Best Golf Balls For Seniors – [April 2021]

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 Titleist Tour Soft

Titleist Tour Soft Low Compression Golf ballS

Wilson Staff

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls

Golf is the only sport that is still the most popular among senior citizens. But you should know that you are not like that young, energetic child, but things have changed a little bit. But will this stop you from playing golf, no! Because we also know that your heart is always like a child.

Then why not play golf again.

Now the only thing you need to change is the golf equipment you use. In today’s time, brands know about the age and type of players playing the game. Therefore, many options are being prepared for them to choose from.

We want to help you find-the-best golf ball to exceed your needs as a senior golfer. Today we will talk about the seniors golf balls that are highly suited to your style of play.

We’ve prepared a list of Best Golf Balls For Seniors based on Golfer Reviews and our Market Research.

We highly recommend you to read our Golf Balls buying located towards the bottom of this post.

Top 10 Golf Balls For Seniors

Golf Balls Compression Cover
Titleist Tour Soft 65 4CE Grafted
Wilson Fifty Elite 50 Ionomer
Bridgestone e6 Soft 50 Surlyn
Titleist DT TruSoft 60 Ionomer
Srixon Q-Star Tour 72 Urethane
Callaway Chrome Soft 75 Ionomer
Wilson Smart Core 85 Ionomer
Nitro Ultimate Distance 90 Surlyn
MG Golf Ball 75 Urethane
Callaway SuperSoft 38 Ionomer

Which are the 10 Best Golf Balls For Seniors In 2020?​

1. Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls

Titleist Tour Soft Low Compression Golf ballS
  • 2 Piece Construction
  • 342 Cuboctahedron Dimples
  • 65 Compression Rating
  • 4CE Grafted Cover
  • Largest Titleist Core
  • Consistent and Penetrating Flight

These balls developed by Titleist is much better in terms of performance. It delivers a category-leading soft feel. To develop a ball with such responsive experience and high speed, our engineers created the largest-core in Titleist golf balls. An ultra-thin 4CE grafting casing encapsulates this softcore for excellent miniature game performance.

Titleist Soft is invented for golfers looking for distance and spin. It is a two-piece golf balls with an amazingly soft and large-core. Titleist has added this extra large-core with a new cover material that gives the ball its distance. The combination of the new core and layer produces the desired result without the need for a mantle.

Its new cover provides excellent short play control and soft feel. It also has a unique dimple-design that aims to offer more constant and straighter-flight. It is a spherical tiled 342 cuboctahedron dimple-design that maintains the speed and stability of the ball in the air.

The Good

  • It provides extra height on iron shots.
  • It is suitable for advanced short game controls.
  • It is perfect for penetrating trajectory and consensual flights.
  • It comes with a spherically built 342 cuboctahedron dimple design.
  • It comes with a 4CE grafted cover manufactured with TCE process technology.
  • Its new cover provides excellent short-game control and soft feel.

The Bad

  • Lacks greenside feel.

2. Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls
  • 2-Layers
  • 50-Compression Rating
  • Dimples 302
  • Ionomer Cover
  • Rubber Core
  • New PhD aerodynamics

Wilson makes this golf ball for seniors players, the ionomer-shield enables it to be more sensitive, and gives a steady flight, providing softness in the green. It has 302-aerodynamic dimples with the help of which is the best for great flying.

These are two-layer balls that strike the right stability between high green-side spin and lower driver-spin always to give you some explosive distance and a softer feel. Fifty Elite launches into the 2 piece golf ball-category expecting an entirely new performance. As an original and only 50-Compression golf ball, Fifty offered an unmatched feel to a ball that is as tall as any on the market.

This explosive ball distance is coupled with a soft-feel. Along with this low driver, spin is offset by high suicide spin and is also appropriate for long carry, quick stop.

The Good

  • It gets you with a highly responsive-cover.
  • In this, you get an explosive distance.
  • It is a lower drive spin ball.
  • Its correct distance/control balance gives you great performance in the game.
  • It is one of the most durable balls.
  • You get it in four attractive ball color options.

The Bad

  • It isn’t very good from the tee.
  • Its performance is still not as good as you get with high-end balls.

3. Bridgestone e6 Soft Balls

Bridgestone e6 Soft Balls
  • 3-Layers
  • Surlyn Cover
  • 50-Compression Rating
  • Soft Gradational Core
  • 330 Dimples
  • Straighter Flight and High Launch

The E6 series is the flagship of the company’s lowest spinning ball and translates into a straighter-flight trajectory, higher trajectory, and indeed lower driver-spin. If you are a senior golfer who is looking for a less compressed ball, then this may be a better option for you.

