Bridgestone E6 Speed Balls Review [June 2023]

E6 Speed Golf Balls​

  • Anti-Spin Mantle Layer.
  • Surlyn cover with Delta Dimple.
  • Excellent Distance and Accuracy.
  • Long and Stretcher Shots.
  • 3-piece construction.
  • Great Value – Best Price

This new golf ball is manufactured with statistics of professional golfer’s experience. It is an example of Bridgestone’s popular line of golf balls. 

This pack of 12 golf balls is aimed at golfers looking for the perfect match between price and outstanding performance. It isn’t expensive as high-end B330 series models, although the performance levels are very close.

The E6 Speed features a three-piece design that includes a soft Surlyn cover, an anti-slide spin cover and a soft gradational core. The build behind this is intended to offer golfers an increased softer feel on all hits and reduce the driver for increased distance. 

This ball also helps for maximizing launch or stopping power on iron and wedge shots. If you are a player seeking more distance with softness, the Bridgestone E6 Speed golf ball will deliver all these things.

Bridgestone E6 Speed Balls: First Impressions​

Bridgestone-E6 Ball

E6 Speed Golf Ball Specifications
Cover MaterialSurlyn
Pack of12 Balls

Reasons To Buy

  • Increased distance and control by reducing air resistance.
  • Provides long and stretcher shots.
  • Great feel and durability.
  • Anti-spin cover layer.
  • Color option available for greater visibility on the fairway.
  •  Amazing accuracy – perfect for fending off hooks and slices.
  • Suitable for mid to high handicappers and lower swing speeds.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Less control around the greens.

Bridgestone E6 Speed Golf Balls: Detailed Specifications​

Design and Build Quality

This golf ball features a 3-piece design that includes a soft Surlyn wrap, anti-spin mantle layer, and a soft gradational control. This multi-layer design offers golfers a soft feel on all hits and reduces spin off the driver for increased distance. The Surlyn cover is an ionomer resin material that is perfect for amateurs. Also, it is durable enough for everyday use.  

  • Dimple Design – Delta design reduces smooth air touch on the ball to give you the correct direction and long-distance. The dimples help the air move quickly behind the ball, so it travels faster. The ball does not go very far because the wind does not move too quickly behind the ball. People who play golf use different types of clubs to move the ball forward or up.
  • Anti-spin mantle layer – The anti-spin coating fights against excess backspin by keeping the ball in its shape. This prevents the ball from compressing at impact. As a result, it provides straighter shots and increases the length of flying.
  • Soft Gradational compression core – This allows for a maximum distance even for players with slow swing speeds. Further, it optimizes the feel for golfers despite its low compression. This golf ball can produce straight shots due to the soft gradational core. 


Feel what it is like to gain accuracy, range, and decisive power in the competition. The accuracy of the Bridgestone E6 Golf Ball is lower side spin that gives you more control to the ball on every shot. Accuracy and a decisive advantage come in competition with the Bridgestone golf ball. These balls have a multilayered cover optimized for high performance ball that helps in short game improvement. It also facilitates great initial velocity for fast ball speed and low spin for straight hits. 


The E6 Speed is made to provide fast speed and low spin to the driver for straight distances. These multi-layered balls provide optimum performance from Tee to green. The delta pattern dimple is built for straight distance allowing it to reach a maximum speed of twice as much.


It is designed for striker shots with speed. With this ball, the driver gives a low spin so that you get the benefit of a great shot. The new dimple design allows smooth wind resistance resulting in direct ball flight. It has a multi-layered design for maximum accuracy on all hits. 


It is much better in terms of quality. These used golf balls will be free of cuts but may have a light fight, pouch, and smooth print. Grade X-out and practice models may include this. The Bridgestone E6 is one of those golf balls that is quite affordable, providing plenty of durability to its consumers. This is because the golf balls have something known as a Trionomer-Cover (a type of surgeon material).

Final Verdict​

This Bridgestone Golf Ball is excellent for mid to high handicapper. It provides more than just greenside control. If you also want more control, distance and straighter trajectory in your short game, this would be a better option for you, believe it.

Bridgestone claims that golfers often make the mistake of choosing the best spin balls and then have problems controlling their results. These high spin balls not only have premium values but are lost mainly more often.

On the other hand, low-spinning balls offer straight shots that remain in the fairway. Straight hits also, naturally, provide long-range, while the ball’s softcover makes them feel better in green.

If this sounds like something that will help your game, then you recommend taking a box from here and trying it out. The price is so low that a dozen tests cannot break the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. What is the Difference Between Bridgestone’s E6 Soft and E6 Speed models?

The variation between E6 Soft golf and E6 Speed is a must. E6 Soft is currently similar to E6. It is a low, soft-compression ball, but the variation is that the E6 Soft has a larger-core design. The E6 speed rotates slower than the E7 but more than the E6 Soft, which helps create more distance for some players.

2. How Do I Hit a Golf Balls Straight?

  1. Elevate the balls. Put your golf tee in the ground.
  2. Keep the ball high in your stance. Stand so that the ball aligns with your left toe.
  3. Take a broad view. The further your legs are apart from each other, the more range of motion you will have.
  4. Hold the club-high.
  5. Pull the club up and back.
  6. Swing!

3. What is the Difference Between Bridgestone E6 and E7?

The core of the Bridgestone E7 golf ball is the main variation between the E6 and the E7. While the e6 has a relatively softcore, the e7 has a ‘speed enhancer’ large-core. This is designed to give you more distance by increasing the velocity of the ball of the clubface.

4. Will E6 speed and significant range over soft?

We tested E6 SOFT White against the Speed version and found less than 10 yards variation. e6 SOFT was very responsive in the short control end of our testing.

5. What’s the Difference Between E6 & E12 Balls?

E12 features the Active Acceleration Mantle, which is comprised of a new High-Performance Polymer material with an added surfactant that creates increased thrust and higher initial ball velocity at impact, which doesn’t have in E6 Soft. Both E6 Soft and E12 Soft have a unique dimple pattern called “Delta-Dimple,” which allows balls to cut through the wind and go longer.

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