Best Golf Travel Bags – [April 2021]

In a Hurry? Our Top 2 Picks to Buy!

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian

AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Bag

AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Bag

Today we will review the golf travel bag. We will find out why a golf travel bag is necessary for you! And together, we have given a list of the great golf travel bags here in which you will be able to get the top clubs carrying bag without any hassle.

For our golf fans, our sports bucket list may include Torre Pines, TPC Scottsdale, Augusta National, or international destinations such as Scotland or Dubai. Whatever your goal, you have two possible options for clubs. You can take your clubs with you, or you can rent a club.

Airlines don’t refuse to carry Golf Bags as luggage. Most airlines do not have an additional charge as long as you are within the standard checked baggage weight limit. Depending on your actual equipment, style of golf travel bag, and some other factors, it is unlikely that you will exceed the weight limit.

Some of you may be the first time buyers for Golf Travel Bag or golf travel case, and some of you may be looking to change what you have. Whatever your situation, we will answer all of the questions and more.

We’ve prepared a list of Best Golf Travel Bags based on Golfer Reviews and our Market Research.

We highly recommend you to read our buying located towards the bottom of this post.

Top 10 Golf Travel Bags

Golf Travel Bags Weight
Sun Mountain ClubGlider 11.8 lbs
AmazonBasics Soft-Sided 9.6 lbs
CaddyDaddy Constrictor 9 lbs
SKB ATA Standard 18 lbs
SKB Deluxe ATA 19 lbs
Samsonite Hard-Sided Cover 10.5 lbs
CaddyDaddy Phoenix 12 lbs
CaddyDaddy Enforcer 9 lbs
Club Glove Pro 12.1 lbs
Founders Cover 8 lbs

Which are the 10 Best Golf Travel Bags In 2021?

1. Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian
  • Two-way Zippers.
  • Internal-Straps.
  • Weighs 11.8 lbs.
  • Made of Nylon Fabric.
  • 2-Side Pockets

Sun Mountain is one of the best golf manufacturers in the golf appliances industry. Its Meridian Cover is a quality travel cover that can accommodate all your gadgets comfortably. Not only is durable, but it’s aesthetically the golf travel bag according to look.

One of the best features of this case is the leg mechanism can be extended and retracted in one easy motion. It is the best highly configured bag with two-way zippers that covers the entire length of the bag for easy loading and unloading.

There is a second set of wheels besides the regular in-line skate wheels, which are easily retractable, so the bag stays in the wheeling position by itself. The little wheels on the foremost wheels pivot and take almost 100% of the Weight off your hand and arm so you can guide the Club Glider Meridian around with total ease-using a single finger.

Overall, a nice bag that will need a bit more secure around the club heads.

The Good

  • It comes with a unique leg mechanism-system.
  • Strong and durable construction.
  • It offers enough storage for all golf gadgets.
  • It’s aesthetically one of the best cases to look.
  • The sole focus here is to wheel your bag around super easily.
  • It is the most protective golf travel bag.
  • With four wheels in it, you can easily pull and push.
  • Sleek design.

The Bad

  • The main zipper isn’t designed for a lock.
  • It is quite expensive in the market.

2. AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag

AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Bag
  • Full-length Zipper.
  • Compression Straps (External).
  • Weighs 9.6 lbs.
  • Made of Waterproof Nylon.
  • 2-Zipper Side Pocket.

AmazonBasics Bag can carry your best golf clubs comfortably. It comes with durable nylon cloth. In-line skate wheels give smooth rolling when running with this bag. Full length zips give easy access to packing and unpacking.

The 2 section is perfect for protecting irons and clubs. 2 wide pockets with a secure-zipper can accommodate your best golf shoes, hats, sunglasses, towels, golf tees, Golf Balls and other essentials.

When placing a set of clubs inside the bag, the bag may fall flat or stand on its own. The waterproof covering provides a stress-free trip. That is, it will help you in your comfortable trip.

