Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls Review – [April 2021]

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Callaway Chrome soft golf

Callaway Chrome Soft Balls

  • Durable and Ultra-Soft
  • 4-piece Construction.
  • Energetic Gradient Growth-Core
  • Pinpoint Greenside Control
  • 332-HEX dimple pattern
  • Good Distance & Control
  • Ionomer-cover.

Some time ago, Callaway Golf released Chrome Softball with dual-core-construction. Having two cores instead of one gives engineers more golf clubs to work with. Each-layer reacts to different golf clubs.

Graphene of its outer layer gives the ball more flight and less-spin even without higher performance in any shot. Its graphene perimeter makes the inner-core more significant for faster ball speed and less-spin. Overall, it is the result of prolonged stretcher drive, crisper wedges, and responsive put.

Chrome Soft is aimed at golfers who want a driver and iron performance as well as a soft feel and short game control. The material they are exposed to is called graphene.

It is a type of carbon atom arranged in a hexagonal lattice. This substance has been used to make the ball because the element structure outside the golf-ball looks similar to HX aerodynamics? Probably not, this was chosen because it is the smallest and most durable-material on Earth.

This Graphene-Dual SoftFast core has helped to increase the speed of the ball. The reduced long game spins to give the ball more-distance.

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls Review: First Impressions

callaway chrome soft golf

Construction332 HEX and 4-piece construction
CompressionLow Compression-75
CoreHEX Aerodynamics
ExtrasSoft Urethane
Colors Available2 (White, Yellow)

The Good

  • It’s quite soft.
  • It is a 4-piece, 60-compression Ionomer cover ball.
  • It has used an energetic gradient growth-core.
  • It has a graphene coating that gives the ball more strength.
  • It gives you a high-launch and low-spin trajectory.
  • It comes with a 338-speed grip patent.
  • It is more aerodynamic and reduces drag on the ball.
  • It gives you more accurate and consistent shots.

The Bad

  • Low-compression may have to compensate lightly if you love swing faster.

Features of Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls


The Callaway Chrome Soft balls offer ultra-low-compression compared to other models. Chrome Soft has a compression of 65. Its low-compression helps reduce the amount of speed on miss-hits. These golf balls also allow golfers to hit the ball more, which is beneficial for most golfers.


The chrome soft ball’s middle-compression and ultra-low-compression cores ensure performance is maximized with relative ease.

These golf balls complete the added distance, but its Graphene-infused dual-soft fast-core with chrome graphene’s advanced-design gives it to victory in the distance battle.

Durability and Feel

Chrome Soft has a Urethane-cover. This DuraSpin cover-system is strong, and its tour urethane shield system gives it to victory in-game.

Supersoft provides an amazing feel with 4-piece constriction. With their help, the ball stays in the game for a long time. There is a soft and energetic growth-core around the center and perimeter that maximizes ball-speed.


The chrome soft is a lower spin-ball that gives it some extra yard carry. Its outer core with a new polybutadiene rubber, which is infected with graphene. This combination provides a level of spin attack around the green with fewer single-core softballs.

The softer urethane cover also has something substantial to react against, creating a spin on wedge shots, and Colfowe claims to have the advantage of chrome soft over other soft low-compression balls.


Callaway Chrome is a mid-market price ball that is the right choice for the middle to high disabled. You can get better control and distance from it at a mid-market price, and for this reason, Chrome Soft is probably the best version of the ball.

Final Verdict

If you say to take a premium ball that is relatively easy to compress, then there is no other option than Chrome Soft. Players playing average and slightly above (70-90 mph) swing speeds with Chrome Soft will benefit greatly.

Chrome Soft’s advanced design delivers amazing-distance from the tee and also provides industry-leading greenside-control and feel. Together it is a premium-priced product that will give you more benefits in less expense.

Callaway Chrome Softball is designed for everyone, so beginners and experts alike can have an enjoyable experience with this golf-ball. Despite its great feel, it does not lose its performance. Its short-game spin can rival more expensive balls, which makes it quite a contender. This can significantly increase your distance, which makes this ball a god for those who swing slow.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Callaway Chrome Soft Golf-Balls?

This is combines tour-proven distance and performance with a unique fee, led by the new Graphene Dual Soft Fast Core. It comes with a new Graphene-infused dual-soft fast while reducing driver-spin and promoting higher projection for longer distances. This raises the internal core-compression energy.

2. What compression golf-ball should I play?

A 70-compression ball must be used by a golfer with a clubhead speed of 70 mph. In addition to this, an 80-compression ball is used by a golfer with a head speed of 80 mph, 90 with 90, and 100 k should also be used with 100. Apart from this, keep in mind that temperature affects ball-compression.

3. Is Chrome soft a three-piece ball?

Yes, it is a three piece low-compression ball. It comes with a Tour urethane-cover, and it is the soft fast heart ball. This ball has a low-spin from the tee for exceptional distances.

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