Nike RZN Golf Balls Review [June 2023]

Nike RZN

  • Softer RZN core for exceptional feel.
  • Three-piece construction.
  • Speedlock technology.
  • Enhanced playability.
  • Suitable for High handicap player.
  • Compression rating of 74.
  • Convenient for weekend players.
  • 344 dimples and 13558 micro dimples.

Based on many features like new covers, unique cores, different materials, different compression ratings, and many other specifications, Golf balls are advancing every year. Some of them provide a high spin rate, and some of them offer a low spin rate. Besides, some of them are manufactured for the hard-hitting Golfers, and some of them are produced for the soft-hitting players. There is a wide range of brands available in the market for making various kinds of balls. Now you have to choose the balls according to your requirements. 

Today we will discuss the Nike RZN Golf Balls. Nike has launched its RZN balls with the tagline named “Play in the Now.” RZN has collaborated with Nike to manufacture a unique quality ball. The engineers and other team members of Nike are continuously trying to customize the balls for better performance. 

Nike started its journey of making Golf balls in the year 1999. Since then, they have launched quite a few other technologies to improve the playability of the Golfers throughout the years. Even Tiger Woods has played with the Nike Tour Accuracy balls and won over 20 tournaments, including 4 Majors in Golf, within just four years. In the year 2014, Nike launched the RZN balls with the all-new Speedlock technology with more advanced features than its predecessors. And, the result helps in the determined pursuit of improvement in distance, spin, and feel. 

Nike RZN Golf Balls: First Impressions​

Nike RZN Golf Balls Review

Nike RZN Balls Specifications
Ball ColorWhite
Item Weight0.5 Kilograms
Pack of12 Balls

Reasons To Buy

  • Produces maximal level of MOI.
  • Reasonable cost because of Tour ball.
  • More distance on the course.
  • Faster ball speed.
  • Optimized flight trajectory.
  • Increased greenside control.
  • Better Spin control.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Not suitable for the hard-hitting pro players.

Nike RZN: Detailed Specifications​


According to Nike, the Golf balls are made of regular rubber, making the balls lightweight and faster. These balls are a three-piece Tour performance Golf ball with a flexible urethane cover along with 3D speed lock technology. Moreover, due to the “state of the art technology,” Nike strongly predicts a soft and dynamic Tour ball, especially to target the medium swing speed Golfers.

Lighter core and heavy external layers of the perimeter of the Golf ball produce the maximal level of MOI to offer balanced ball flight, especially in crosswinds. RZN is approx ten percent lighter than conventional rubber that also makes the balls softer. 


Nike has promised to provide a soft feeling Golf ball. Finally, they have provided the RZN model constructed as 5% softer.  Even though the ball is too soft, the players love it. It is considered one of the best premium-quality Golf ball available in the market presently at a reasonable cost. Further, it gives reactive heaps of yardage. 


The Nike balls have a compression rating of 74. Due to having a low compression rating, these balls are fit for high handicap players who have a requirement of some ball control. It is even considered a great ball for the weekend player. 


Due to having the deeper grooves and Speedlock X technology, the core of the Nike ball generates nearly 26 percent of additional surface area compared to the previous generations to grant better energy transfer through the ball. It results in more distance and faster ball speed. In addition to that, the Speedlock mantle and Speedlock grooves help in providing better spin on shorter shots with high-lofted clubs. 

The flight suit cover of the Nike ball consists of 344 dimples and 13558 micro sized dimples. The engineers of Nike have joined the refined aerodynamics with the micro dimple to expand them across the cover of the ball. As a result, reduced drag and optimized flight trajectory are achieved. 

Besides, the soft top coatings are used to increase greenside control as well as spin control. Additionally, a seamless softer cover offers improved playability. 

Final Verdict​

The RZN core of the Nike ball is 3 mm wider than its predecessors. In addition to that, the RZN core is combined with the SpeedLock core, a layer of squares on the outer section of the RZN core, bragging deeper ridges for the increment of ball speeds. 

The Nike balls provide reduced spin off the driver and irons that you may be looking for from the last few days or even months. Apart from that, the recent and advanced Nike Tour balls are engineered to provide a comfortable feel without sacrificing distance. 

Even though some of the other Tour golf balls provide more spin, this Nike ball is not that bad and offers proper distance around the green. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. How does the name Speedlock come into existence?

The Speedlock name has been given due to a specific reason. Firstly, the surface of the ball is etched with a layer of squares. Further, these are used to lock the core into the midsection of the layer to increase the speed. That is why the name has been given as “Speedlock.”

2. How does the Nike Golf ball perform around the green?

Even if you convince the skilled Golfers to play with a Golf ball that does not execute in the short game well enough, they will not play with it. It does not matter to them, although the ball gives a good distance and flight stability. Nevertheless, the RZN Tour balls produced by Nike provide everything a player needs, whether you play chip shots around the green, bunker shots around the sand, and short pitch shots around the green. Plus, the Nike Golf ball offers a marginally softer feel and sound compared to its previous models while putting.

3. What is the compression rating for the Nike Golf ball?

The compression rating for the Nike Golf ball is 74. 

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