The Good

  • It is made of rain proof black canvas.
  • It also comes with a full-length zipper for easy inside access.
  • It gives you a heavily padded topmost section.
  • It’s also got a ton of storage with two massive outside pockets.
  • It also has an integrated ID slot.
  • Inline-skate wheels have been provided to carry the bag easily.
  • It also has freestanding for inside club protection.

The Bad

  • Some of the negative reviews talk about wheels not working correctly.

3. CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2 Golf Travel Cover

CaddyDaddy Constrictor II Golf Travel Cover
  • Heavy-duty Lockable Zippers.
  • External and Internal Strap.
  • Weighs 9 lbs.
  • Made of 1800 Denier Nylon.
  • 2-Zipper Side Pockets.

CaddyDaddy is a provider of high-grade golf travel bags for many years. The Golf Constrictor 2-Travel Cover is another best golf product of them that offers high value to the golfers. This bag can accommodate all bags up to 10″ cart bags.

The construction is top-class as it built with 1800 denier nylon. It is featured with best heavier duty lockable-zippers on the main opening and pockets. The thick padded cover will keep your club safe, and the external & internal-cinch straps will provide the security to your fairway woods, Drivers, Irons, and best clubs.

The easy-rolling feature with skate wheels makes it highly convenient. It offers easily collapsible benefit for storage. Also, the over-sized pockets give ample storage for gears.

The Good

  • It is a vast bag with enough space for gears.
  • It is too lightweight and Durable.
  • It also has easy-rolling wheels.
  • It comes with 3-outside pockets for essential gears.
  • It easily folds into a compact size for convenient storage.
  • It also gave you consistent and repeatable performance around the greens.
  • This will be sufficient to pack clubs as well as a standard size golf case.

The Bad

  • It takes a lot of space because this is a large bag.

4. SKB ATA Standard Golf Travel Case

SKB ATA Standard Golf Travel Case
  • TSA Locking-System.
  • Made of Ultra High Molecular-Polyethylene.
  • Weighs 18 lbs.
  • Plenty of Space

Protect your golf club with SKB’s Standard ATA Travel Case (2SKB-4812WS). This travel case is the design for the most popular stand-bags providing maximum security. The ultra-high molecular weight is molded from polyethylene, a material specified by American Cases for Cases and Containers, and manufactured to meet or exceed the ATA-300 Category I – Highest Shipping Container Specification.

SKB-brand hardshell cases are wholly warranted against defects in materials and craftsmanship for the life of the case to the original owner. That means, if your case breaks, the company will supply change parts, repair the case, or replace your case for as long as you own it. Proof of Purchase is required for all warranty claims.

This Golf Travel Case comes with TSA Lock-System for the comfort of airline travel, SKB’s exclusive Perfect-Match valance bending system, providing tight, secure-fits to prevent dirt, dust, and moisture from getting inside the case.

The Good

  • It is suitable for Airline Travel.
  • It is protected from Dirt, Dust, and Moisture.
  • It made with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene.
  • TSA Lock System for ease of travel.
  • Contoured to fit stand bags plus a pair of shoes, carry bags, and drivers up to 48″.
  • In it, a very comfortable lift holder in the center of the case.
  • There is plenty of room for your extra things.

The Bad

  • Heavy at 18 lbs.
  • No extra storage.

5. SKB 2SKB-4814W Deluxe ATA Golf Travel Case

SKB 2SKB-4814W Deluxe ATA Golf Travel Case
  • TSA Locking-System.
  • Weighs 19 lbs.
  • Made of Waterproof-Polyethylene.
  • Holds longer 48″ clubs with 10.5″ bags.
  • Internal Compression Straps.

This is one of the best bag for traveling with golf clubs, and one reason for this is because it is constructed to meet the highest SKB-shipping container specifications. It has a Lock-System that helps keep your best golf bag safe and also makes inspection easier at the airport.

