Best Golf Shafts – [April 2021]

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Matrix OZIK X5

Matrix OZIK X5 White Tie 50 Driver Shaft

Project X Hzrdus

Project X Hzrdus Black Shaft

One of the most difficult aspects of fixtures today is choosing the best shaft for a golfer. Many of the great choices are easily available in the market today, here players have a problem as to which is the best shaft for their game. We, as club fitters, can analyze data from which we have obtained a number of great launch monitors. The real difficulty lies, as there are so many options.

When many options seem to fit the player after all the data has been compiled. For example, there may be 20 or more options, which correspond to a player’s weight, flex, torque, and trajectory, which should play based on their data. Shaft’s data serves as an eliminator compared to all club fitters of comparison and the determinant to the player.

Knowing this, we can eliminate many of the options undergoing the best practices that are included in modern-day shaft fittings. The most definite specification we can narrow through the shaft fitting process is the shaft flex. By checking a player’s swing, looking at the player’s speed and release point, we can find the best shafts for any player with some level of certainty.

We’ve prepared a list of the Best Golf Shafts based on Golfer Reviews and our Market Research.

We highly recommend you to read our buying located towards the bottom of this post.

Top 10 Golf Shafts

Golf Shafts Spin Launch For
Matrix OZIK X5 Low High Driver
Project X Hzrdus Low Low Driver/Fairway
Aldila Rogue High/Mid Driver/Fairway
Fujikura Vista Pro High High Driver/Fairway
Accuflex Vizion Ultralite Low Mid/Low Driver
Pro Taylor Fit Nano Low HighMid/High Iron
Accuflex PRO LD High High Driver
Mitsubishi Fubuki Mid/Low High Driver
Tour Made Red REAX Mid Mid/High Iron
TaylorMade Regular Low/Mid Mid Driver/Fairway

Which are the 10 Best Golf Shafts In 2021?

1. Matrix OZIK X5 White Tie 50 Driver Shaft

Matrix OZIK X5 White Tie 50 Driver Shaft
  • Lightweight
  • Lower Spin
  • Velvet 360 Grip
  • Higher Launch
  • Attractive White Color
  • New Fifth Generation
  • Stiffness Profile Designed

This slow shaft great for golfers who want a high trajectory with impeccable feel. Metrix is a company that leaves no shortage of quality regardless of the shaft, which is tantamount to top performance in the lineup. This fifth-generation white tie shaft does everything the earlier versions did, but it makes them a bit better while loft nothing.

The “50” is related to the weight, as all the shafts on this line weigh about 50 grams. The stiff version is pushing things to 57 grams, but the Amateur Flex is just 53 grams, with a torque rating of only 4.2 degrees. The hard version torque is only .1 degree lower. The low kick point supplies a high trajectory, which can be curative for the fastest swings.

A lighter shaft was modified to improve stability while maintaining high projection performance. It has a stiffness profile designed for high launch with enhanced feel, tight spread, and lower spin. This shaft is custom assembled and will be ready to be installed in your driver’s head right out of the box. Authenticity is guaranteed! Choose your best driver shaft flex and the desired driver adapter from the options above.

The Good

  • It has lower torque (4.2 degrees) than flex.
  • This is best for low kick points.
  • It is A Flex is ultra-light.
  • Tight spread for average golfers.

The Bad

  • There is no extra hard version available.
  • It is higher in price.

2. Project X Hzrdus Black Shaft

Project X Hzrdus Black Shaft
  • Spin: Low
  • Weight: 70
  • Torque: 3.5
  • Launch: Low
  • Shaft: 70X (6.5)
  • Smoke Black Color

Project X is one of the best shaft manufacturers in the game. These shafts work. In the case of HZRDUS, we find a product that looks attractive and plays well. The design will inspire confidence to address, while the overall engineering concept is intuitive enough to fit the needs of most players.

Whether you are a profoundly handicapped person or someone a little more experienced, you should be able to make good use of this club. It also weighs only 60 grams, making it the perfect shaft at any swing rate.

This is not much to say against the shaft. It is one of the pricier options on our list today, but if you want the best that you can find, it is a strong contender.

The Good

  • It inspires confidence in you.
  • It’s intuitive engineering that will make it suitable for many types of swing.
  • This is a reputable manufacturer that you can trust.
  • It is available in the excellent black matte design.
  • This provides accuracy and low spin.

The Bad

  • Some golfers may find this a bit expensive.