The Bridgestone E6 is one of those golf balls that gives excellent strength to its consumers as this ball has a Trionomer-Cover (a type of surgeon material). The ball cover ensures that the golf ball remains at a stable and long-lasting level.

It can be taken through the air without many sidespins. It also means that the golf ball’s dimple-system will allow the ball to stay on more fairways and maintain lower spin levels. Rolling out after landing is excellent with this ball. For such a little compression ball, it lacked the sentimental feeling that often occurs with balls with the same compression number.

The Good

  • Its first mantle layer gives the ball more distance.
  • It is built with new dual-dimple technology.
  • It is designed to improve your game.
  • It gives you a straight and longer distance.
  • It has an exceptional approach and top-notch greenside control.
  • It comes with a fantastic feel and high accuracy.

The Bad

  • A little too softer for some golfers.
  • The surface seems to scratch easily.

4. Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls

Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Ball
  • 2-Layers
  • 60-Compression Rating
  • TruTouch Core
  • Ionomer Cover
  • 376 Tetrahedral Dimples
  • Quality and Accuracy

Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls are made with TruTouch-Core and TruFlex covers. It is the softest feel and is for better performance on the green. It provides better distance through longer shots and less game playability.

These give an exceptionally soft-feel on every shot. Titleist R&D built a New-Core and Cover Formulation, which delivers short game playability as well as very few spins in long games at impressive distances. DT TruSoft-technology is the result of the best mix of soft compression and performance you expect. You will also be able to see features like the softest compression feel, reliable quality, and consistency-filter.

The Good

  • It keeps low spin for long-distances.
  • It gives you a better feel around the greenery.
  • It is the correct example of trusted quality and accuracy.
  • It uses advanced aerodynamics for continuous flight.
  • It enhances the ability to play short games.
  • It gives an impressive distance on full shots.

The Bad

  • Players above slower swing speed are not the right option.

5. Srixon Q-Star Tour Golf Balls

Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 Golf Balls
  • 3-Piece
  • 72 Compression Rating.
  • 324 Dimple Design
  • Urethane-Cover
  • Energetic-Gradient Growth Core
  • Consistent and Balanced Performance

The Q-Star Tour is a low-compression golf ball, designed to give more distance to senior golfers at certain times. It usually has a softer overall feel. The feel of the driver’s greens and close-ups is much better than expected for the ball and is a very soft feel to the putter as well.

The primary purpose of this is to give tour-level performance for players with more moderate swing speeds. It is a better choice to give the maximum distance for golfers in the 75–95 MPH driver club-head speed range, with greenside spin and control.

It is a premium, 3-piece golf ball made with 100% tour technologies. Similar to tour-level balls, it uses a durable cover, while unlike the performer core of traditional tour-level balls, a softer-core is provided to help with slow swing speed.

The Good

  • It is soft, durable, and affordable.
  • It comes with a 3-piece design that gives you more distance from the tee.
  • Its EGG-Core improves acceleration.
  • Its Spin Skin Technology increases friction and helps in spin control.
  • Its 324 dimple pattern improves accuracy.
  • Its durable cover design gives you moderate swing speed.

The Bad

  • It is not much useful for fast swing players.

6. Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls
  • 4-Piece
  • 75 Compression Rating
  • 332-HEX Dimple
  • Ionomer-Cover.
  • Energetic-Gradient Growth-Core
  • Durable and Ultra-Soft Feel

If you want an extraordinary distance in your game, more control in the green, and an amazingly soft feel, then you select the Callaway golf balls. It is designed for tour-proven performance with exceptional performance. The 4-piece built and dual soft fast core produce high ball speed and optimum spin rate to maximize performance.

Its best ultra low-compression core plays a unique role. It will give you faster ball speed and lower spin rates, which helps in straighter ball flight. It is, of course, preferable to get the most distance away from Tee.

This Graphene-Dual SoftFast core has helped to increase the speed of the ball. The reduced long game spins to give the ball more distance.

The Good

  • It is a Two-piece, 60-compression Ionomer-cover ball.
  • Its low compression core and softcover-ensures exceptional soft feel.
  • It has a graphene coating that gives the ball more strength.
  • It gives you a high-launch and low spin trajectory.
  • It comes with a 338-speed grip patent.
  • It is more aerodynamic and reduces-drag on the ball.
  • It gives you more accurate and constant shots.
  • It has used an EGG-Core.