A perfect match valance bending-system protects against moisture, dirt, and dust. It is a very lightweight and hard case to ensure that it does not add significant weight to your luggage and to best up everything.

It is made of ultra-high hard case molecular weight-polyethylene that is made to ATA-300 Category I specifications. What does this mean in English? It means that SKB-Cases are made of the same hard case plastic specified by the U.S. military for containers, and the case meets the highest-standard for the Air Transport Association. It’s this type of solid construction that allows the company to offer the warranty that it does.

The Good

  • It is made with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene.
  • TSA Locking-System for the comfort of airline-travel.
  • Contoured to easily fit stand bags plus a pair of golf shoes, carry-bags, and drivers up to 48″.
  • SKB’s Unconditional lifetime-warranty.
  • In it, a lift holder in the center of the case.
  • It is very sturdy and grand looking.

The Bad

  • Its Weight is a little bit high.

6. Samsonite Hard Sided Travel Cover Case

Samsonite Golf Hard Sided Travel Cover Case
  • Two-Way Zippers.
  • 2-Internal Strap.
  • Made of 1800 Denier Fabric.
  • Weighs 10.5 lbs.
  • Most Protective

Even the best golf bags cannot withstand the hazards that come with moving from one place to the other, whether you are using the road, air, or railway and so you need something harder to keep your gear safe.

A cover case is an answer to the rigorous nature of movement from one place to the other, but you still have to find a quality one. It is designed for the frequent golf traveler with hard cases ABS plastic material to ensure that it can take anything that you bring its way.

It is also very spacious, making it possible to fit not only your precious gear but also a few extra things. The case also has four multi-directional wheels for smooth movement, and rubber grip handles for easier handling.

Four 360-degree spinner wheels on the bottom of the case that pivot in any direction, making for a smooth rolling experience and the ability to pivot quickly and easily. A two-way zipper runs the length of the bag with a ring that enables the zippers to be locked together.

The Good

  • The four multi-directional wheels make it easy for you to move it, whether you are pulling or pushing it.
  • Its lightweight & durable built makes it the best golf travel bag.
  • It is made with solid ABS Shell.
  • It is fully padded to offer maximum protection to your valuable golf gear.
  • It also has an internal-compression strap to hold its contents in place for increased protection.

The Bad

  • Some users thought the case was very big, and they had difficulty fitting it in the car.

7. CaddyDaddy Phoenix Golf Travel Bag

Caddy Daddy Golf Phoenix Best Golf Travel Bag
  • Full-length zipper.
  • External & internal compression straps.
  • Made of 1800 Denier fabric.
  • Weighs 12 lbs.
  • 3 Oversized pockets for extra gears.
  • 1-year warranty.

Phoenix is the largest travel-cover available from Caddy-Daddy. The Phoenix was designed for vast cart bags and staff bags, but it also works well withstand bag. Apart from the interior of the room, this oversized model has 3-large lockable pockets for lots of extra gear, clothes, and shoes.

Phoenix is a weather-proof 1800 denier manufactured from advanced grade materials. The construction denier material refers to the thickness of the fiber, and the 1800 denier is 3-times thicker (and durable) than the normal 600 deniers. The Caddy Daddy bag also has the best available handles, wheels, webbing, and lockable-zippers.

It is committed to providing a hassle-free experience for Amazon customers. They offer a straight forward 100% one-year full bag replacement-guarantee. In the rare occurrence that a Caddy Daddy travel bag is damaged, they’ll send a Brand-New replacement bag at no cost to the customer.

The Good

  • It offers a one-year replacement-warranty.
  • It has great capacity.
  • High impact EVA molded foam is provided for maximum protection of club heads.
  • Self-standing wheelbase allows the bag to stand upright.
  • Best-in-class 1800 denier construction makes it stronger.
  • It is the best golf travel bag that has high-duty lockable-zippers at the main opening.
  • Easy-rolling inline skate wheels are flexible for carrying bags.
  • Exterior and internal-lynch straps are provided to guard the best clubs.

