Vice Pro Golf Balls Review – [May 2021]

In A Hurry? Our Top Reasons To Buy

Vice Golf Pro Balls

Vice Golf Balls

  • 3 piece cast urethane cover.
  • Extra Soft and sensitive feel.
  • 318 large dimple design for a stable trajectory.
  • New S2TG-Technology.
  • Medium to high clubhead speed.
  • Good green-grubbing control.
  • Great feel and spin rate.

Have you ever wondered what exactly makes the best golf ball in the market? We take you on a journey through the process of manufacturing our premium golf balls! Where you will get an answer to every question.

We will talk about Vice Golf Balls today! You know in this, How is it made, its quality, its features, and why would you say buy it?

Vice balls are using S2TG-Technology. It is a very soft style, and its outer shell is manufactured by URETHANE. It is a skinny coating of new green color, and exceptional adhesion gives the player a luxurious and smooth feel.

The Vice Golf has maximized UV-resistance using the BJ13-coating. The result has become a pearl-white ball that will take you through several rounds.

It is featured in an extra-large dimension with 318 dimple design that enhances your game. These Golf Balls minimize air resistance. The result is also a more stable trajectory of the vice golf with higher-ball speed.

Vice Golf Balls Review: First Impressions

Vice Golf Pro Balls

Construction318 Dimples and 3 Piece Construction
CompressionLow Compression
SpinHigh Spin
CoreHigh Energy Speed-Core
ExtrasCast Urethane Cover
Colors Available3 (White, Lime, Red)

The Good

  • It comes with a 318-dimple design.
  • It has 3 attractive color options.
  • The cover has a BJ13 coating, which makes the cover UV resistant.
  • Vice Golf Pro features a KIL (“keep-in-line”)putting line to insert.
  • This line ensures consistent and precise alignment on the greens.
  • Vice Golf offers stylish personalization options as well as the products coming in very cool packaging.
  • These are made of duPont surlyn material, witch gives you that hard plastic look for long lasting.
  • It feels very good and soft.
  • It is also quite low in price.

The Bad

  • Vice doesn’t have the same brand recognition compared to the likes of Titleist and Callaway.
  • It lacks a little distance on the Tee and iron shots.

Key Features of Vice Pro Golf Balls


Vice Golf Pro is designed for golfers who like to play with high clubhead shot drive speed. It features a durable cover and the manufacturer’s ‘Stick to the Green’ technology that aids the greens spin. Vice Pro Soft then offers low spins and High launch for fast swing golfers.


Vice Pro is designed to be at maximum range. Does it have a High Energy Speed ?? Core (HESC). This basic design absorbs energy in an impact, and the result is an increase in ball velocity.

If you like to play long short hits, then vice golf is a better option for you as it is optimized for a great distance.

Feel and Green-side Control

The Vice Pro is a premium ball, which gives you an exceptionally pro soft feel. It has a soft urethane-cover system that ensures a great feel upon impact. HESC cores are used to absorb their energy. It controls greenside very much.


Durability is a crucial feature that is essential to have in a golf ball. Golf is a game in which powerful strikes are made on the ball, and if the ball lacks tolerance, it cannot be used much.

Therefore it becomes essential that golf balls be durable. Unlike the majority of amateurs, they play with the ball until they lose it.

The Vice Golf is made with a durable Urethane-cover system. It also has a Urethane-cover system and BJ13-coating; this coating makes the cover UV resistant to ensure that. Producing and covering a golf ball can change its performance and greatly affect your game.


Pro Plus golf balls cost about 25% less than premium options. Now you won’t be too sad to miss golf balls, or they are full.

Do not even think that the price is cheaper; Its quality is lacking. It competes with the second premium ball in terms of quality. All golfers will often lean towards the brands that they know very well and have used before.

Final Verdict

This golf ball is an ideal choice for those players who like more distance in the game. This is an excellent option for them as it has become favorable for great distances.

If you are a high-speed player, this may prove to be a better option than your current ball. This ball will make your game even more fun, so use it now.

Additionally, if you spin high in your game, it will still support you. I believe this would be a better option for you.

Overall the Vice Pro is an incredible ball. It is responsive, playable and perfect when you expect a tour caliper ball. At half the price of the typical tour model, I honestly think it is one of the best deals in all golf, one of the best and most modern golf companies.

It is very exciting to see the beautiful Vice logo and be a part of a relatively unknown brand, and I look forward to using their products more and more in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many dimples does the Vice Pro have?

The Vice Pro Plus cover-system has 318 dimples. The great dimples featured in the Vice Pro’s dimple pattern promote a steady trajectory, which is even more pronounced when playing in windy conditions.

2. What’s the difference between the Vice Pro and Vice Pro Plus?

The Vice Pro comes with three-piece and Vice Pro Plus have four-piece construction. Both golf balls offer maximum distance and exceptionally pro soft-feel. The larger dimples on the Vice Pro promotes a stable-trajectory, the Vice Pro Plus, with its smaller dimples promotes a lower launching penetrating ball flight.

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