G4Free Automatic Open Golf Umbrella Review [March 2023]

G4Free Automatic Open Golf Umbrella​

  • Double canopy design.
  • Stylish and sleek.
  • Non-slip foam rubber handle.
  • Superb windproof.
  • Made of ultra water pongee fabric.
  • Auto open technology.
  • Lightweight, water-resistant, SPF 50+ protection.

Giving preference to golf umbrellas are as important as your other golf gears. Whether you are a professional or amateur golfer, you might get to face rainy weather on the course. And running from the course to standing and still playing is the vital step you have to take. 

Whether you admit it or not, a large golf umbrella is one of the essential accessories that you should carry with you. Having the best umbrella lets you enjoy the sport without any hindrance to climate conditions. 

But the question arises, well How Will You pick the best one? For solving this question, here is the answer to the G4Free Automatic Open Golf Umbrella Review

The G4Free is a refined umbrella with a 54/62/68-inch canopy and phenomenal design. It is the ultimate mate for golfers, even if you can use it for daily use. Its sleek design, flexible EVA grip, and auto open mechanism make it a perfect umbrella to use on golf courses.

G4Free Automatic Open Golf Umbrella Review : First Impressions

G4free Golf Umbrella Review

G4Free Golf Umbrella Specifications
Size62 inch
Material210T pongee fabric, Fiberglass
Open SystemAutomatic
Windproof PerformanceHigh
HandleEVA Rubber Handle
Warranty1 year
Available In54/62/68 inches canopy
FeatureDouble Canopy, Auto Open Close

Reasons To Buy

  • Available in different sizes.
  • Magnificent design. 
  • Best companion for golfers. 
  • Sleek and durable design. 
  • Rubber foam handle. 
  • Automatic open mechanism.
  • Robust protection. 
  • Simple press button interface.

Reasons To Avoid

  • A bit large for compact areas.  

G4Free Automatic Open Golf Umbrella re : Detailed Specifications

The G4Free is the ultimate addition to your golf set. This umbrella comes in different canopy sizes like 54″, 62″, 68″. Its heavy-duty design and professional style make it look amazing, and you can use it beyond the golf course too. With this, you will never get exposed to the rain or sun again. 


The G4Free 54 inch is an automatic umbrella you will see today with every professional golfer. Its heavy-duty design coming with versatile elements, makes it a durable gear. The stylish and eye-catching look makes you highlight in the ground and enhance your personality. 

This double canopy design umbrella is a fashionable umbrella with a comfortable EVA grip, sturdy frame, and double canopy design that keeps you safe from bright sun and any storm in your way. It is made of very high-quality material that makes it a best companion for golfers. Also, with its fast opening mechanism, you can instantly open this and won’t feel any drop of rain. It is constructed very well with the addition of extra strength and flexibility.

The G4 Free Umbrella is designed to protect you from those difficult situations that come to you through harsh weather conditions. It is designed with fiberglass shafts and reinforced fiberglass ribs. Fiberglass is more flexible than wood or steel, so the design uses a dual canopy design. It acts as a ventilation system for the umbrella that allows air to escape through the top of the umbrella while keeping the rain out.

Space and Durability

The size of this umbrella is very spacious. It gives full coverage protection and lets you share it with your friend. Also, the slim profile and plenty of space design protect two people in one go. It weighs around 1.35 lbs that won’t make you feel any load when you hold it. Also, with double canopy design, you feel safe from wind and create an easy vent. 

However, according to the company, this umbrella is well tested to stand the thunder too. With a vented double canopy, it makes the G4Free ultimate umbrella windproof & waterproof. And the pongee material ensures that you outlast untouched by the weather. 


The G4 is a windproof umbrella with a double canopy vent that lets wind pass without flipping inside out. It is well constructed and made with fiberglass that gives full support and won’t break easily. Also, its waterproof profile using water-resistant pongee texture makes it withstand any weather storm. 

However, the auto-opening mechanism lets you unlock it fast without any hassle. It ensures that there will be no obstacle in providing you comfort. 

The main role is to protect from sun and rain, so do this umbrella. It is a very large umbrella that protects two people at the same time. It comes equipped with a comfortable EVA grip, hardened stainless steel coated bar and a robust frame. 

However, its fast opening function makes it more fast and reliable. Thanks to its durable two velcro straps, that let you quickly wrap this umbrella and store it in any compact area. With this, you will get a carry bag to keep it and one year warranty. 


It is everything you need for your golf course. If you want a budget-friendly umbrella but don’t want to settle with performance, then this is one for you. 

This golf umbrella comes in different size options, each with a different design. Its robust frame with high-grade material makes it a worth buy. 

However, this ultimate umbrella has a super value in the market because of its performance and design. It is superior and the most reliable gear for golfers.

Final Verdict​

Are you looking for a budget-friendly umbrella with best performance and a strong profile? If yes, then the G4Free golf umbrella is for you. It comes equipped with a sturdy frame and a comfortable grip bar that makes it easy to hold. Its high-quality material and double canopy design make it withstand any weather condition. 

No matter where you want to use this umbrella, it always provides you best safety and protection from sudden rain and UV rays. However, the auto-open technology is another amazing feature you will get. With the help of one such button, this big golf umbrella opens and covers enough areas that you can invite your friend to under it. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Is the G4free umbrella water-resistant?

Yes, the G4Free is the ultimate umbrella constructed with a 210T pongee material double canopy. You will be protected from rain and sun or anything that nature throws at you with this element. 

2. With how much warranty does this G4Free ultimate umbrella come?

Once you buy this auto opening umbrella, you will get a one year warranty starting from purchase. However, it is a budget-friendly umbrella specially designed with high-quality material that minimizes its price but not the performance. It might be a low-cost umbrella, but it doesn’t compromise with quality. 

3. What things should one consider while buying a golf umbrella? 

Here are the following tips that help you in making the decision – 

  • It should have enough area to protect you overall. 
  • Choose the size as per your preference. 
  • The material should be strong enough to withstand any weather condition. 
  • It should be UV protected; otherwise, there is no right to use an umbrella.
  • The handlebar should have a solid grip so you can easily handle it. 

4. What is the ideal material used in making an umbrella?

As per our research, the available material used for golf umbrella making is strong fiberglass, canopy 190T Pongee, 210T and even 240T Pongee fabric. You will see most of the golf umbrellas are made of double, single, and the big canopy in the market.

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