The Bad

  • It is quite pricey.

8. CaddyDaddy Enforcer Travel Bag

CaddyDaddy Enforcer Travel Bag
  • Lockable-Zippers.
  • Internal compression strap.
  • weighs 9 lbs.
  • Made of 1800D all-weather fabric.
  • 2 side pockets.

The Enforcer travel bag is the latest advancement in air travel from Caddy Daddy. A crush-resistant hardtop adds extra-protection for your golf clubs while the soft case body is made of 1800D all-weather stuff for maximum durability. The full wrap-around zipper makes loading and unloading your bag easy, fitting up to 10″ cart bags.

Skate wheels for smooth rolling performance wherever you take it. It is easy to transport since it only nine pounds. The top-part is entirely made from crush-resistant ABS, for premium-protection of your golf clubs. And the bottom part is made from soft fabrics and features two-large zippered pockets for all your other golfing gear.

The hybrid golf travel bag has a total of four grab handles; there are the top and bottom ones that make it easy to pick up the case and place it anywhere. Another advantage this hybrid bag has over-fully stiff side cases is storage.

The bottom part folds and fits-inside the top-section, so it’s going to be pretty easy to store it when not in use. On top of all that, Caddy Daddy gives you an unlimited warranty for the first year. In which covers any damage caused to the bag by the airlines.

The Good

  • It has a crush-resistant ABS hardtop that provides additional protection.
  • It gives you a 1-year full bag replacement warranty.
  • It is being given to you with a full wrap-around lockable-zipper and side pocket.
  • Its 1800D all-weather-fabric provides maximum durability.
  • Soft travel cover body and fold-able rubber base fit for easy storage.
  • It is worth the price.

The Bad

  • TSA Locks not Included.
  • Not many colors.

9. Club Glove Last Bag Large Pro Golf Travel Bag

Club Glove Last Bag Large Pro Bag
  • YKK-Zippers.
  • ITW Nexus Buckles
  • Weighs 12.1 lbs.
  • Made of Cordura fabric for maximum durabilitity.
  • 2 shoe pockets with two shoe bags.

Club Glove’s Last Bag is large enough to accommodate a golf club as long as 47” in length. It is made of CORDURA fabric on the exterior to provide the max durability and extra-thick foam padding on the interior to protect the clubs.

The in-line skate wheels are convenient for quick transport and fully-integrated two-piece handle that makes it easy to lift the bag in a car. It is made of Invista Cordura 1000 D Rain resistant nylon that is up to 3x stronger and lasts up to 5x longer than standard-polyester.

It comes with two show pockets with individual shoe bags, YKK-zippers, and ITW Nexus buckles. Quite simply, it is the best travel golf bag in the world. And another best thing is, It comes with a limited lifetime warranty or NEW upgradeable “unconditional” warranty.

The Good

  • A vast size golf travel bag that can accommodate almost everything you need to carry.
  • It is made of high-quality stuff that provides maximum-support.
  • It can carry up to 47″ golf clubs packed together.
  • Cordura-fabric is used to make it more durable and secure.
  • It uses Invista Cordura 1000D water-resistant nylon.
  • In-line skate wheels.
  • It has a fully-integrated two-piece handle.
  • It has an additional two pockets for more luggage.
  • The YKK zipper is fitted for greater security.
  • It has an ITW Nexus buckles for a secure grip.

The Bad

  • It is not helpful for normal golf tours.
  • The price is quite higher than regular golf travel bags.

10. Founders Club Golf Travel Bag

Founders Club Golf Travel Bag
  • Lockable-Zippers.
  • Hard Shell Top
  • Weighs 8 lbs
  • 600D Polyester Body
  • 2 Side Pockets
  • 2-Inline Wheels
  • 1 Year Warranty

Ordinary golf club bags are not designed for travel. We’ve all seen those horrific videos of people bringing their clubs back to the airport and emptying their heads.