3. Aldila Rogue Black 60 Graphite Wood

Aldila Rogue Black 60 Graphite Wood Shaft
  • MPF: 4B2M
  • Wight: 68g
  • Length: 46″
  • Tip Dia: .335″
  • Butt Dia: .640″
  • Mid/High Trajectory
  • Torque: 3.6 degrees

The Aldila Rogue Shaft brings a grate feel to its black version. It has a soft tip but does not have much torque, unlike other shafts with soft tips. It has a fairly high spin and projection in its medium spin range.

The best part of it is that it gives you the option of stability. You’ve probably seen or heard Limited Edition Rogue, so consider Black and Silver less professional and more affordable options. A great artist, overall, especially for the price.

If you are looking for the best driver shafts, but on a budget, then this can become an excellent choice for you.

The Good

  • This is an excellent looking shaft that does not point at you.
  • It is suitable for beginners and professional players.
  • This gives a smooth feel and stability to the overall play.
  • This shaft looks great in black.
  • It maintains low spin and a reasonable launch angle at the same time.
  • It is stable in terms of performance.

The Bad

  • Slightly more in value.

4. Fujikura Vista Pro 60 R-Flex

Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Shaft
  • Spin: H
  • Launch: H
  • Lenth: 46″
  • Wight: 62g
  • Butt Dia: .600″
  • Tip Flex: 128
  • Torque: 4.6 degrees

Fujikura Vista 60 is a well-known shaft that has built a reputation for delivering quality shafts for all types of drivers. However, this is specifically for upgrading your favorite TaylorMade model. The graphite shaft comes with the company’s patented rigid “cage” structure, creating power with thin walls that provide the feeling of a more massive shaft without the burden of extra weight.

This creates exceptional distance with simplicity, allowing the golfer to concentrate on generating maximum clubhead speedfully. The shaft also specializes well in providing reliable feedback for greater confidence, encouraging you to reach deeper and close the tee for more strength.

It is equipped to follow immediately to revive its favorite old TaylorMade model, but that does not mean it can be used with other driver heads.

The Good

  • It is made of high-grade graphite material.
  • It comes with premium technology and tour design aesthetics.
  • It has been given an easy-to-fit lineup.
  • It is designed to adapt to your needs.
  • This provides increased stability, distance, and feel.
  • It falls into various weight categories.

The Bad

  • It is not suitable to some extent for power golfers.

5. Accuflex Vizion Ultralite Wood Shaft

Accuflex Vizion Ultralite Shaft
  • UltraLight
  • Great Price
  • Long Drive Shafts
  • PGA Distance Shaft
  • Distance & Accuracy
  • Amazing Outperforms

It is the lightest shaft of the Vizion AccuFlex “Clb Builders” series, at a distance of 55 grams. However, it owns a surprising potential. When they swing, it can help a person to travel twenty to thirty yards.

With this, it makes lightweight wooden composite shafts perfect for golfers who want to practice their swing and get some velocity and speed. It has a variety of flex options. So, it can fit with different drives and best clubs.

Junior amateur golfer Lauren Motile hit a 288-yard bomb at the Remax World Long Drive Championship using Vimeyon to take the girl’s junior division title. VIZION won the Driving Distance titles at the PGA and Nationwide Tour events.

The Good

  • Get extra yards in the distance with it.
  • 3.4 * torque, 55 grams, 46 ”length, brand new.
  • It has five flexible models.
  • It weighs only 55 grams.
  • White Vision 55 G Ultralight PGA Distance Shaft.
  • It is the best long drive shaft in the world.
  • Available Flex: L, A, R, S, X, 2X (.335 PARALLEL TIP, 46 “55g)

The Bad

  • It has only one color choice
  • The risk of wood breakage is high.

6. Pro Taylor Fit Nano

Pro Taylor Fit Nano
  • Wight: 65g
  • Torque: 4.1°
  • Length: 40.0″
  • Bend Point Mid-Low
  • Tip Diameter: 0.370
  • Butt Diameter: 0.605

Taylor has been an expert on the golf community. Taylor has once again launched its new Ratchet Taylor Fit Nano, producing several products that blow golf balls.

When it comes to the quality of a shaft, it depends on the material. Graphite in this shaft is 65g, which has a positive impact on the way golf players play.

