G4Free Extra large Automatic Open Golf Umbrella Review – [April 2021]

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G4Free Golf Umbrella

G4Free Automatic Open Umbrella

  • Ultimate umbrella with a 54/62/68-inch canopy.
  • Canopy made of ultra water 210T pongee fabric.
  • double vented canopy and fibreglasses frame.
  • Virtually Windproof.
  • 1-year Guarantee.
  • Single hand operations.

Have you been completely engulfed in a heavy sun or rain shower on the golf course?

Is your old rusted umbrella not supporting you in the strong wind?

And, are you looking for a new high quality umbrella?

If yes, then relax because now we are talking about the best golf umbrella that will not only save you from rain but also give you the sun protection.

If something is more important in your golf gear than a golf stick, there is a flowing umbrella.

Golf is one of the sports played on an open field, and its length is also much longer.

Suppose the weather suddenly gets bad while playing and you are at the end of the field. If you have the best umbrella at that time, then you can avoid getting wet.

G4Free Extra Large Golf Umbrella Review: First Impressions

G4free Automatic Umbrella

Type 54/62/68 inches canopy
Canopy Coverage Double-canopy design
Folded Length 58cm
Material 210 T pongee fabric + Fiberglass Frame
Open/Close System Semi-Automatic
Weight 1.3 lb / 600g
Windproof Performance High
Handle EVA Rubber Handle

The Good

  • It is quite large.
  • Its canopy is light and promising, which is made from high-quality fabric.
  • It has fiberglass shafts and ribs.
  • It is fully flexible yet durable.
  • It has an ergonomic design with a comfortable grip handle.
  • It is an excellent value for money.
  • It is good for water & wind resistance, light in weight, and durable.
  • It opens automatically with the push of a button.

The Bad

  • There is no Cons.

Features of G4Free Golf Umbrella

Well designed

The G4 Free Umbrella is designed to protect you from those difficult golf situations that come to you through the harsh weather conditions. Umbrella construction is important for the intended use. For strong wind areas, wooden or steel shafts are needed to resist the stress of high winds. It fulfills this requirement well. The G4 Free is designed with fiberglass shafts and reinforced fiberglass ribs. Fiberglass is more flexible than wood or steel, so the design uses a dual canopy design. It acts as a ventilation system for the umbrella that allows air to escape through the top of the umbrella while keeping the rain out. The G4 Free design prevents the umbrella from exiting inside, protecting your head from the rain.

Easy To Open

The G4 has given an excellent option to use the auto pop button for its quick opening so that you can easily open and use it without any hassle. That way, you don’t have to fight an umbrella to pop open in that sudden shower. In addition to this, it uses the 210T Ponzi micro-wave fabric to weave, making it resistant to water and mold. It protects you from rain and also protects you from 99.95% sun rays.

Easy storage and fairly portable

For its quick storage, two Velcro straps quickly and on each canopy instead of an umbrella help golfers quickly wrap the canopy and store it in stick form. This particular item comes with a carry bag that stores the umbrella quickly. The two main issues are the length of the canopy closing at 39″. It can slip into a long golf bag allowing you to take it out in the middle round.

Size Options

Available in 54/62/68 inch size, with canopy and heavy-duty design, the G4Free Ultimate Golf Umbrella is an ideal companion for golfers, business professionals, or daily life. With its sleek all-black design, comfortable EVA grip, strong frame, and auto open mechanism, the G4Free Ultimate Golf Umbrella are perfect in a metropolitan city or a sports field. It is fit for 1 to 4 people.

Light And Strong

This 62-inch automatic open golf umbrella is light and strong so that you can take it easy and support you even in inclement weather. Also, the rib-bow is made of fiberglass, which does not break or break easily and is comfortably resilient to withstand high winds. However, the best feature of this golf umbrella is that it is just an Open with the push of a button. You do not have to work hard to open this way.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is This A Tactical Umbrella For Fighting?

I’ve often thought of this with this umbrella in hand. If you’re a skilled fencer and thrust it at someone, you’ll probably get a few polks in. If you just straight-up smash someone with the handle end, you’ll probably get 1 or 2 hits before it breaks. It, unfortunately, does not have a Penguin style machine gun built-in or a bulletproof canopy – I believe that only comes on the 68-inch option. Enjoy!

2. What Kind Of Luggage You Have To Use To Carry It Overseas?

We think you need a big one. Here is the closed dimension of this umbrella for your reference: 62″-39.4″ in length, 68″-43.3″ in diameter.

3. Is It Water Resistant?
Yes, it is made by G4Free. A water-resistant design ensures that the individual will stay dry even during a rainy day. Most brands do odder a water-resistant design as far as the material. Most materials tend to be water wicking which allows for water to wick away easily.

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