Best Golf GPS Watches & Handheld Devices – [April 2021]

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Garmin G10 Approach

Garmin Approach G10

Bushnell Phantom

Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS

If we talk about today’s era, then modernity has made its place in it. Today every human being is inspired to do any work with modernity. The game is not far behind due to this modernity; new technologies are being incorporated in them to improve the game.

If we talk about golf, then techniques are included in it. In the modern era of golf, GPS wristwatches and handheld devices have revolutionized the game to give golfers of all skill levels, so that you can find the exact distance from anywhere on the course.

The first thing you need to understand is that there are two types of Golf GPS – Handheld and Watch Type. We have described both in this article so that you can choose the best golf GPS for your needs.

We have compiled a list of the Best Golf GPS Watches & Handheld Devices based on golfer reviews and our market research.

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Top 10 Golf GPS Devices And Watches

GPS Drivers Screen Size Type
Garmin Approach G10 0.9 x 0.9 inch Handheld GPS
Bushnell Phantom 1.4 x 1.4 inches Handheld GPS
IZZO Swami 6000 3.75 x 2 x 1 inches Handheld GPS
Bushnell Neo Ion 2 3.8 x 3.8 inches GPS Watch
Garmin Approach S20 0.9 x 0.9 inch GPS Watch
GolfBuddy Voice 2 1 inch Handheld GPS
Garmin Approach G8 1.5 x 2.6 inches Handheld GPS
Garmin Approach S60 240 x 240 pixels GPS Watch
Garmin Approach X40 1.0 x 0.4 inch GPS Watch
GolfBuddy Aim W10 1.3 inch GPS Watch

Which Are The 10 Best Golf GPS Handheld Devices And Watches In 2021?​

1. Garmin Approach G10​

Garmin Approach G10
  • Green View
  • Stat Tracking
  • Compact Design
  • Large Display Size
  • High-Sensitivity Gps
  • Easy Targets To Identify

The Garmin G10 has a compact, sleek design to go with some of the best technology on the market. Like the best rangefinder, the G10 displays accurate distances for all green parts and identifies the exact location of the sand and water hazards of each hole.

Garmin exhibits itself in addition to a lot of competitors with its high-sensitivity GPS trackers, making it one of the fastest loading rangefinders and the most reliable judge of distance under even the heaviest tree coverage.

The G10 comes with built-in state tracking so that you can keep track of all the most important numbers from your rounds, including fairways hits, greens in regulation, and puts per round.

The Good

  • It has an advanced high sensitivity GPS tracking system.
  • It is quite adept at detecting hazards.
  • It also incorporates Built-in stat tracking technology.

The Bad

  • Garmin is a more expensive brand.
  • No color screen.

2. Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS

Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS
  • Pockt Sized
  • Easy To Use
  • Perfect Bundle
  • 35,000+ Golf Courses
  • Built-In Strong Magnet
  • Long Battery Life

The Bushnell Golf Phantom GPS is a convenient golf device built with baited magnetic mounts. You can use this handheld device in at least 30 countries, as it incorporates 36,000-course data.

When you have this GPS device, you will be able to see 360° easily. The easy-to-read display show the distance front, center, and back of the course. It also shows four hazards for each hole.

You can attach the Phantom GPS to your bag or belt. In the same way, you can sync it with any smart device via Bluetooth. Then it will be easier for you to update the course.

The battery will last at least two rounds before you recharge. In every series, the Phantom will give you a clear view of the green with auto pitch recognition and auto hole advance features. With the integrated BITE magnetic mount, you can stick this golf GPS device on any metal surface.

The Good

  • Its Bluetooth wireless course allows for updates.
  • Its long battery life lasts for two rounds.
  • It is pre loaded with 36,000 courses in 30 countries.
  • The interface is easy to use.
  • It displays a distance of 4 hazards per hole.

The Bad

  • There is no color display.
  • It does not have a USB charging socket.

3. IZZO Golf Swami 6000

IZZO Golf Swami 6000
  • Cost-efficient
  • Color screen
  • Easy to read
  • Handy to use
  • 12+ hr battery life
  • 30000 plus course
  • Extremely accurate readings

The Swami 6000 by IZZO comes with a 2 “full-color display. It has been given a lot of additional features as standard, making it the best value for money GPS devices on the market.

It measures all the green parts, including yards for the front, middle and back. Apart from this, quite uniquely, it also gives you the distance between the front and back of the hazards and doglegs. This means that you will be better informed when it comes to taking bunkers and water.