It features a unique composite construction and innovative flex shaft profile for maximum distance and speed for golfers. Promed iron technology deploys the pattern to optimize the performance characteristics of the shaft. This provides a section tip rigidity for optimal launch and spin control.

This shaft brings an incredible sense of stability with a firm butt section. With its mid-low turning point and low torque, the rigidity of the tip produces the optimal launch angle and ball spin.

The Good

  • It is very durable.
  • It takes maximum ball spin and launch angle.
  • It comes with good rigidity.
  • It continuously motivates you to victory.
  • It is very low in price.

The Bad

  • It has only 370-Tip.

7. Accuflex PRO LD 50″ Golf Shaft

Accuflex PRO LD
  • Super Long
  • Wight: 70g
  • Torque: 2.6°
  • Length: 50.0″
  • Unbelievable Kick
  • Tip Diameter: 0.335
  • Butt Diameter: 0.600

If you are looking for something best than usual, then the Pro LD shaft is a great option for your driver that can revolutionize your game. The extra-long shaft is mainly used by golfers who participate in long drive competitions, but if you want to find a legal long drive shaft, this lengthens up to 50 ”when you want. Have the ability to cut in line with the rules.

It also comes with a high kick point that kills the club through the impact zone for maximum clubhead speed and earth-quaking distance. The shaft works well with all types of club heads allowed from 400cc to a maximum of 460cc.

This innovative shaft is more than just a few extra inches of material, designed to create the distance in which your sports mates will be shaking their heads and you, while sitting closer to the green for more birdies during your round.

The Good

  • It comes in 48-inch to 50-inch models.
  • With this, golfers get plenty of room for modification.
  • It is an incredibly sharp shaft.
  • It provides a staggering distance
  • It works well with all types of driver’s heads.

The Bad

  • It comes in older models.
  • This may be longer for some early golfers.

8. Mitsubishi Fubuki J-Series Shaft

Mitsubishi Fubuki J-Series Shaft
  • High Launch
  • Mid To Low Spin
  • Higher Ball Flight
  • Increase Distance
  • Tungsten Infused Material

The FUBUKI J Series is intended for a player who desires an active bend profile. It provides high launch, mid to low spin, and a higher flight. By using tungsten infused prepregs, the J-Series provides our highest balance point to provide more ways to increase distance.

It is known for its extreme stiffness extending from the top section to the middle section, before transitioning to more moderate stiffness at the tip. This dramatic transition produces smooth acceleration through impact with maximum stability and control.

The butt-section wraps the tungsten-infused resin sheets to shake the center of gravity toward the butt of the shaft so that the shaft is not too rigid. A higher balance point means greater flexibility in the construction of shafts at any length while feeling the same effect.

It was wrapping the center of gravity toward the end of the butt by wrapping the tungsten-infected resin sheet in the top section – thus raising the balance point of the shaft to peak levels. Due to its high balance point, the shaft is sufficiently versatile to be manufactured for long or short periods of time, having the same effective feel at any length.

The Good

  • It incorporates counterbalance weighting technology.
  • It comes with tungsten infused composite material, superior feel, and performance.
  • It has high durability and stability.
  • High launch fairway and smooth swing

The Bad

  • Extra stuff flexibility.

9. Tour Made Red REAX Graphite Golf Iron Shafts

Tour Made Red REAX Graphite Golf Iron Shafts
  • Greater Control
  • A,R or S Flex
  • Great Ball Spin
  • Nano Axial Shaft
  • Optimal Launch Angle
  • Long And Faster Distance

Unlike the shafts we introduced above, this is great in length for maximum support, comfort, and variety. These shafts are bulit with N2O Nano Technology. The main material is iron, the quality of design and expert craftsmanship is very meaningful.

You can choose the size as well as the weight of the shaft you want. This will help you with mid to low flex point and better control. Also, shots closer to the green are not more complicated with these shafts.

This features a separate continuous cone per inch for each shaft resulting in greater energy transfer to the ball. The ball rises rapidly and leans out for a penetrating trajectory. The flown technique changes the kick point within each shaft throughout the set.

The Good

  • It comes in quality design.
  • There is no lack of control in this.
  • Customize the options with this.
  • Whit a great Price.

The Bad

  • It has a lower interpolation.
  • Must be in a set.

