TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls Review [March 2023]

TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Balls

  • 342 dimples for aerodynamic excellence.
  • A Compression rating of 77.
  • Minimized drag.
  • Upgraded scuff resistance.
  • The plus alignment aid assists in putting.
  • Available in two colors: white and yellow.

If you are a slow swing golfer looking to gain a few extra yards on the course, then you have landed on the exact page. You will see plenty of golf balls on the market, claiming to offer a great distance. But not all of those provide your desired length; that’s why we are present here. Our team has brought you up with those balls that will satisfy your needs.

We are reviewing the TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls with all the specifications, features, benefits, and drawbacks so that it becomes easier for you to decide whether these are up to the mark or not. 

When we talk about golf equipment, TaylorMade is a well-known brand around the world. They have designed the distance+ golf balls to deliver the speed players always desire for shot-saving distance as well as the decisive feel. 

So let’s uncover all the characteristics together. 

TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls Review: First Impressions​

TaylorMade Distance Plus

TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Balls Specifications
CompressionLow (77)
Ball ColorWhite & Yellow
Item Weight3 pounds
Pack of12 Balls

Reasons To Buy

  • Better ball speed.
  • Low spin for achieving more distance on all shot types.
  • Cost-effective price.
  • Great durability.
  • Softer feel.
  • Suitable for high-handicappers.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Not recommended for the low handicappers.

TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Balls: Detailed Specifications​


If you take a profound look at the construction of this ball, you will get to know that it is made with 2-piece construction.  A soft REACT core is engineered for easy compression and distance while someone hits it from the tee. When it is paired with two-piece construction, it contributes to the overall soft feel the Distance+ is known for. 

On the other hand, the whole ball is wrapped with a soft ionomer cover for increasing the greenside feel. Simultaneously, the golf players achieve enhanced scuff-resistance, shear resistance, and overall durability. 


  • Aerodynamic Dimple Pattern – The TaylorMade golf ball consists of a 342 aerodynamic dimple pattern that creates a thin turbulent boundary layer of air that sticks to the surface of the ball. As a result, the air flows smoothly through the ball’s cover a little farther around the backside of the ball, reducing the drag. Furthermore, golfers get faster speed while teeing off a ball. 
  • Plus Alignment Aid – It is a new and easy-to-use alignment aid that is built directly into the side stamp of the distance plus balls. Basically, these balls feature a bold alignment pattern that encircles the entire ball to show you whether you have made a straight or glancing stroke. Just aim the alignment cue towards your target and take your standard stroke to obtain instant insight into your mechanics. 

The alignment aid further helps the players line up putts as well as provides feedback on how they roll the golf ball. There are mainly two fundamentals that help drain more putts. The first one is that you have to make sure you are aimed at your line. And, the other one is to roll the ball on that intended line. In either case, you will be better with this alignment. 


The TaylorMade distance+ provides an ultra-soft feel when it comes to the ionomer covering. But you will get a lesser feel than the urethane because those covers are found in the highly-priced premium quality golf balls. So, if we just take these balls in terms of price, they are finely soft. 


These TaylorMade balls offer a compression rating of 77, making these low-compression golf balls. As a result, the high handicappers can play with them pretty easily. Moreover, it fits the weekend golfers’ playability as well. 


These balls are aimed at the mediocre golf player wanting to achieve a better distance on the course out of their shots, like a pro golfer. This feat is achievable due to the speed and distance from TaylorMade’s fast TEACT core that stores and releases energy with excellent efficiency. Simultaneously, higher handicap players achieve a great ball speed as well as a good feel. 

Final Verdict​

The TaylorMade distance+ balls offer high-velocity performance for distance on all shots. At the same time, a REACT Speed Core, along with low-drag aerodynamics, lets the golfers experience this golf ball with breakneck speed.

When you check the performance, you can see the balls as highly durable, making them good on the fairways and suitable for the driving range and on the green for practicing. 

All in all, these TaylorMade balls are a fantastic choice for the average or mediocre golfers. I highly recommend these distance+ balls that come with lots of features and provide excellent performance on any golf course you play. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. What is the importance of ionomer cover on a golf ball?

Ionomer covers contain a more rigid surface and cheaper material compared to urethane. Despite not having quite a softer feel than urethane, it provides a lot of control for novice and amateur golfers. Furthermore, these balls tend to spin slightly less while teeing off, assisting in minimizing sidespin that can cause deadly hooks and slices.

2. Are these balls suitable for a person who swings more than 95 mph?

Generally, golfers with an above-average swing speed would find these TaylorMade balls less responsive due to the lower compression rate. The medium or fast swinger player should look for other balls with compression ratings of more than 90.  But almost all the average or mediocre players swing below 85 mph, and that’s why these distance plus balls will be ideal for them. In the case of a golfer who swings more than 95 mph, the balls will not be suitable for him.

3. Why are too many dimples used on each of the golf balls?

It is a matter of dynamics. Golf equipment manufacturers do not put dimples on a golf ball to make it look good. But they use it to generate a tiny layer of air around the golf ball that significantly cuts down drag. As a result, the air flows over a larger portion of the ball, creating a much smoother ball flight. This way, the ball will cover more distance on the golf course. 

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