It is the latest model of the IZZO and also features built-in scorecards and shot measurement features. This means you can track every shot and eventually find out which of your golf buddies hit the longest drive.

The Good

  • It has a full-color display.
  • It looks at the front and back measurements of hazards.
  • It also includes a built-in state tracking feature.
  • It has buttons for easy use.
  • In it, you can see your score on the device for analysis.
  • It provides instant shot distance and accurate readings.

The Bad

  • Its magnetic charging wire is not the best.
  • It loses the history of settings and scores after each change.

4. Bushnell Neo Ion 2

Bushnell Neo Ion 2
  • Easy To Use
  • 36,000+ Courses
  • Comfortable Design
  • Shot Distance Calculator
  • Wireless Course Updates
  • Front/Center/Back Distances

Bushnell has made the Ion 2 device a star by introducing satellite technology to discover GPS range. This new updating technique prevents you from plugging any course or hole information as the Ion 2 automatically updates your exact location.

Also, this GPS rangefinder has easy to read front, back, and center green, Lieupe and Hazard distances, an integrated fitness step counter, odometer, and a shot gap calculator that can help you improve your stroke.

The watch displays over 36,000 different courses and these courses are located worldwide. You will be able to play your best game in over 30 countries. With this tool, you will be able to read the distance of the hole easily. When you are in shot distance gps mode, you will also be able to see the distance of your previous shot on the device.

You will be able to see the holes from where they are located. This will help you find out how easily the threats can be overcome. Furthermore, the battery life on this device will last a long time; In fact, you should be able to play the full three rounds of golf once charged.

The Good

  • This shot calculates the distance.
  • The battery life of this watch is exceptional.
  • It is rooted in satellite technology.
  • Auto courses have been recognized in this.
  • It is completely waterproof.
  • It also has the facility of Bluetooth.
  • It is comfortable to wear and use.

The Bad

  • Hard to read in the hard sun.
  • It takes time to identify the course.

5. Garmin Approach S20

Garmin Approach S20
  • Green View
  • TruSwing Sensor
  • Digital Scorecard
  • Free Course Updates
  • High-Resolution Display
  • AutoShot Round Analyzer
  • Receive Smart Notifications

Garmin has made its mark on the GPS watches for golfers. The S20 is one of the best GPS devices on the market today. It has a thin wristband feature that is durable, and you cannot press your wrist while playing.

It also includes one of our favorite features, AutoShot, which actually auto-records the data from your rounds and automatically uploads them to your Garmin Connect account.

The Connect feature gives you a place to see all your stats for quick feedback as you can get to know whether your round went well or not. A great package that is very affordable, the S20 is a multi-function watch that golfers will surely like.

The Good

  • It is easy to use.
  • It provides accurate and adequate golf course measurements.
  • It helps track performance.
  • It has an elegant appearance.
  • It covers over 40,000 preloaded courses.

The Bad

  • It may be challenging to read the short text.
  • There may be problems with quality control.
  • It is not colored or screen touch.

6. GolfBuddy Voice 2

GolfBuddy Voice 2
  • Easy To Use
  • 40, 000 Courses
  • Long Battery Life
  • Compact & Portable
  • Free Updates Available
  • Displays Real Distances
  • Dynamic Green View Technology

If we talk about Golfbuddy Voice 2, this audio distance-measurement device provides the essential feature of any GPS. It is simple. It comes with a remote reading from the golfer’s perspective.

Dynamic green view technology is an important part of this perspective. Golf Buddy Voice is like a super primary device, but it will give you front, center, and back distance in green. This device comes with automatic course and hole recognition technology.

Its 1-inch mono LCD will give you the complete picture of the course, and shot distance measurement is another important feature of this golf yard watch. It keeps track of your every shot with distance.

Now you can run a post-game analysis while resting at home. The device is loaded with 40,000 courses. Also, you can update the course information by connecting it to the computer. The device has 8 pre loaded languages, so anyone in the world can use the GolfBoddy Voice 2 GPS.

You can fit this portable and versatile GPS almost anywhere. Wristband, clip, belt clip, fits everywhere. The rechargeable lithium-polymer battery will keep the GPS on for up to 14 hours, giving your game a longer feel.

The Good

  • It has a unique audio output.
  • It is available with a wrist strap so that it can be used as a gps watch.
  • It is compatible with a large number of different courses.
  • It has long battery life.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is very affordable.

The Bad

  • It does not show danger.
  • It is available in only one color.