The Bad

  • Some players may not like the balls low compression design.

7. Wilson Smart Core Golf Balls

Wilson Smart Core Golf Balls
  • Two Piece-Construction
  • 85-Compression Rating
  • 432 Dimples Count
  • Ionomer Cover
  • Smart Technology-Core
  • Distance and Soft Feel

This is senior players grade golf balls give more balance in your game. It is designed for powerful acceleration, with a firm ionomer-shield and Smart Technology-Core chemistry. Its enhanced scaffolding makes it ideal for practicing at your driving range. Also, it comes with an extra edge that makes them equally powerful on the fairway.

Fifty Elite has launched an expectation of an entirely new performance in the 2-piece distance ball-category. Its original and only 85-compressions offered an unmatched feel in a ball that is as tall as any on the market. Today FIFTY is below the best value in premium balls, offering twice the same performance as balls.

You will be able to take your game to the next level with this golf ball, as it is designed to feel away from the tee. This allows you to hit the far end. This golf ball has a soft green response. It is suitable for use by both amateurs and professionals alike.

Its smart core-technology increases swing speed to present a better experience and great distance. It also produces more spin on short shots for better control and does not allow less spin on longer shots for stretcher distance.

The Good

  • It features smart core-technology that reacts to a player’s swing speed.
  • It helps control yields and short-shots.
  • It shortens the spin for distance and accuracy on long shots.
  • Its durable ionomer-shield provides long-lasting playability through multiple conditions.
  • These close the tee response for maximum distance and produce a softer response around the green for exceptional feel.
  • It is perfect for senior golfers.

The Bad

  • It is a bit hard.

8. Nitro Ultimate Distance Balls

Nitro Ultimate Distance Ball
  • 2-Layers
  • Titanium-Core
  • 90-Compression Rating
  • Dupont Lithium Surlyn Cover
  • 352-Dimple Count
  • Ball Type Distance

If you are looking for an inexpensive, durable, and great performing ball, you may not have a good option than Nitro Balls. It has all the qualities a senior golfer needs. These balls carry velocity but do not compromise performance. They can cross a significant distance that every golfer wants.

This ball is an ideal companion for those who want extra distance than anything. It is a 2-piece golf ball with a reactive-core of titanium that gives the ball incredible speed. The outer layer is made of soft Surlin, which improves the feel of the ball with more control.

Its Super Residential 2-Piece titanium-core tournament build reduces energy transfer from golf clubs to the ball, rotating less, so that your metal can get explosive distance from the wood. It has a wind-cheating flight-stability. Its high-velocity long-term aerodynamics and symmetrical dimple pattern improve lift and reduce drag allowing for distance shots. These Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Balls have felt great on and around golf green.

The Good

  • It features a titanium-core to maximize energy from the clubhead to the ball.
  • Its aerodynamic dimple pattern improves lift for longer-shots.
  • It comes with durable Two piece-construction.
  • It provides an excellent stick power and ability.
  • It gives you a different color choice.
  • It provides a better distance from metal woods.
  • It helps in giving you more distance.

The Bad

  • It is not made for quality.

9. MG Senior Golf Ball

MG Best Golf Balls For Seniors
  • 350 Dimples
  • 3-Piece
  • 75 Compression Rating
  • Urethane-Cover
  • High-Velocity Core
  • Longer and Straighter Drives

With MG Senior Ball, you can experience a relatively higher distance and a better experience. Thus golf balls represent an interesting option and give a better performance at a more affordable price. These golf balls will prove to be an interesting option when it comes to better velocity. Even more, with 350 dimples, when long-distance results are obtained. This means that you will get the possibility to improve the overall performance of each shot.

These golf balls come with 3-piece-construction. With a responsive core and a urethane-cover, you get a high degree of durability and control. It is designed using the best techniques and materials of the engineering process. These golf balls are made for the golfers to have fun in their golf-game. The official golf organizer of the USG Association does not approve or recognize MG senior golf balls for their golf matches or tournaments. But senior golfers can get these soft golf balls and enjoy their golf game with large distances.

The Good

  • MG Senior Golf Balls fly higher and longer to offer higher distances.
  • They are the longest golf ball-designed for golfers whose drives are less than 250 yards.
  • These are designed for senior golf players who want to diminish frustration and increase their enjoyment of playing golf around the golf course.
  • When you play golf with these golf balls, you get more distance, more forgiveness, surprisingly.
  • Its cover is high quality as well as durable enough to provide a better feel to golfers and softer sound when hit.

