible golf ball. It is responsive, playable, and perfect when you want a tour caliper ball. At half the price of the typical tour model, I honestly think it is one of the best deals in all golf, coming from one of the best and most modern golf companies.

It is very exciting to see the beautiful Vice logo and be a part of a relatively unknown brand, and I look forward to trying more and more of their product in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many dimples does the Vice Pro Plus have?

The Vice ProPlus cover-system has 336-dimples. The large-dimples featured in the Vice Pro’s pattern promote a steady-trajectory, which is even more pronounced when playing in windy conditions.

2. What’s the difference between the Vice Pro and VicePro Plus?

The Vice Pro features a three-piece construction and the VicePro Plus features a four-piece. Both golf balls offer long distance and exceptionally soft feel. The larger-dimples on the Vice Pro promotes a stable-trajectory, the Vice Pro Plus, with its smaller-dimples promotes a lower launching penetrating ball flight.

3. Why are Vice golf balls so affordable?

Excellent quality and performance have been offered to make the balls more budget-friendly. The only reason for this being cheaper is that you can order Vice Balls directly on the site by removing the expensive route of purchase through intermediaries. From where you can get up to 25% profit.

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  1. Vice golf balls are very competitive and play well. The biggest fault i find is that they discolour very quickly. I will not buy again.

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