7. Garmin G8 Course GPS

Garmin Approach G8
  • Club Advice
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Big Numbers Mode
  • Plays Like Distance
  • Automatic Course Update
  • Smart Notification Receive

The G8, developed by Garmin, is one of the more luxury GPS devices on our list and has an impressive array of additional features to go with the slimline and sleek design. The 3 “full color, touch screen display is the largest and easiest to use, and you can also edit the font size for the slightest sight.

This device can provide you with maximum distance and which makes it different from other rangefinders. Garmin’s advanced GPS tracking means that you have only the most accurate readings, according to every type of difference, including the top and bottom, lies.

The G8 incorporates the technology of the Ass Pinpointer, which is unique and also helps you when playing blind shots on the green. This helps to locate the pin when your vision is restricted. But perhaps our favorite feature is the advice club advice ‘technique. The G8 will suggest which club to use based on yardage and your previous data, allowing you to have an authentic caddy experience every time you go on the course.

The Good

  • The color display is provided in it.
  • It comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology.
  • It recommends you to the right club.
  • Pinpoint technology is included in this.
  • It also includes auto course recognition.

The Bad

  • There is no way to place an 18 hole scorecard in it.
  • It can be a bit expensive for some.

8. Garmin S60 Premium Golf GPS Watch

Garmin Approach S60
  • Play Longer
  • Modern Style
  • Touchscreen Display
  • Full Color CourseView
  • Black w/Silicone Band
  • 40, 000 Pre loaded Courses

The Garmin S60 is one of the most beautiful golf GPS watch on the market. It with an astonishing display, which gives almost 3D like images for the course you are running. There are so many things in this watch that it is difficult to tell you which one is the best.

It also works as a health tracker, in addition to that once you get to the course, the S60 excels with smartphone integration, which updates the courses wirelessly and Garmin for your round-the-clock statistical breakdown. Connect works with online systems.

The great thing about it is that the watch gives you colorful maps of green, fairways, and full holes so that you never miss out on information. Innovative and stylish, the S60 is an incredible GPS watch that delivers stunning performance.

The Good

  • Its distance readings are very accurate.
  • The step tracker on this device is very efficient.
  • It comes with a waterproof design.
  • It includes a long-lasting battery.
  • It has 40,000 preloaded courses.
  • It is very comfortable to wear.

The Bad

  • Its wrist bandage may look a bit thin.
  • This may seem a bit expensive.

9. Garmin X40 Band and Activity Tracker

Garmin Approach X40
  • Long Screen
  • Activity Tracking
  • Auto Shot Option
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • High-Sensitivity GPS
  • Heart Rate Monitoring

The Garmin X40 is a great lightweight option that will provide an attractive look on your wrist. The band has a built-in heart rate monitor, which can be useful to ensure that you are not doing much of it in the course.

You can also track the number of steps you run, the distance you travel, the calories you burn, and how intense your workout was. The distance is extremely accurate, and no matter where you are golfing, you will be able to tell exactly how far the hole is.

The green view display is also a great option that you can consider when you are on the course so that you can see the green figure and any hazards there. Apart from this, you can also get smart alerts on your watch, which will let you know whether you have received a phone call, an email, or a text.

The Good

  • It does extraordinary work to show hazards and distances.
  • It also has the facility to monitor the heart rate.
  • Its AutoShot feature helps you compile statistics.
  • You can receive phone alerts on this device.
  • Its band is very durable.

The Bad

  • Its battery backup is slightly less than others.
  • At times, it can be troublesome to synchronize applications.

10. Golf Buddy Aim W10

Golf Buddy Aim W10
  • Zoom Function
  • 40, 000 Courses
  • Long Battery Life
  • Colour LCD Display
  • Advanced GPS Watch
  • Wireless Course Updates

The last watch we are going to talk about in this guide is the GolfBudy W10. It is a stylish looking watch with a 1.3-inch screen that is easy to read. The display is a full-color touchscreen with a zoom function that you can use for your convenience.

It has a standard watchband that is very comfortable to wear on your wrist, even when you are not playing golf. The device is Bluetooth-compatible, and it can also provide you with the exact distance to the course you’re playing.

We will talk about its battery, it is designed to last for 13 hours and when used in GPS. It also has a scorecard that you can use to monitor the match during the game. Since this, too, will be stored in the device, you can use the information to improve your game.

The Good

  • It has a full-color touchscreen.
  • It has a digital scorecard.
  • It is a very durable device.
  • It is easy to understand on-screen threats, of course.
  • It provides Bluetooth facility.