10. New TaylorMade Fujikura Speeder 65 Regular Flex Shaft

New TaylorMade Fujikura Speeder 65 Regular Flex Shaft
  • Great Feel
  • 350 Tip
  • Driver or Fairway Shaft
  • Xtreme Stability
  • Uncut And 44-Inches
  • Thin Wall Design
  • Super High Material

The New TaylorMade Driver or Fairway Shaft is available in 360 tip design. It has an iridescent logo that changes color in sunlight when the shaft is rotated. Load & flex are noted near the tip. Our testing has shown excellent radial stability, suitable for use in rotating hosel.

It is the latest addition to the TaylorMade brand. This was followed by the extremely popular ACCRA XE and XC lines of the shaft, using the updated material and new design concept. The tip segment in this shaft is softer than the older modal and torque combined with higher CG.

This promotes the flight of a ball, which is slightly higher than that of ST (middle) and which is a spin rate that would be considered low to mid. Super thin wall design, and cool matte finish that makes this shaft distinctive. This shaft has a unique feel created by combining several technologies.

The Good

  • It is very durable Shaft
  • In this, you get a guarantee of authenticity.
  • This shaft is installed with a great Grip.
  • This shaft is a custom montage.
  • It is ideal for all golfers.

The Bad

  • It doesn’t include Adapter.

How To Choose The Best Club Shafts?

Best Golf Shafts

If we talk about their basic type, then it mainly comes in two types, steel, and graphite. The choice is usually quite simple as your club would have been originally assembled with these types of shafts.

The easiest way to make the correct choice is to replace the same type of broken shaft. However, you may want to experiment a bit. You may find the shaft in your clubs too rigid or too weak.

If you hit a 7-iron at about 150 yards, A regular shaft will be talked about. Here you choose a shaft in graphite or steel with a swing speed rating of 70 to 80 mph.

If you use a 5-iron at a distance of 150 yards, then you choose a shaft with a swing speed rating of about 60 to 70 mph. Most component companies list the speed rating of the swing, which you must pay attention to.

There are some main facts based on which you can choose a better shaft for yourself. Let’s know about them in detail.

Shaft Length

Your height and arm length mostly determine the ideal shaft length for you. However, long shaft versus short shaft is a debatable issue. You should go with the length of your rest, which is perfect for you.

Shaft Materials

We have already told you above about this that there are two basic types of shafts, steel, and graphite. However, if you decide to change the type of shaft, you should know a few things about each.

Typically steel shafts are slightly heavier, have lower torque ratings, and, when assembled at the same length as graphite, resulting in a club that has a heavier feel. Steel is more durable.

Graphite shafts, by contrast, are lighter, and have a wider range in torque rating, providing more options for the golfer. Therefore, at the time of shopping, choose an option that meets your maximum requirements.

Shaft flex

Each shaft has a flex rating and a turning point. A manufacturer’s regular flex shaft may be stronger or weaker than another manufacturer, but there may be a difference in the swing speed rating. One ‘R’ flex shaft can be rated for 65 to 75 mph while the other can be rated for 75-85 mph. The bend point affects the trajectory of the ball, so the golfer must decide which type of ball he wants to fly.

Shaft Torque

It tells you the turn you will feel when you swing. Higher torque gives you a softer-feel and a higher trajectory on the contrary. You need to find out which one works best for you.


The cost of a shaft depends on its material, the better the material, the higher the value. Steel shafts are more expensive than wooden shafts; Graphite shafts are also more expensive. But if you are looking for some options that do not affect your pocket much, then you will be able to see such options above.

Final Verdict

One choice may not be the best for all. Which is fantastic for one can be a disaster for others. It depends on each person’s own needs, style, and comfort. Nevertheless, this article can help you select the best option. Please follow the buying guide before purchasing it. I hope today you will definitely take a better shaft from here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is A Heavier Golf Shaft Better?

This can lead to better accuracy in distance costs. The heavier shaft also has low torque, which is resistant to impact, so a heavy shaft helps prevent slices or hooks and keeps your ball straight.

2. Do Pro Golfers Use Graphite Or Steel Shafts?

Steel shafts are less expensive than those made of graphite and are preferred by some accomplished golfers because they provide a better feel. But many less experienced players prefer graphite shafts, even though they are more expensive. First, the graphite shaft is lighter. So they are easy to swing.

3. What Is The Average Swing Speed Of A Senior Golfer?

Traditionally, senior golfer, we can call him who is around 50+ years old. A 50-year-old male golfer is likely to have a higher swing speed than an 80-year-old female. I think the average 50-year-old male golfer has a swing speed of about 85–90 mph.

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