Well, a Founders bag is designed to give a complete protection to your clubs.

This hybrid travel cover provides the most protection, but they are expensive and take up space. Soft travel covers are inexpensive, and folder to store away but don’t give the same protection.

This half-shell combines the best of both. Your golf club business end is safe with rock hard Top ABS shells. Instead of taking the impact of its latest titanium driver, Shell will take over instead.

The bottom half of the bag is a more convention polyester material, which means that it can be folded from the top and stored within a hard shell top. It is lighter if you face weight restrictions.

The Good

  • Its hard ABS top shell protects golf clubs from damage.
  • The polyester lower half makes this bag significantly lighter.
  • It also features durable 600D polyester with the anti-burst strapping system.
  • Two outer pockets are also provided to carry more game equipment.
  • It also has internal padding for extra protection to golf clubs.
  • It is light enough to carry.
  • It comes with hassle free 1-year replacement warranty.

The Bad

  • The body construction could be better.

How to Select Golf Travel Bags?

Undoubtedly, there are many quality golf travel bags available in the market. But you need to select your golf bag based on your requirements. Some choices require ample space, while some want excellent maneuverability. Some look for cheap golf travel bag when some look for higher quality; money isn’t an issue at all.

Everybody has logical reasons to choose a suitable bag among multiple options. There are some key factors of golf bag travel that needs to be checked before buying them. These are including;


Price is a big factor. It is important to find the best bag that fits your budget but will also last a great time. You know very well, this travel bag will guard the clubs you possibly spent on thousands of dollars. They are no longer cheap and suffer when something happens to them.

Here you may have to spend more money on a golf bag, but somewhere you will protect your clubs by spending this money which can add to your special memories.


Another important factor in this is the amount of storage within the bag itself. This is an area where you can carry the things you need. So make sure that there is enough extra space in the bag according to you.


The next most important factor is to ensure padding inside to protect your clubs and your sticks. Whether you choose a hard shell or a softshell case, we always recommend a Bag Boy Backbone Travel Cover Support System. This reduces the chances of your clubs getting damaged.


A key feature in golf’s travel bag is mobility. This is a feature that makes it easy to navigate airports without any hassle. Keeping this in mind, you should shop for a bag that lets you move around without straining your shoulder or hands.

You need to consider these aspects when choosing a golf bag as these will determine the convenience of using the Golf bag. So whenever you buy a golf travel bag, pay attention to points.

Final Verdict

Remember, selecting the right travel bag is all about protecting your clubs and sticking to a budget. If you’re going to golf and travel, your #1 priority is to make sure they ended up at the course safely.

A broken wood can ruin your mood and round that you must have spent a lot of money. Pick up one of these golf travel bags so you can start playing new courses in 2020 and start enjoying golf more than ever before.

We hope that you get your suitable bag from this golf travel bag reviews. Let us know if we can help you to decide by providing any additional information.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Purpose Of A Golf Travel Bag?

The purpose of the best travel bag is straightforward. It provides a way for you to transport and travel with your golf bag and clubs safely. Specifically, golf travel bags are used to allow you to travel with your golf clubs by plane. They contain your bag appropriately to make flying possible while also providing important protection from airport wear and tear.

2. Do I Need The Best Golf Travel Bag?

Not everyone that plays golf will need a golf travel bag or case. If you are taking your golf clubs and equipment on a flight, you will need one. It is true if you are flying with them just once or if you fly with them regularly. If you aren’t flying with them, a golf travel bag can still be beneficial for storing and protecting your golf clubs if you prefer to have one.

3. Can You Take Golf Clubs On A Plane?

Many airlines require that golf bags be transported as checked luggage – even a single club cannot be taken aboard as a carry-on item. Depending on the airline you use and the nature of your ticket, you may have to pay for each piece of checked baggage.

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