Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball Review [March 2023]

Nitro Distance Golf Ball

  • Super Reactive 2 piece Titanium Core 
  • Aerodynamic dimple design for improved lift
  • Flight stability on longer shots
  • Convenient for practice or tournament use
  • Dupont Lithium Surlyn cut-proof cover
  • Ideal for use by golfers of all skill levels

Today we will talk about the performance of the Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball. The most important thing about a Golf ball is the distance. So make sure to know about all the specifications required to achieve the longest distance on the course. We will tell you the features that are needed to obtain the ball to fly up to the maximum length. 

It will be a nightmare if you find out that the Golf balls you purchased yesterday night are not performing well. So always read about the features before buying the balls. Otherwise, if you go to the local golf store or even buy online, you will be jumbled after seeing a wide variety of balls and end up buying the ones giving awful distance as well as the performance.  

The Nitro Golf balls give you an improved feel while hitting a ball, long-term durability, superb resistance to cuts and abrasions, and many other characteristics. Let’s dive in and read the full article to unravel the features. 

Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball Review: First Impressions​

Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball Review

Nitro Golf Ball Specifications
Cover MaterialDupont Lithium Surlyn
Ball ColorOrange / White / Yellow / Pink
Pack of15 Balls

Reasons To Buy

  • Improved feel
  • Long-term durability
  • Outstanding resistance to cuts and abrasions
  • Increased distance
  • Impressive spin ratio assists in improving greenside control
  • Reasonable price

Reasons To Avoid

  • It is quite challenging to reach long distances if you have a slow swing speed

Nitro Ultimate Distance: Detailed Specifications​


  • Super Reactive 2 piece Titanium Core – The golf ball is constructed with the super reactive 2 piece titanium core. Due to the presence of the titanium core, the ball transfers the energy up to a maximum limit from the head of the club into the ball. It results in providing fewer spins, and further, the ball covers a massive area after hitting it with a metal wood. 
  • High-Velocity Long Distance – The aerodynamic and symmetrical dimple design of the Golf balls helps to increase the lift. Besides, drag has been reduced just to allow the balls to gain longer shots on the course. Apart from that, these Ultimate distance balls offer an upgraded feel on and around the Golfing greens. 
  • Indestructible Cut-Proof – A virtually indestructible Cut-Proof cover is used in the balls. This cover is composed of Dupont Li-Surlyn that gives durability for a more extended period. Also, high performance, extraordinary resilience, and exceptional resistance to cuts and abrasions are accomplished.  


Constructed with Li-Surlyn, the outer cover makes the Golf balls substantially enduring. Surlyn is considered one of the most tenacious and long-lasting materials used to manufacture the external covering for a Golf ball. The outer cover is resistant to any cut, and it is pretty unbreakable. Aside from these qualities, the Nitro Golf balls increase durability, resistance while hitting, and flexibility. 


A high compression sphere can go across a greater range with a faster swing without losing the spin, like these Nitro Golf balls compression. It has a compression of 90. 


All levels of players are suitable to play with the ultimate distance balls to achieve a better swing speed. Moreover, the Golf balls deliver an incredible spin ratio as well as enhancing the ball control whenever you put them on the green. The two-piece tournament construction establishes a gigantic distance of a player’s metal woods and gives ultimate stopping ability with the iron while taking a shot. Whenever you swing the Ultimate Distance Golf balls faster, you will receive an optimal distance on the course. In addition to that, the balls provide amazing flight stability. 

Value For Money

One of the most critical features of these Golf balls is their affordability. Not only the cost-effective price, but the Nitro Golf balls come in four different colors. These are orange, white, yellow, and pink. The pack of Nitro Golf balls offers 15 pieces of balls. In case you lose one or two balls in the bushes, water, etc., you should not worry because you still have a lot to play with, all at a reasonable price. None of the spin control should matter for Golfers who are unable to achieve good spin even if he plays with a premium ball. Velocity is an excellent choice for these kinds of players because the quality of the balls is good at a price that literally covers the distance. 

Final Verdict​

Golfers who have just begun playing or are an amateur prefer these distance Golf balls for their cost-effective expenses and straightforward two-piece design. Nevertheless, a Dupont Surlyn cover is used with the balls that can take a thrashing without any horrible effects. Plus, the titanium core provides a robust energy transfer for obtaining maximum distance on the course. Combining the symmetrical dimple design with the titanium core helps the Ultimate Distance Golf balls deliver a higher lift. 

The pack of the distance Golf balls offers a total of 15 balls. You can play with these high-quality Golf balls without a doubt. And if you are a player who thinks about the conformation of the balls in the USGA, then you should not worry at all. These distance Golf balls are USGA approved and abide by all the rules and regulations of the USGA. Additionally, Nitro has appealed to all levels of the Golfer, from a novice to the professional, to give the advanced quality Golf balls a try. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Are these Golf balls biodegradable?

No, these are not biodegradable. These Ultimate Distance Golf balls are regular balls and made from plastic. Further, these balls will not save the environment for you.

2. Are Nitro Golf balls good for achieving longer distances?

Beginner Golfers fall towards the Nitro Golf ball for its more cost-effective cost and fantastically designed super reactive two-piece titanium core. The Dupont Lithium surlyn cover can take a thrashing without any horrible effects. Besides, the titanium core provides a robust energy transfer to obtain maximum distance.

3. Do these Distance Golf balls conform to the rules of the USGA?

Yes, these Golf balls conform to the rules of the USGA and are suitable for all levels of Golfers. 

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