The Bad

  • Sometimes, pairing devices with Bluetooth can be a bit tricky.
  • Its touch screen is not as responsive.

How To Choose The Best Golf GPS Devices And Watches?

Best Golf GPS Devices

When you go to buy your new GPS watch or device, it is very important to keep in mind some special features for which you would like to see that product. All these aspects are important, but not all, because everyone’s needs may be different. So pay special attention to the vistas you need more. Let’s know about some essential features of the GPS device-


One of the benefits of GPS golf equipment is that the yard shown should be relatively accurate to help you choose the right club for your shot and avoid imminent hazards. Whether it is a watch or a device, knowing that GPS will provide accurate readings for your next shot is quite necessary to find the right GPS unit.

So after the purchase, it is not bad to continue testing and see if your unit is giving you the exact readout within the stated margin of error. If the course has undergone recent renovations, GPS devices may contain outdated information, causing incorrect yardage to be displayed on each hole.

Ease Of Use

When it comes to this type of equipment, the best option may be a straightforward device that is easy to use. GPS devices are commonly used by the amateur golfer or professional, and they will never say that they have problems with any device in golf. You certainly do not want something that is intuitive and shuffles through a bunch of different screens to get the information you need.

Display Quality

GPS devices and wristwatches are important devices for golf players who use a screen to convey yardage and other relevant information. Performance is necessary to pass this information, so performance quality is an important feature. But not all devices express those details equally. The wristwatch may be too low to give the golfer a full spectrum of yardage in the front and back of the green.

Wrist devices are different from handheld devices. Handheld devices are known for better display quality as the unit is larger for more screen room, and larger gadgets may use better technology.


Watches and handheld GPS devices should always be durable, with a round golf wrist wristwatch improves. They are in a fixed position on the wrist, so they last longer than the handheld devices. Watches are more compact and lighter, making them easier to carry and increasing the chances of avoiding damage on the course.

Handheld devices are more apt to be damaged during a round. This is not necessarily the case for all golfers who own a handheld gadget. Proper storage and finding a safe place for the device while driving or walking are important to keep the unit safe.

App Integration

One of the latest features is also how the GPS device integrates with your smartphone. Whether it’s on a website or a sophisticated app, finding a GPS that takes accurate readings on the course will open your post-round world to dive into statistics that can give you insight into what makes your game how to improve. For a GPS device to achieve elite status, it must have a solid base that can be used in the app or through a trusted website.

Courses Included

Every GPS device unit comes with thousands of preloaded courses already installed. Most companies differ in the sheer number of clubs shown on the device, but if you have a few courses, you mainly play.

If the device is constantly updated, new courses popping up in your area will soon hit your GPS watch or handheld unit. It would not be difficult to find a preloaded device with at least 25,000 courses in the GPS market. Most over 35,000 are preloaded for immediate use.

Final Verdict

Golf is a sport that demonstrates all personal skills. Therefore, you should choose a device that helps to enhance it. If the device distracts you, it’s probably not for you. Golf GPS provides a bird’s eye view of the course so that you can make an informed decision.

These devices are built to track and later analyze your shots. This will help you in the post-game analysis, so you know where you can excel. We all know champions use their personal touch in their skills.

This is why they are unique. We want you to be one of the champions. For this, you must first choose the right option and increase your skills so that you can take your game level further.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Is A GPS Device Needed On A Golf Course?

Advanced GPS devices can give golfers a large amount of clear information in a small unit. GPS devices not only allow golfers to see the layout of upcoming holes but also help you choose the strategy of those clubs for each shot. With clear displays and colorful backgrounds, GPS devices provide golfers with a full range of insights into each shot. These devices not only show the golfer’s yardage and detailed maps but also can accumulate figures on the goal as the golfer plays all 18 holes.

2. Which Of The Watch And Handheld Is Better?

It is a little challenging to tell better between golf wristwatch devices and handheld units because everyone’s choice varies. For those who want to move around with the device in hand, then the watch is the perfect option that gives accurate indication while resting your wrist. The downside to a wristwatch is that the display is small, so the information provided will be focused on flag distance and other limiting measurements.

If you are a golfer seeking complete experience, then there should be a tendency towards choosing the device at hand for you. While some handheld units only number yardage numbers, other devices provide a complete layout of the upcoming hole, helping the golfer to devise a strategy that will dictate correct club usage.

3. How Does A Watch Golf GPS Work?

A golf GPS watch uses satellites and shows a map of your location and the distance between you, the hole, and the course with the ball.

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