The Bad

  • The USGA does not allow MG Senior Golf Balls in its professional golf tournaments.

10. Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls
  • 332 Dimples
  • 2-Piece Layer
  • 38-Compression Rating
  • Polybutadiene-Core
  • Ionomer Cover
  • Long and Straight Distance

Callaway Super-Soft is designed with ultra-low compression to extend the distance to golf balls. It has a compression of just 35, one of his most popular two-piece balls. The super-low spin is the catalyst for straight shots. The Callaway golf ball is designed in such a way that senior golfers can use their specific dimensions.

This product helps improve the shooting skills of beginners and enhances the experiences of the most experienced golfers by managing their contact with the golf clubs. However, it is quite clear that beginners should opt for the Callaway super-soft ball. Consumers can look for products that were specifically designed for them.

Callaway combined the lowest compression golf ball available with its hex aerodynamics to create long, straight-range shots with an incredibly soft-feel so that you can get better game experience.

The Good

  • It is the best golf ball with ultra-low compression.
  • Super soft and durable.
  • It gives a very soft and excellent feel.
  • They are also better for distance and accuracy.
  • It is combined with multi-color options.
  • Its new softer-cover gives you move spin on the green.
  • Relatively affordable.

The Bad

  • There is a slight loss of control.

How To Choose The Best Golf Balls For Seniors?

There are some main facts that, with the help of or at the time of buying, keeping those things in mind, you can choose a better-option for yourself. So let’s know about them –


Regular senior golfers should always pick high-quality golf balls in golf. Because at the end of the day, performance matters. What do you want from your game? Distance, ball control, or spin?

According to my experience, you should select balls that offer more distance on slow hits. In that case, softcover balls are best for you.

Surlyn or urethane Cover?

For senior golfers, a surlyn covered golf ball can provide durability and is also easily affordable. It is not the case for urethane-cover balls. Surlin cover balls can give you more control and straighter shots with less trajectory.

It looks good enough for a golf ball. But for enthusiasts looking for a high backspin, urethane covered balls would be perfect.


There are still seniors who can hit the ball far ahead, but as you get senior, you need a little help from your equipment to get the ball green.

Many golf balls today provide better compression levels that help increase your distance when the ball hits. Many seniors are still using the balls they used ten years ago, but this is a mistake: as your swing and golf game changes, so should your ball change.


Nowadays, most golf balls are much more durable. However, some manufacturers are focusing on making the softest ball possible, neglecting the fact that some of us want to use one ball for several rounds. A ball must be durable enough to run at least one full round if you can get more than this, even better.


The durability of a golf ball does not matter if you do not find it after you hit it. Many seniors, who do not have a single eye, opt for bright yellow or green balls so that they can easily counter them.

When you stand above a put, the alignment aids on the ball should be visible. Sure, you can draw a line on the ball, but some have excellent alignment aids that reduce the need for a sharp line. People seeking attention and divert attention should be avoided.


In my view, senior golfers should go for low compression balls because low compression balls, as many golfers know, have a stretcher trajectory and travel long distances on hits.

So if you are choosing a better option then keep in mind low or high compression so that you can get a high level of play from the ball.

Final Verdict

All the balls we reviewed in this post are suited for all senior golfers. Some balls can give you more control and some better distance. It depends on you how you like to play. If you know your game well, you can quickly order the balls that are made for you.

But it is better to have different types and categories of balls for multipurpose use. Choosing the right ball will make you confident in the field as you will get the value of your shots. Our reviews are always unbiased and only to meet the needs of users and focus on a better product. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Golf Balls Different than other Golf Balls?

Yes, of course, younger players have a faster swing speed ball that enables them to hit longer and harder. But for senior golfers, it is harder to generate speed like younger golfers. Therefore, when they choose a golf ball, the distance of the ball is taken into consideration for the control and durability of the ball. In some cases, visibility may also be the key parameter.

2. Does the Cover of the Ball make any Difference?

Golf ball covers come in Surlyn and Urethane. Surgery is recommended due to its durability, control, and flight response. If you are still playing professionally, go for urethane cover balls.

3. Does the Ball have an Impact on Visibility?

Ball visibility does not affect gameplay so much. But when you play in low light, it is difficult to see where your ball is. Thus, it becomes difficult to find balls after each shot. It can also cost time and money.

4. What do Dimples Do?

Seniors are recommended to go for balls with wide and shallow dimples. This is because such dimples allow the ball to reach longer distance and reduce backspin, making it easier for seniors to play the game.

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